Monday, October 20, 2014

Thankful Thoughts, Monday October 20, 2014

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! In fact, I sometimes wonder if it's God's favorite holiday as well. We owe our all wise and all loving God our thanks even in seasons of pain - be it physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Look it up in Psalm 50! :-) It's called a "sacrifice" of thanksgiving, so it means we can (and should!) give thanks to our Heavenly Father at all times, and not because He's some kind of egomaniac, but rather because He knows we are happier (and healthier, too) in spirit, mind, and body when we take time to count our blessings and experience true joy in Him, rather than thinking we need more, more, more stuff of this world.

I love Autumn! Even when I'm too ill for car rides through Wildwood Park or the gracious, glorious, gorgeous west side of our city, all I need to do is take a few steps out the back or front doors to take in the warm, golden view on our lovely street filled with grand and stately maple trees. I can breathe in the scent of autumn leaves which evokes the nostalgia of a thousand happy childhood memories, listen to the leaves crunch beneath my Woolrich slippers as I traipse from the garage to the front yard bird feeding stations. When my current "contagious illness du jour" (I have a mild to moderate case of enterovirus these past weeks) leaves me unable to go no further from my cozy bedroom/office/library/entertainment room than to the living room, I still get to celebrate the fall season. The birds at the three bird/squirrel/chipmunk feeders are fantastic entertainment, while the maple leaves sail gracefully down.

Yesterday, I felt well enough to be messing about in the kitchen for a couple of hours and baked Nani's gingersnap cookies with a recipe that I think goes back to my Italian great-grandmother Caeserina/Chezarina - however it's spelled (she changed it to "Mary" when she went through Ellis Island, while great-grandpa changed his from "Giuseppe" to "Joseph" when they immigrated to the United States from Northern Italian (15k from the Swiss border - Great Grandma from the village of Livigno, and Great Grandpa from a very, very, very tiny village of Isolachia,  close to a hundred years ago. I think some of Nani's recipes date back to Great Grandma's first American recipes. My great-grandparents tried very hard to be good Americans. They spoke English, ran their own small business, joined the Republican Party, and learned American ways, while quietly hanging on to some of the Italian ways. I use the AccuWeather app on my Kindle Fire HD to track the weather in Livigno (ski country) each year, and I sometimes think that our Wisconsin weather must have seemed nearly tropical to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa after living in the Alps!

Speaking of cookie baking: I am making my Christmas 2014 Cookie Baking List out and checking it twice. I also scouted out the kitchen (which has mostly been my dad's domain over the past year) and found what needs to be replenished, organized, and washed. Several years ago, I had both knit and crocheted a multitude of hot pads and pot holders - and it looks like they'll all need to go through the washer. I'm also hunting up a few new  Christmas cookie recipes.

Anyway, I will let everyone rest their eyes now. I think I'll listen to some more Abbott & Costello Old Time Radio programs - great laughs and merry medicine to boost the immune spirits and lift the spirits!

Thank you for reading! I continue to pray for all readers of my blogs - past, present, and future! May the dear Lord bless you!

I have a long and growing list of "Thankful Thoughts" items to share, but with my neurological problems it is difficult to type very often. I hope and pray that, Lord willing, I'll be back again soon!

Much love in Jesus,

September 30, 2014

My maternal grandparents' house. The lady who lives there spotted my mom and I looking and taking photos of the exterior and invited us in for a leisurely tour (very kind of her!) Many happy memories there!