Wednesday, November 18, 2015

God Is So Good!

A quickie gratitude report from Chez Mademoiselle Chris:

I am thankful for...

... pain medication for treating fibromyalgia, even though it messes with my writing and typing. Lyrica spares me many days and nights of intense pain and tears. It doesn't work every single day, but it does protect me from ultra severe flareups and horrible days happening too often to bear. Thank You, God!

... my internet connection getting to be more consistent! I am able to get through YouTube videos without interruption most of the time the past week or so. Hooray!

... YouTube. As we say here in Wisconsin with mock German accents: "So soon oldt und so late shmart!" Meaning, I didn't really like YouTube until this year. It's saved me a small pile of money by my not requiring a Netflix account for several months. Most of what I'd originally subscribed to Netflix for (classic TV programs, for example) is available on YouTube. I can also learn how to paint, improve my Italian cooking skills, and travel the world. A lot of what I watch is available on public TV's Create channel, but Create TV isn't broadcasting round the clock in my locale, and we all know that I am a night owl! I also like being able to watch what I want when I want.  

... having clean, nicely pedicured feet with a comfy pair of socks. It's part of my night time get comfy ritual each night before settling down to read.

... speaking of socks, I just recently discovered a huge apple box of socks that I hadn't remembered upstairs in the loft. Last week, I spent a morning sorting and pairing socks, then stowing them away in two sock drawers in my bedroom chest of drawers. Yes. Drawers, plural. I am dedicated to better living through happy feet in clean, comfortable socks. This here woman doesn't have a shoe or a handbag fetish. With me, it's socks, slippers, and pajamas!

... my Christmas baking supplies shopping is 99.9% done! I begin baking today, Lord willing. My first batch will be Pure Vanilla All Butter Spritz. Can't you just smell the delightful aroma of baking buttery, vanilla cookies in the air? Oh my!

... oh heavenly day! Have been enjoying some time travel comedy time with episodes of Fibber McGee & Molly, the long running old time radio comedy classic from back in the 1940's. Belly laughs galore! And all clean and safe to listen to with your children or grands. Tons funnier than the tripe passing as entertainment these days!You can find a veritable goldmine of classic old time radio programs at Internet Archive Old Time Radio Programs

... my new portable ice making machine. I keep it in the basement and not only benefit from all those ice cubes, but also from the exercise going down and up stairs. And not only the stairs, but while down there, am more often inclined to work out on the Air-Dyne. A win-win situation!

... the wonder and the miracle of a purring cat. Did you ever consider consider what a wonder, what a gift, what a miracle that is?! Remember to thank Jesus the next time your cat(s) curl up next to you and begin making the beautiful music of purring!

... my two dear, wonderful parents! I am so blessed indeed.

... the fact that winter appears to be ready to show up here in Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA later this week! Yahoo! This 60 degrees in mid-November baloney is too much to take! Bring on the snow and the cold! 

And now it's time to settle in with a book. Am taking time off from reviewing for a couple of weeks so I can enjoy some childhood favorites from Louisa May Alcott. 

That's all for now! I'm still praying for you all.


- Miss Chris

PS: Here is a picture of my dear little cat Maggie taking a very serious nap earlier this month. She's either in perpetual motion, or else taking a power nap.