Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Those of you who have read my blogs over the years know that I hate, loathe, and abominate summer at this point (migraines are worse from summer heat and allergens). However, I have been gleefully observing the ever lessening amount of daylight, and enjoying the change in our back yard bird community. The cardinals are still going strong (they dine at the front yard bird feeder, known affectionately at Chez Miss Chris as The Marshfield Bird Cafe. The chickadees are back in ever increasing number, and continue to amuse us with chickadee chatter, joke telling, and bird laughter (use yer imaginations, folks! :)). The robins don't sing us early morning serenades during the dog days, but they are still ubiquitous, hunting for earthworms (blek!), and looking rather thin due to the dearth of rain lately.

Soon, the deer will return, and some time after them will be Elvis the Bear. The black bear comes back every autumn, sometimes closer to November. Actually, we are hoping that Elvis is a boy and not a girl, because if Priscilla shows up with her baby(-ies), we face a long winter of trying to avoid her. We all know what momma bears are like when it comes to their babies! *Gasp* If Priscilla arrives in place of Elvis, our winter and spring schedule will need to be amended to make certain that we are indoors (having brought the rather expensive bird feeders to safe keeping) before sundown. Actually, a few years back, the bears were feasting during the mid-morning and noontime hours - those snarfing, gobbling beasts! 

My flowers (Wave Petunias in bright pink and purple, Geraniums in very bright, energetic pink/violet, and Impatiens (mixed colours), are thriving. It has been hot and humid, so I feed and water them during cool, early morning hours - wearing my pajamas.

Ah yes! I have begun a Neighborhood Trend: nearly all of us wear our pajamas (never birthday suits, thank Heaven!) on certain days to do early morning chores and to bring the mail in. We range from Walmart styles to L.L. Bean and many other brands. Nothing indecent. We have a quiet, low traffic, laid back street without many passersby, and many of us work from home, or are resting after driving truck all week, so, we relax and secretly laugh at each others' loungewear.

Hmmm. Perhaps I will entertain someone this morning by wearing my Eeyore pajamas!

Anyhow, my whole wheat bread is about to come out of the machine, and you know how whole wheat can be - dry! so I'd better go and zip it into a bread basket pronto!

Happy Late Summer to one and all, and may Jesus shower blessings upon your dear heads. I continue to pray for each one of my visitors daily.


Miss Chris

Edit: Please excuse open parentheses, run on sentences, etcetera. It's late, and I'm so tired!