Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quick Hello

I am going through a season of "He must increase, and I must decrease" (may St. John pray for me!), hence the dearth of personal blogging. However, I did want to check in briefly and say a quick "Hello! God bless you! I'm praying for each of you each day, every day!", and also to share a picture or two of my dear little kitty, Maggie.

I hope and pray everyone's summer is going well! We are enjoying cooler than normal summer temperatures, which agrees with me! We've had several tastes of autumn-like weather, which I feel are kisses to me from God the Father, the One who knows how much hot weather makes me so ill. My petunias are thriving, the deer aren't eating them, nor are the yard bunnies snarfing them up, and the chipmunks have been rebuked in their tastebuds by the cayenne red pepper in the petunia containers and flowerbed!

That's all for now! Here's Maggie, a/k/a "Maglet", a/k/a "Miss Whiskers", a/k/a "Dr. 

Much love in Jesus to each individual precious one of you! God knows who you are and what you are crying out to Him for. May He kiss you, foster you, and hold you up to His cheek as a beloved infant! May the Holy Spirit love on you and be a balm to your aching hearts. I love you, my sisters and brothers in Christ. May you know ever more and more how much the Father delights in having created you and in your love for Him.

Prayers going up for you!