Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Is Here

... and I'm not so certain that I'm happy about it, thus it behooves me to begin some Gratitude Muscles Exercises, a/k/a "Counting My Blessings Therapy".

* God blessed my dad and I with a friend from church to put in our window air conditioners two weeks ago today. Now, to most of you, I'm practically certain that window AC installation is no big deal, but for us it is. We are two chronically ill, in acute pain and major fatigue grown ups and a cat in a three bedroom Cape Cod, with more furniture, stuff, and need I mention dust? dust bunnies? cat hair, etcetera, than you can shake a stick at. We spent a lot of time (and precious energy) getting ready for The Big Event. Furniture had to be moved, piles of books relocated, baskets of craft items, and so on. But thank the Lord, the back breaking part of carrying the ACs and the frustration of getting them balanced just right was in Al's realm of expertise and generosity, and we were spared that! Thank You, Lord!

* God also blessed us with a friend from church to fix our new, expensive, (installed in the midst of a Polar vortex on New Year's Eve day) garage door opener. The safety features were being hyper vigilant and the door wouldn't come down. As per usual, the garage door wouldn't come down on the weekend. So Stan, a good friend from church and Bible Study, was kind enough to fix the alignment as best he could. Voila! It worked! But we are are still having Overhead Doors come to align and calibrate everything properly on Monday. Thank You, Jesus!

* My dad will turn 75 years old in a few months, and has health problems. He has finally conceded that it is best that someone else mow the lawn. We have a large yard. I am severely allergic to grass pollen, and as much as I enjoy cutting grass, it's not possible for me to do these past twenty years. Soooooooo.... God blessed us with a very reliable, polite, mature, conscientious, and friendly 14 year old young man from church to do the lawn for us! What a blessing Luke is! God provides!

* Last year sometime, I was able to get three Jill Phillips and three Andy Gullahorn (they are a married couple) music albums. I never really listened to them too much until this week. They are Christian folk/pop songwriters/singers and not your run of the mill ones, either. If you like Andrew Peterson, you'll like Jill and Andy. It's like comparing apples and oranges. There's a lot of honesty and encouragement, mature and healthy Christianity in their songs. They sound very authentic, and I suspect that they are living what they sing about, for real. I had a Jill Phillips album many years ago, but it got waylaid in a pile of Third Day CDs in my stereo. I guess maybe I am growing up enough to listen to these two fine Christians. They seem like the kind of people I would like for friends. If you're not acquainted with Jill and Andy's music, I encourage you to look/listen into it!

* Well, the Infamous Windows Live Writer Experiment was an epic fail! Will not be using that anymore! Please excuse the mess of my previous WLW driven blog entry!

* I am not going to pay for a custom domain on my blogs any longer. I will post the blogspot addies for my blogs soon. 

* I grow to miss Xanga less and less every month. The log in page was simply full of the worst filth. It was oppressive. Blek. Do people really live like that? I do, however, miss some of my old Christian blog friends. It does seem like people continue to spend more and more time on Facebook. It's just not for me. I would rather have a few close friends than have a million Facebook BS buddies. I deliberately have my privacy settings locked down tight, and over the years have consistently refused friends requests. I don't even log in any more, and only keep my account open so I will at least be able to contact some people in "emergencies" (extended family). MySpace bit the dust, and Facebook will also some day. I'm working with some short story plans, and hope to get outside this summer to take pictures.

* By my above comments, I do not mean to imply that I wish to be an ostrich, misanthrope, or misfit. Mostly, I don't have health and mostly don't have physical and mental energy to spend on a lot of things. Day to day basic tasks are all I can deal with most of the time. And now, with it being summer weather, my three and a half of "hell months" have begun. I am way, way, way behind on planting flowers and other things. My house is a mess. I do not have it all together. I have been struggling with control freakism.

* But you know what? I am learning that control freakness is a detriment to growing in holiness. So, my dear ragamuffinish friends across the globe: be of good cheer if your house and some parts of your life are a mess. God is getting us where He wants us - depending upon Him for everything! Letting Him be in the driver's seat! Looking to Him to help us through, and thereby teaching us what a loving Daddy He is and wants to be to us!


*Dr. Ralph Martin, and Catholic layman, professor, and missionary made a profound statement twenty or so years ago. I wrote it up in calligraphy. It hangs on the bathroom wall where it gets a lot of notice. It goes:


And so, with tired eyes, I am going to sign off for tonight, and get in my prayer chair. Each of you are in my prayers. You are precious, unrepeatable, irreplaceable. I don't know  many of you, but the Lord God does. Before the world began, He thought of all the possible people He could create, and some He chose to create and breathe life into, and others He didn't. The fact that you are alive means that your Heavenly Father loves you, delights in your you-ness, and has a special mission and plan for your life that ONLY YOU can fulfill. ONLY YOU can love Jesus just the way you do. He is the Almighty King and Creator of all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be. He doesn't need anyone! Yet, He has chosen to thirst for YOUR LOVE. On the Cross, Jesus said: "I thirst." It was and is YOUR LOVE He thirsted and thirsts for still. Only you can love Him. He has humbled Himself to need you and your love. You make Him happy.

Good Night, everyone. I will pray a Rosary for you tonight. The Holy Spirit knows who you are and for what your heart and soul are crying out to Him for.

With much love in Jesus,

Miss Chris