Monday, September 09, 2013



It's been a long, hard summer since around Independence Day. Understatement! I am looking forward to feeling something like alive again when the cold weather will set in and the geese will be flying. Until then, I am doing the best I can to find things to enjoy and help me to hang in there until some relief comes our way with the end of the pollen season and with the end of the summer heat. (It's going to be 90 degrees F. today, and not much hope of "Moctober" until Friday).

Last week, we hit 43 degrees early one morning. That was some kind of wonderful! I could feel my heart start beating again and the adrenaline and endorphins started coursing through my veins. Bring on the autumn!

Anyway, I am going through PHASES - especially musically speaking.

I have "discovered" Country and Americana genres of music! Finally, and at long last! :)

It all started out when the news hit me that Mac Powell (lead singer of Third Day) had put out a solo Country album. Wow! I liked that! It was better than the C&W music I listened to in my teens (though I never stopped liking Eddie Rabbitt's "Driving My Life Away"and that kind of thing . But Mac Powell - he is simply fantabulous! Of course, I'll always like him best in Third Day, but it was interesting to give the solo effort a good listen. It makes me feel something like alive while I go through this hellacious weaning down of my Lyrica medication.

Now I feel like perusing the FM dial and the Internet radio stations for Country music that might just tickle my fancy. That'll give me something fun and frivolous to do for awhile! 

No more Classical (for awhile!). No more Polkas (for awhile!). No more Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban and Michael Buble' (for awhile!). I am going strictly "Southern Fried" for the next few weeks at least.

I also think I will window shop the Coldwater Creek website for women's clothes. Something different than wearing Boston Store labels and LL Bean. Maybe if my little whim lasts for awhile, I'll ask my mom for something from CC instead of LL Bean for Christmas. We shall see. For a woman who basically lives in her pajamas, it's pretty stupid of me to start salivating over Coldwater Creek clothes.

I wish I could go retro clothes-wise to about 1980 and wear corduroy blazers with plaid shirts and Levis. I wish I could grow my hair long again without looking like an old (and overweight!) hippie. Sigh. I guess I am mourning my youth in some ways. Apryl sent me some Mork & Mindy, Season One DVDs, and I used to have pretty hair like Pam Dawber! Gah! I hate being closer to 50 than to 15!!!!

But these are all transitory and mostly inconsequential things and I continue to pray and to offer up my suffering in union with that of Jesus on the Cross. THAT'S the kind of thing that makes a difference. Just sometimes I would like to kick up my heels and feel... YOUNG again.

Well, I can barely type. The PMS Fairy is messing with me neurologically again, so I'd best cease and desist from my inane little ramblings. I will for certain be back to blogging more and more as fall comes along.

Everyone is in my prayers and thoughts. Thanks for dropping by for a spell!

Much love in Jesus,

- Chris, still tempted to try to ask Santa Claus for a violin for Christmas. Guess I best just buy new strings for my acoustic guitar for the first time in eons and try to remember how to string it. It's been awhile. A guitar is hardier than a violin. I always broke the bridge of my old violin. Of course, if anyone reading is of a praying persuasion, you could pray that I could find a good used violin for next to nothing! :) Wind instruments are NOT for me! I tried this year. Yikes. Talk about the Squeak Monster!!!