Thursday, November 09, 2017

Catching Up

Hello, Old Friends!

Been busy here trying my best to be a good daughter to my two beautiful, loving, unselfish, caring, praying parents. That's my number one vocation. It's not a "job"; it's a vocation, a calling on my life by God. It's also where my joy is!

Also have been doing a lot of reading for mostly Franciscan Media and Ave Maria Press, and also for Revell and Thomas Nelson. Am taking the week off from reviewing to listen to some of Kris McGregor's recordings of St. Teresa of Avila books, which are available for free through iTunes podcast store. Am especially listening to (and re-listening to) The Interior Castle, or, The Mansions by St. Teresa of Avila! Wow! Double wow! Triple wow! I'm not hearing this kind of truth out of the pulpit. I think our priests are too afraid of challenging the flock? But, like St. Therese of Lisieux said to do: Don't criticize priests; PRAY for them! Pray, is in humbly and lovingly, and gratefully.

Also, am reading titles from Ignatius Press, available through

Also, am loving Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's Last Testament book. How I love Pope Benedict XVI!

And also from, I have been having my proverbial socks knocked off by the brilliantly conceived/written/performed audio drama of Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi (Augustine Institute Radio Theatre performance).

Well, time to take the fresh bread out of the machine. God bless Cuisinart!

Just wanted to check in mainly to say sincerely: I am praying for you daily. God knows who you are, and what you need and want and are crying out to Him for. Do not be afraid! He is with you! He will never abandon or forsake you! He loves you! HE loves you! He LOVES you! He loves YOU!!!

God bless you. May the peace of Jesus remain with you ALWAYS.

Your sister in Jesus,