Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's Thankful Thursday! What is your heart glad about today? I encourage you to blog about it!

Topping my Glad 'n' Grateful list today is:

* the precious, wonderful, beautiful, fantabulous gift of life! I might be chronically ill and disabled with acute pain, but LIFE IS STILL SO VERY GOOD! Please don't buy into the pro-death people's mentality of "quality of life"! Abortion, suicide, and euthanasia are not the answer! Those things are never, ever, EVER the answer. I've been ill and in pain for over 35 years, and the fact that Jesus has carried me tenderly like a lamb to His Heart (especially on the really very bad days) gives me the right to stand up and say that Jesus is faithful! He is compassionate! He is tender! He sustains! He heals, and He saves. He gives joy, He carries us, He dances with us, He watches over us with great and tender and personalized care. Never give up!

* for the gift of friendship. Friendship heals! Choose your friends wisely, but don't ever be a snob when someone offers you their friendship and invites you to the party.

* for the gift of laughter! My old readers (are any of you still out there?!) know that I'm an advocate for the healing power of laughter. Yes, take your meds and your vitamins and eat your veggies, etcetera, but please take time to laugh every day! 

Example about laughter: Both my dad and I are in the throes of a nasty sinus infection. Daddy became so ill that he went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon and ended up with a prescription for an antibiotic. He and I decided to watch some Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C  on DVD before saying good night. Oh my goodness, gracious! Did we ever LAUGH! We both felt so much better afterward that we're making it a point to watch more classic TV comedy together in the future. Now, we're both still ill, but our outlook on life and on being able to get through the remainder of our illnesses, is brighter and more faith and hope filled.

Well, I need to get out my "beads for battle" (Rosary) and start my late night shift of intercessory prayer for life, marriages, and families. 

Celebrate life!

I love you, readers! Many of you are strangers to me, and some of you are old friends lurking in the outer realms of blogdom, but I pray for you daily. We will meet in Heaven some day!

God bless you!

- Miss Chris

PS: On Friday, the Day of Prayer for the Protection of the Unborn, please find it in your heart to thank your mother and dad for the gift of life. Even if they've hurt you a lot, at least silently thank God that they carried you full term and let you see the light of day. If you can't do that, then try spiritually adopting an unborn baby and pray that they won't be aborted. I especially warmly encourage you to pray for the babies with Down Syndrome.