Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thankful Sunday: August 27, 2017

Thankful Sunday, August 27, 2017

My penmanship has failed me over the summer months due to a tremor caused by my illnesses. So, aside from overly personal matters, my gratitude journal is here for now. :)

On today's list of lovely things in my life are the following:

* Mignarda's album Magnum Mysterium (live) comprised of exquisitely performed duets for voice (mezzo soprano) and lute, and lute duets from the Renaissance era. This album is specifically Advent and Christmas. Was introduced to the music of Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart by way of Advent songs played at the beginning of daily prayers from the Divine Office of the Roman Catholic Church via the Divine Office app for Kindle Fire/iOs. What lovely, beautiful, soul lifting music! 'Tis a foretaste of Heaven!

* Lemon Bismarck donuts from our local bakery, located but five short blocks from home. Sooooooo very much better than the other big bakery in the city. Like Perkins French Silk pie, an excellently made donut is is proof that God loves us (says the baker's granddaughter).

* A gray and white Siamese Tiger kitty who trustingly looks to me for her food, drink, clean litter box, and clean blankies, not to mention time spent together on the couch or in my recliner.

* A very faithful, good friend with whom I've been friends for over 18 years (going on 19 years!).

* Despite being on disability income for so long and money being tight, God always, always, *always* provides for more than my needs. He also, when it is for the good of my salvation and for His glory, provides me with amenities. For six months I had the use of a friend's old iPhone 5s to use as a camera and MP3 player - as a glorified iPod touch device. But alas, the iPhone 5s went shall we say es kaput? Really, it's the battery that went bonkers. My parents gave me a new iPod touch 6th generation last week as an early birthday/Christmas present, so I am back to iOS normal. And.... I found out I can get a knockoff battery for the iPhone 5s from Walmart for a very small price. So, that will be my backup device. I got to take some great pictures with the iPhone 5s.

* I learned how to take screen shots of my Windows 10 desktop! Color me geeky!

* For the international IncrediMail community. It was so very, very, very nice while it lasted, before the up rise of mobile devices. I would still like to see "real" email make a comeback. Damn the iPhones! Damn the tablets! Let the world go back to desktop computers and to laptops/notebooks with real keyboards and pretty email using IncrediMail. It would be a saner, friendlier, more real and more loving world if we all would learn how to say things in more than emoji and brief texts. This rant will be continued at a later date.... I promise! In the meantime, I have note cards, paper stationery, pens, and postage stamps on my shopping list for Walmart next week.

* For the opportunity to review digital galleys of books from Franciscan Media and sometimes Ave Maria.

* Finally for tonight (I'm beginning to feel a bit snarky after an interrupted night of sleep last night - sonorous, blaring blasts of thunder all through the wee small hours). I digress! Finally for tonight: for the joy of being able to access a fantastic digital library from my home state of Wisconsin. I stopped going to the the "real" library years ago because it's a germ trap, second or third only to the grocery stores and the shopping mall. Or make that fourth after the medical clinic! With a compromised immune system, I have learned to avoid the germ traps whenever possible! I digress again: I love my state digital library. It's so very fun to take a leisurely stroll through the library in my pajamas and bunny slippers while sipping strong black coffee (or decaffeinated tea, whichever the case may be...). I'm reading a lot of Wisconsin history for the next month at least.

Well, off with me. I'm running off at the keyboard again!

Be glad! Be glad! Every debt that you've ever had has been paid up in full by the Blood of the Lamb! Be ye glad, be ye glad, be ye glad!

Blessings to you! I still pray for everyone who's ever been here to visit. I pray daily for you.

~ Miss Chris