Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick update on life at Chez Miss Chris. Depressing stuff first, funner stuff after

Depressing stuff:

*One cold.

* One case of influenza.

* One stomach virus.

* Migraines.

* More migraines.

Funner stuff:

* God healed me of the cold, the influenza, the stomach virus! Hooray, Jesus! Don't EVER take it for granted when God heals you of these things. The human body and all of its systems is an amazing thing.  Wow, our God is some kind of wonderful!

* Getting a cold, influenza, and stomach virus this early in the game makes it more likely that I will *ENJOY* baking Christmas cookies starting around my birthday instead of dreading it. (Actually, it's not baking, but rather *CLEANUP* that I "dis-enjoy").

* By God's grace and my parents' prayers, I have been able to wean down my Lyrica (fibromyalgia pain med) by a third. The withdrawal was hell on earth, but I was able to do it by the grace of God. I really still "need" that extra third, but the nightmares it was giving me simply could not be tolerated any longer. So, thank You, Lord, for the grace to wean down.

* Fringe benefit of weaning down the Lyrica by a third: I lost 8 pounds without any effort. I must've spent two weeks peeing. I know - TMI - but there are other people with fibromyalgia who read this blog and they take Lyrica, and they need to know "the facts".

* Fringe benefit of being excited at losing 8 pounds effortlessly and having my clothes and pajamas fit me a bit better, I got back on board with after several years. I mostly track my calories, track my exercise, and read a lot of things which motivate me. It's all the easier to do since SparkPeople has a Kindle Fire app (free) which is really cool once one learns how to use it. I never took the tracking of foods and exercise seriously before, but I find that the days I bother to track, are the days I behave better, so that is incitement to keep on tracking.

* Now, my Evil Cookie Baking Twin ;) has been looking up Christmas cookie recipes and having fun doing that. I'm ready to break into the realm of creating various new flavor combinations of biscotti this year. Also, I have up my sleeve a couple of new (secret to family members until they receive them) flavors of Spritz. No Gum Drop Cake this year. It didn't ship well. I will, however, share the recipe here closer to actual baking season. That was Nani's recipe. We don't do fudge here, but my Grammy had the recipe for the quintessential fudge. I will share that, too, eventually.

* I just downloaded a new book of crocheted snowflake patterns from Amazon the other night. After I finish up this entry (IF ever I do!), I will crochet a snowflake or two. I'm a very mindful person in my middle age. I can't multitask anymore like I did when I was younger, so no longer able to crochet while watching TV or carrying on a conversation. BUT... I am able to interceded for others while I crochet and knit.

* I found some plastic canvas in my craft stash, and want to  make a couple of coasters.

* I found an "old" snowflake design fleece jacket on which I have not the patience to replace the zipper. Spying it when carrying Maggie the Kitty around the basement for my walk after the Air-Dyne, I thought: "Self, who says that Maggie wants a knitted or crocheted cat sweater this winter? Self, doesn't Maggie love fleece? Self, wouldn't it be smart of me if I cut down the pretty fleece jacket, and make a nice warm coat for Princess Maggie?" Myself can be so daggone smart (ha!) sometimes! ::grin::

* Someone gifted me with a couple of much desired Audible books for my Sansa MP3 player. One is the Charles Dickens classic Pickwick Papers, as narrated by Simon Prebble - all 38 or so hours of it (don't worry, I actually ENJOY that!), and the other is an almost equally as lengthy George Weigel book on Pope John Paul II. I am in audiobook listening clover!

* I am enjoying my new computer monitor. I've finally gone widescreen. Now, for finding a good desktop CPU before Microsoft cuts off support for Windows XP in April pf 2014... that will take me into High Definition computing.

And now, my crocheting muse has tapped me on the shoulder and I simply MUST go and crochet for awhile!

Tuesday is "Catching up on Email Day". Oy. My inbox runneth over.

Much love to all of you in Jesus! Still praying for all yall.

- Chris