Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Missing in Action!

Hello out there in Blog Land!

My ISP has been having difficulties for the past two or so months, so my internet connectivity has been sparse. This has left me unable to blog. I have been busy reading and reviewing some really wonderful (there's that word again; where is my thesaurus? *wan smile* books, and participating in our parish's intercession ministry. 

I dislike being missing in action from the blogosphere! Please know that you are each in my continued prayers.

It's time to head to the kitchen to bake bread for Tuesday a.m. breakfast. We're going to be realllllllllllly naughty and have fresh baked white bread today.

Much love to one and all in Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and St. Therese... and her parents St. Zelie Martin and St. Louis Martin, just canonized on Sunday, October 18th in Rome, the first married couple to be jointly canonized. How very appropriate during this time of the Synod.

'Nuff chatter out of me. I crave hot chocolate.

Would that this infernal warmish autumn would cool down more and lead to snowball fights!!! :)

Miss Chris