Thursday, September 18, 2014

Normal Days, Tears, Thankfulness, and the Love of God

Ha! Last time I blogged, I was crowing about how wonderful I was expecting to feel physically from the onset of meteorological autumn. What a laugh! *insert merrily sarcastic sounds of derision* It's been a migraine marathon of the worst sort combined with the mother of all fibromyalgia flareups for over a week. Guess it shows a body to not count their pain-free days before they're hatched. LOL It could be worse. I'm making the best of it, as best as I can, and I'm trying to "dedicate myself to thankfulness", as St. Paul says in Colossians.

I guess it also reminds me of something Joni Eareckson Tada mentions in one of her books: being thankful for "normal" days before something happens to make things worse. I think of this especially as I watch and hear of the plight of the Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other minorities in their time of severe tribulation.

I am indeed thanking Jesus for my normal days, even though they include pain, because, as I've oft written over the years: God never allows crosses without the potential for consolations - IF we don't wallow in the pig manure of self-pity, and IF we turn to Him with our hearts, no matter how feeble our prayers seem or how faithless our faith seems to us. Y'all don't have to rattle off a long prayer to Jesus; just humbly point your heart toward Him. Offer Him your pain. Give Him your tears. Do you know that He knows exactly how many tears you've shed, and that He cares about you, dearest one? Do you know that He keeps a record of each of those tears in His book? Well, He does. He is not heartless or uncaring. He is right there beside you, holding you and pressing you close to His Heart, weeping with you and passing you the Kleenex box.

Hang in there, Baby: the Lord is in control and He cares about you. HE cares about you. He CARES about you. He cares about YOU! You don't have to compete with anyone else for the love of your Heavenly Father. He loves you just as much as if you were the only one in the entire universe. He loves you personally, intimately, tenderly, compassionately, knowing and understanding everything about you and loving you to the Nth degree. Please don't give up hope! Jesus knows you are suffering! He knows YOU are suffering. And He's been there on the Cross, and HE KNOWS. He knows what you're going through, and He is going to bring great and fantastic, amazing, wondrous joy and tremendous VICTORY to you out of ALL of the crosses of your life. 

Point your heart toward Him! I promise that the Holy Spirit will bring joy to you right when it seems impossible to have joy.

God bless you, dear one. I have been praying for you. You know who you are. And most of all, God the Father knows who you are. He has a plan for your life. Don't give up. Not now, especially since you're so close to the victory the Father has planned for you. He knew this plan even before the world began, and He knew you, and chose to give you life, and there is nothing and no one that can separate you from His love which comes to you in Christ Jesus!

Love and holy hugs in Jesus, and I will keep you in my prayers...