Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things and Stuff: The November 15, 2016 Edition

Hello out there!

I've been having a struggle between embracing obscurity, and letting my light shine. This struggle seems to have gone on for ages. I strongly suspect that embracing obscurity is the high road, at least in terms of what I perceive as the Lord's will for me. But, I figure it can't hurt for me to at least drop in to the blog to say "Hello out there!" and "I'm praying for you!" once in awhile. (I really and truly do pray for all past, present, and future readers of my blogs, every day.)

There is so much to be grateful to Jesus for, but most of that belongs in my personal gratitude journal. 

Do any of you keep gratitude journals? It is truly a great, healing, liberating-from-fear-and-worry practice. If you like, you can have an art journal-gratitude journal. I am finding that even if I'm having a really terrible migraine or fibromyalgia day, if I can just crack open that gratitude journal and scribble in one little word or sentence, it sets in motion the wheels of more things to at least whisper a heartfelt prayer of thanks to our Good God. 

Have you recently read what Psalm 50 says about making a "sacrifice of thanksgiving", which is more pleasing to the Lord than many other kinds of sacrifice? Do you have health problems that make it difficult/impossible to fast from food? Then offer to the Lord a sacrifice of thanks! 

It's not because He needs His ego to be stroked that He asks this of us! It's because He knows that it is good for US to give thanks to Him! "Because He is a Good Father! That's Who He Is! And YOU are loved by HIM - that's who you are!" (I'm borrowing that from a Casting Crowns song). He wants us to remember all the ways He has protected and taken care of us in the past, so that we may have stronger, greater, bigger faith and trust in His goodness in the things about which we are so concerned here in the present moment... and also about those things in the future which scare us so much.

About the only part of the Proverbs chapter 31 "perfect woman/good wife" thing that I understand and can really, really, really hear God calling me to grow in is asking Him for the grace to "laugh at the days to come". All that other stuff in there is kind of off the charts for me; it doesn't apply because I'm not married and I don't have kids! Maybe you're in the same boat. Want to learn how to laugh at the days to come? Then thank Jesus for today and its blessings.

God bless you, friends. Thank you for spending a little time here at my blog. Please know most importantly that I remember you in my daily prayers. Jesus knows who you are and exactly what blessings you have need and want of. Oh! Please trust in Jesus! He loves you so very much - so very, very, VERY much! He loves you more than you love yourself, and He loves you unconditionally, radically. He wants good things for you and those whom you care about even more than you want those good things! Open wide your mouths in praise and thanksgiving, and He will fill you with even more blessings. Please trust in Jesus! Please love Him in return! He waits for you to talk with Him each day. You really, really, REALLY matter to Him! You matter to Him a great deal. You are not insignificant in His kingdom! I say this to all of you, but especially to those of you who are facing health problems and mental health challenges, and who find that they can't keep up with being active in the church and in the world at this time. You are NOT insignificant! YOU MATTER VERY MUCH! The world is a much better place just because YOU are in it! Thank you for being you! Thank you for all the ways in which you've said "YES!" to the Holy Spirit's promptings - some of you even at the risk of your lives, some of you in more seemingly hidden ways! God sees! He knows! He understands! He will reward you!

Okay, enough out of me! Peace and all good to you!

~ Christine