Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Consolations on Planet Migraine

I am on another long trip to Planet Migraine and need to exercise me wee, puny, little gratitude muscles while I summon my energy and physical muscles for making my bed before I try to get some sleep again. 

I must have 39 pounds of blankets and comforter (some mine, some the kitty's), 23 pounds of pillows, 17 pounds of magazines, and 12 pounds of technology (CD player/radio, Kindle Reader, Kindle Fire) on my bed. Yes! I hibernated last week when the North Pole moved south and now it's time to "dehibernate". Speaking of geography and weather: St. Petersburg, Russia has been quite a bit warmer than Wisconsin this winter! I keep on checking on my Accuweather app. File that under "Obscure Information". Fortunately, we do the budget plan on our natural gas heating. I guess the gas bill is no biggie this year; it's more Wisconsin "normal". We won't have to pay that much to reconcile the balance in spring.

The past couple of days have been a real struggle, and "I'm on the canvas sometimes, but not without a fight!" (to quote an old, old, OLD Geoff Moore and the Distance tune from way back 'round 1988 or 1989). This here girl is a Type A personality trapped in a tired, ill, Type B body. Some days I deal with it more gracefully than others. And some days I so much do NOT deal with it gracefully.

Ahem! There were bright spots in my day on Monday. They were:

* Listening to a few hours of the Charles Dickens classic Pickwick Papers as wonderfully narrated by Simon Prebble. Laughter and tears galore! Thirty plus hours left to go, and I'm looking forward to every single minute. I find it a good deal easier listening to Audible books on the Kindle Fire than I do on MP3 players. Charles Dickens will always, always, ALWAYS be my favorite author.

* Listening to several hours of Chopin. I have to be in certain moods to listen to Chopin for that long. Today was a Nocturnes mood. I grew up listening to Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin. My mom gave me the Lang Lang Chopin CD and DVD for Christmas... I'm still getting used to Lang Lang. So far it sounds like he's really banging the piano keys more than I like and sounds too technically proficient and "modern" for my taste, but I hear that on certain pieces he is "poetic" and "lyrical", so we shall see - or do I mean hear?! Anyhow, I enjoyed the Rubinstein interpretations, and I also enjoyed the Abbey Simon interpretations of the Nocturnes. Rubinstein had more polish and style and verve, and Abbey Simon played things a bit more delicately though still with style. I like both. 

If I survive making my bed (wan smile), I would like to listen to Rubinstein play Chopin's Mazurkas. Or, I might listen to some Grieg. Ah, ixnay on the Grieg (that keeps on coming out "grieF"...). I don't feel Norwegian enough tonight to listen to Grieg (ha! it typed out "grieF" again the first time!)

I digress! I am also grateful tonight for:

* Taylors Earl Grey tea. (Can't drink coffee with a migraine, so at least with black tea, I get SOME caffeine.) Delicate Bergamot flavoring, doesn't hit your taste buds over the head like Bigelow.

* Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea. Tastes positively "yuk-barf" (to quote Calvin and Hobbes), but sometimes I swear it works better than Xanax and chocolate. (Hmmm... anyone for chocolate covered Xanax?! *giggle*)

* The color BLUE. If I bought all of my own clothes/pajamas/whatnot, my wardrobe/pajamadrobe would be 98% blue. 

* My mom, who has fashion sense and gets me to try new colors. (I have just learned that I look great in L.L. Bean's "Elderberry" color for comfort fleece (my mom gave that to me a few winters ago, and it's taken me this long to "get" the fact that I look good in it.

* Honest people in the forums on Got a mailer the other day from someone wanting to know what to do when she "feels like eating the entire house". I much prefer the honesty to the super saccharine sappy sweet perky cheerleader perfect type people. The sappy sweet people make me want to... commit cyber flaming.

* Honest people with CFIDS/CFS/Myalgic Encephelomyelitis/Fibromyalgia in the forums. (Don't look for my user name in any of 'em, you'd never guess it).

* The fact that God healed my broken wrist six years ago without my needing the orthopedic surgery which the orthopedic surgeon swore I needed to function, which would have included a hardware store's worth of metal being put in my arm. After the cast came off at the end of the healing time, he was amazed and said that my wrist healed just as well if not better than if he had done surgery.

* For all the men whom God has told me "NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!" about, I am forever grateful. I am too ill to be married. My parents' marriage didn't survive my dad's CFS, and I have more strikes against me than that, so there! Thank You, Abba Father for putting so many roadblocks in the way to certain relationships, even though some of those roadblocks felt like they were going to kill me. My vocation is single Christian womanhood, and trying to be a good daughter to my parents - and I'm truly happy and proud about that calling!

And now 'tis time to face the battle of deconstructing the Abominable Snow Bed by several pounds, make some more tea, watch some British TV, and hopefully get some sleep.

Happy Tuesday! Now that the worst of the holidays (WE here at Chez Mademoiselle Chris are STILL celebrating Christmas until Candlemas on February 2nd), I am more focused on praying for yall again. And, I have certain peeps from the old Tatterdemalion list which I pray for every single day.

Blessings to one and all!

- Miss Chris