Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Time Again for Christmas Baking!

I had an exquisitely LOVELY birthday despite having a worsening head cold! Was absolutely showered with love and prayers and gifts, and most of all, the Holy Spirit just loved on me so much that day. I turned half a century old last week! My dad turned three-quarters of a century old in August. God is good to let us live so long!!

Have been put out of commission by a series of severe migraines since the weekend due to some really intense weather. One morning, we were below Zero degrees F. and had substantial snow on the ground. The next day, we had London fog like something out of an old, old Sherlock Holmes movie and 50 degrees F. And hurricane levels of low, low, low barometric pressure for a couple of days. And then a cold front which ushered in a good, decent, measurable snowfall and cold temps. I feel sane and happy again. I only mention the weather because a lot of my readers are CFS and fibromyalgia patients with migraine problems. You all know "what I mean is". :)

ANYWHO, tonight I got my test batch of All Butter Spritz Christmas Cookies baked, to test the butter and to test the oven. My dad pronounced them absolutely delectable and delicious, and I have found my adjustments to make on the oven temperature and the timing. I think we are due for a new oven element in the not too distant future. I pray it behaveth itself with proper decorum until I have baked seven more batches of Spritz. *grin*

Here is a night time shot of the test batch of Spritz, circa Tuesday, November 25, 2014:

My mom started taking Lipitor recently, so that means not as many baked cookies for her this year. I am being spared baking the evil, wicked, and nefarious "paper thin" Cut Out Cookies!!!! *Praises to the Lord!!!!* Just a ton of Spritz, and a couple of tons of Rum Balls. The recipes for both are Top Secret. I may have shared the ersatz versions of them on a blog or website some years ago, but I assure you, my prize recipes are  Top Secret. I will keep a couple of copies in the safe deposit box, though, in case menopause makes me lose my memory completely! *tongue planted firmly in cheek*

I am behind on reviewing books, so, I'm going to don a fresh pair of pajamas, pamper my feet with a warm bubble, scented foot bath, put on some home crocheted wool socks (my own creation; I could crochet these forever, as they make my feet deliriously happy), curl up in my bedroom Lazy Boy recliner, and finish reading what I promised I would read and review. When I had enterovirus, I could not read even children's lit, just much too ill.

I won't promise more pictures of cookies. Once I get into cookie baking mode, I find I just don't have time to tidy the kitchen enough to make the cookie photographs presentable. Yeah, I know, do Photoshop Elements, but that gets to be too much like work!

Will see if I can hunt down some pictures of the Rum Ball making process from a few years ago another time. For now, this is more than enough out of me!

Please be assured that EVERY SINGLE ONE of my blog readers - past, present, and to come, are in my daily prayers. Thank you so very much for keeping on coming back to visit with me. We will be neighbors in our Heavenly Homeland. Don't give up hope of things working out! There is someone out there reading this blog post who has a serious, serious family and marriage situation going on and is on the verge of despair.  Please don't give up hope! Our Heavenly Daddy Father is on the side of marriage and families! He WILL rescue! Just surrender to Jesus and ask for the grace to pray, "Thy will, Thy way, in Thy timing!" Pray to St. Joseph and to St. Teresa of Avila. I wish I could sit down with you and pray the Rosary with you, or go to Mass with you. I have the solution! I will send my Guardian Angel to pray with you! I promise! And I will pray, too! God bless you! God's Help IS ON THE WAY!!!

Much love in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

- Christine

PS: The First Sunday of Advent is coming up on November 30th - a brand new liturgical year! Consider picking a particular Saint to focus on their example and writings and intercessory prayers in a special way for the coming new Church year. And... what are you going to give Jesus for His birthday? This year, I am asking Him to help me to fall madly, passionately in love with Him forever. He is the One Pure Prince, the Redeemer, the Ransomer, the Beloved of my heart. Here is a little quote from St. Therese of Lisieux: