Friday, August 07, 2015

Life Is a Polka Is Going Back to Blogspot URL


My "Life Is a Polka" blog is going back to a URL, specifically Life Is A Polka

To spell it out, in the next hours or perhaps a day or so from now, if you want to continue reading the blog, it will be at . If you follow by email, you'll continue to receive the blog posts by email. I will have to go back and tediously redo the links to each post, so, please know this might take me awhile to get the actual blog operational! Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your kind interest in my humble little blog.

Please also know that I continue to pray for each precious, wonderful, unrepeatable, irreplaceable one of you, and I will continue to do so. Actually, much of the time, I consider my role here not so much to write (as we all know that I am not a technically good writer! :)), but to be present to pray for you. The writing is mostly to let you know I'm praying. Even if my changing the URL leaves me with only a handful or even merely one reader, it is my privilege and pleasure to pray for you. I just no longer want to fuss with the custom domain, and so I am going to permanently stick with the URL. Blogspot is very handy, with providing Google Translate tools, among other things. 

God bless you! May the remainder of your summer be kissed with the love of Jesus! And when autumn comes, may you have a nice cat to sit on your lap while you read good books!

Much love in Jesus,

~ Miss Chris