Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today is Saturday, August 9, 2014. On the Church calendar, it is the Memorial of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a martyr for the Faith in the Nazi death camps. She was born Edith Stein. I will try to post a quotation or two from her on the blog; there is already one there somewhere. I have sadly neglected that blog. Since I let the custom domain expire, its once thriving readership from around the globe has gone down to the single digits per day, as it is no longer listed in the search engines. I can do two things to boost traffic again: (1) post more posts/quotations on a regular basis, and (2) buy back my custom domain when it's available again.

Speaking of custom domains, I had let expire this summer. I just bought this morning, and am waiting for the company to set up the info so I can set up the redirect from blogspot to . The URL had been my main domain since going back to, let's see, 2005 when I had it with Xanga. I still have friends ask what happened to the blog. So, it will be back.

It's August. The days are getting shorter (hooray!), and we are progressing toward autumn. It's been a fruitful and satisfying summer, but I am looking forward to fall, to changing leaves, to crisp, cool, clear blue skied days, and to cooler, crisper nights. Not that we've had off the chart heat to deal with here in central Wisconsin this year - not by any means. But I do not enjoy summer, and while trying to live gracefully in the present moment, I still anticipate autumn and winter, too, with glee!

I could go for my Great Aunt Margaret's carrot cake. No one - absolutely NO ONE could make carrot cake like Auntie Margaret. 

My dad is at the mid-point of a trial gluten free diet to see if that will cure him of excessive bloating. It's not easy, and it's expensive. It also doesn't seem to be helping, even after four weeks of him being gluten free. He's got four more weeks to go. I've still been baking wheat bread for myself in the bread machine, but I've not eaten pasta in over four weeks. Note: I am 1/4 Italian, and that 1/4 of me loves pasta passionately. I think Fettuccine Alfredo is going to be on the menu for me this weekend - with Italian meatballs! :)

I've been reading a good deal this summer (Wisconsin stuff, mysteries, Christian literature), and I've also been enjoying a moderate amount of really good comedy. Prayer and daily chores are my priorities, but when I get into a bad fibromyalgia flare or get the perimenopause blues and angst, I need to watch something which will make me laugh - and laugh hard. My programs of choice the past few months are the British show from the 1990's Keeping Up Appearances, staring Patricia Routledge, The Andy Griffith Show, and Blandings, the British program based on P.G. Wodehouse's series of books about Blandings Castle. Lord willing, tonight I will watch some Monk and I Love Lucy on DVD.

I've been exercising on the Schwinn Air-Dyne in our nice, cool, dehumidified basement - usually in the middle of the night on a fairly regular basis. With CFS it's a dicey thing knowing when to stop so that I don't get post exertional exhaustion for two days afterward, but with hot flashes and perimenopausal anxiety and such abounding as I approach my 50th birthday in November, it is a necessary evil to exercise enough to calm down those hot flashes and especially to get those lovely, pain killing endorphins coursing through my veins to put the kibosh on pain and the blues.

If I ever get significantly healthier - such as through a medical cure(s) or a miracle of God, I would love to work at the city library at the circulation desk. My grandmother was the cataloger for the library for many years prior to her retirement in the mid 1980's. That's not something I would necessarily enjoy. However, as my academic interest veer toward library science and such, I have found a number of free courses available online. And that's what I'm going to buckle down and focus on this fall.

Well, this hasn't been the most lively or mirthful blog entry. I'm in the midst of a narsty fibromyalgia flare. Back to my bed, to my electric blankets, to my eight - count 'em - eight! fluffy down pillows, and to listen to some Old Time Radio Comedy. Am currently enamored of Fibber McGee and Molly, and an offshoot of the Jack Benny Program featuring Dennis Day. Laughter is indeed very, very, very good medicine.

I continue to pray for all of you.  Much love in Jesus to you!

Miss Chris