Monday, November 10, 2014

Thankful Thoughts: Monday, November 12, 2014

'Tis the season to be thankful! The national American holiday of Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27th this year. Of course, it's always the season to be thankful! Even when we're suffering, there is always something to thank God for! As numerous Saints have said over the past many, many centuries, we need to thank God when we're suffering or undergoing tribulation. And let's not forget about St. Paul the Apostle's words on "giving thanks in all circumstances". By doing so, we not only exercise our faith muscles, we also disarm the power of the devil in our lives. Thanking God in trials and pain not only confounds the enemy, it also draws down the power of the Lord's love to help us through it all. It takes time to get to the point of even beginning to thank the Lord for trials, but He wants to give us that grace.

Today, I want to thank the Lord Jesus here instead of just in my private journal.

I am thankful for...

* my dear little pet cat with multitudinous, beautiful, long whiskers who wants to play boisterously with all of her cat toys in the middle of the night. She belongs in this house with my dad and myself; we are each Night Purrsons. *big smile*

Seriously, I am so grateful that the allergy season is so thoroughly over so that Maggie the Kitty is back to being VBT - Very Bouncy Tigger (for you Winnie-ther-Pooh fans!). Poor little kitty had a nasty, hard time with the allergies since spring. She's having a blast feeling like a kitten again. 

* our furnace, which makes such a comforting sound when it starts to heat up and gets ready to blow delightful, deliciously warm air throughout the entire house. I love our furnace! Furnaces are like snowflakes; no two are alike, and ours makes simply the most splendidly comforting sounds. Sometimes, when I'm drifting off to sleep, I imagine that our house is some kind of time travel chamber, and when the furnace kicks in, we take off for destinations and times from history. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! At least it would be wonderful to me.

* the satisfaction of having the house and yard ready for winter. It's a good thing we are ready, because we are under a Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service now through Tuesday afternoon. Six to twelve inches of snow (at least) and blustery winds. This is my kind of November! Whee!!! *giggles*

* the memories of a glorious, beautiful childhood in a safe, good suburban neighborhood, where we kids had simply the most wonderful, perfect hills to sled, saucer, and toboggan down all winter, every winter except for the nefarious "Brown Winter" back in the early 1970's - yek! But the hills around the school were simply perfect and glorious for winter fun! And the snow forts we built during recesses and after school - what happy fun! And the snowball fights, too. Then coming home to homemade hot cocoa and to play piano and read books like Snowbound with Betsy. My parents gave me a splendid childhood.

* dear little pet cats who are part Domestic Shorthair/Tiger/Siamese, who love to "talk" and to "sing" dramatic, passionate opera arias - especially when they are feeling neglected. Maggie has not forgotten that her ancestors were once worshiped... ha ha ha! Truly, if you can stand all the communication noises a Siamese/part-Siamese kitty makes, then get one. They love to talk and to be talked to intelligently *and* in "baby talk". If you like a kitty that plays practically non-stop, then get a Domestic Shorthair. I'm so grateful for my little Siamese Tiger! I've got the best of both kind with her!

* the thrill of the excitement which comes with a nearing major snowstorm! Did I mention that our nighttime low temperatures will soon be in the single digits Fahrenheit for at least a week, with daytime highs only in the 20's?! What a glorious way to celebrate my birthday month! Thank You, Heavenly Father!! I feel energized even though I'm still struggling with wicked tummy bug.

* for classic children's literature, such as things written by Louisa May Alcott. Am currently rereading her book Jack and Jill and loving/enjoying it immensely. It little lessons on suffering patiently are not lost on me. What a merry little book! 

* for sales on baking goods for Christmas 2014 baking! The fridge is full of butter for Spritz cookies, and I've got a very, very large apple box filled with all of the other things I need - except for pecans for Rum Balls, and various colored sugars to adorn the Spritz cookies.

* for the Amish men who put a new roof on our neighbors' house right before it turned wintry. The spoke English and German, but their German was a different dialect than that to which my dad and I are accustomed. I am almost always edified by the presence of the  Amish and Mennonites around here.

* speaking of German: Some wonderfully talented German speaking volunteer recorded the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol and it's MARVELOUS! It's Version 2 of the German edition on LibriVox, done by a woman whose surname is Schnabel! Danke, Fraulein Schnabel!

* lastly for today (I think!), I am thankful for my decision to take "Cyber Sabbaths" and to spend less time on the Internet. After nearly fifteen years online, I need a break from "cyberness". I am handwriting greeting cards and letters again, and I am listening to music CDs (and even a few cassettes!!!) and to local radio on my new Sony boombox. I'm watching antenna TV and DVDs instead of watching as much on the Roku, and came across some terrific Bob Ross painting courses on Public TV, and a perfectly hilarious episode of the George Burns & Gracie Allen TV program on one of the retro TV stations. Talk about Time Travel Tripping! As Joe Gargerry said to Pip in Dickens' Great Expectations, "What larks!" (So much fun!!)

OKAY! Enough of me already!

Please know that I (and my dad with me) pray every day for each one of you, whether you're a regular reader here, or whether you happened upon my blogs by accident. I am so overwhelmed with joy by how many of you come from all over the world! I had always wanted to travel when I was young before I became disabled, and now I get to visit wonderful sisters and brothers in the Lord via the 'net! God bless each one of you. I promise you my daily prayers - God knows you as a unique individual, and He knows and wants to provide for your particular needs. May Jesus console you and heal your hearts with love this week!

Much love in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

- Christine