Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grateful: Monday, August 10, 2015

Today, I am grateful for:

... the strength to get through my workout for the second day in a row in the midst of a virus/fever/etc. I will sleep soundly!

... Chicken Kiev, Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice (Original Seasoning), Italian Green Beans, and sweet, red, ripe Watermelon. Yum! Thankful also for fully functioning taste buds!

... my darling little kitty getting over her tummy affliction and being back to gobbling up Fancy Feast (all versions of "Marinated Morsels") again for the past few days. I don't know how you moms of human children can stand it when your babies are sick and won't eat. I become fairly hysterical when my fur child is ailing. 

... "discovering" a gift given to me a few years back which I am very energized and enamored of: Two CDs of Artie Shaw and his Big Band music. Now, I already have a myriad of Glenn Miller, Harry James, and Benny Goodman CDs, but this was a happy and serendipitous discovery today. It also helps me get through my longer workout regime without so much pain.

... for air conditioning ice cubes, iced tea with lemon, straws, and the ability to cool off on an overly warm and humid day. Thankful as I am tonight, I still loathe summer at this point.

... for the fact that what I call "Moctober" will arrive here in central Wisconsin, USA... eventually! 

... for P. G. Wodehouse's delicious and exquisite sense of humor. Last night I listened to an hour of Very Good, Jeeves as narrated by Martin Jarvis, and had to stifle my giggles in a vain attempt to not awaken the neighborhood with gales of laughter. (I laugh loudly).

Speaking of noise, I am thankful...

... that it is the work week again so that my neighbor on the north side of our house was at work and not doing construction on his house right outside my window with HIS VERY LOUD VOICE like he did Friday through Sunday. I will here cattily add that Mr. I is no rocket scientist. And his girlfriend isn't exactly brain surgeon material either. Yes. They are a pair, she equally loud in speech and suffering from a vacant cranium. Perhaps it would help if they were sober... but, I am grateful that they are quiet most of the time, such as today. 

... for the gentle but firm reminder from my dear dad that I shouldn't speak or think of people in such an uncharitable way. Mea culpa. Grateful that at nearly 51 years old, I still have my dad to correct me. Hopefully, I will become a more loving Christian. It ain't going to happen without God doing a major overhaul of my attitude, and I had better get ready to cooperate. I want to be more loving. I just get snide sometimes. I don't say it to people's faces, but it's a sin to even THINK so unlovingly about people created in God's image and likeness. 

... that God is patient with me, and that people are mostly patient with me. I admire patience in other people. 

... that I opted to NOT go for the Windows 10 free upgrade from Microsoft - yet. The free upgrade offer will still be in effect until July 2016, during which time perhaps? Microsoft will work some of the kinks out of 10. Anyway, I am more than content with Windows 7, so why bother with 10? And this way I get to keep Windows Media Player. I just miss Outlook Express, even though Mozilla Thunderbird works mostly okay for me.

... that I have a comfortable bed and many fluffy pillows on which to rest my now very, very tired body and aching head while I listen to more Wodehouse.

God bless you all! I continue to pray for you; please pray a little prayer for me, too, that I cooperate generously with God's grace, from my heart! Thank you so much!

- Miss Chris