Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Thursday: Things and Stuff

Happy Thursday to one and all! How is your week going? Are you surviving this blazing, humid heat here in the States? And what about the allergies? This hasn't been my own personal worst allergy year, but I know others locally who are having a whale of a time with their allergies. I pray each of you be cool and comfy, and allergy-free - SOON!

I am so grateful for air conditioning. We never had it in our home when I was growing up until I became ill with CFS/CFIDS/ME in 1980. CFS wigs out the body's thermostat, and heat is bad for me - very, very, very bad. Bad for me and other CFSers in more ways than one. 

If you are one of my fellow CFS patients and fibromyalgia patients from the northern hemisphere who visit the blog: please be extra good to yourself this summer. Cool down, rest, and do something that re-energizes you, such as reading an easy to read fiction book or pretty magazine, and especially partaking of what you all know what I mean by "Vitamin L" (laughter). And don't forget to listen to encouraging music. My MP3 player is loaded with everything Third Day, Rich Mullins, and Mitch McVicker have recorded. Which musicians/recording artists bring you the most joy and encouragement? 

Classical music is not something I'm enjoying this summer. Perhaps I OD'd on it over the winter and spring, though every once in awhile I break out the Strauss waltzes CDs and the Mozart operas. 

I have been especially depressed the past couple of weeks. It's par for the course for me each summer. It's just my body being exhausted from summer stressors (heat, allergies, and extra migraines due to the heat and allergies). I know better than to wish away life. Even the hardest days are precious gifts from God. It's in the desert that our faith strengthens (even though we do not FEEL that to be the case) and we grow in holiness by the grace of God and His tender care. 

It's also in the midst of being in the furnace of affliction that God hears our prayers for others in an even more powerful and abundant way. Don't waste your pain! Intercede for others, for the protection of the unborn and also of older people in danger of euthanasia, for marriages and families to thrive and be protected, for people to give their hearts to Jesus, for people to repent and to BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL of JESUS. Pray for your country. If you are ill with something, pray for doctors. Especially, if you are ill with CFS/CFIDS/ME, pray for the doctors to grow in understanding despite some of them being extremely hard hearted.

Corrie ten Boom was the quintessential intercessor. One thing she noticed over time was that when she was interceding for others, her afflictions would become more bearable. While we should want to pray for others out of a selfless and generous love for them, it is okay that we feel better when we pray for them. Though I'm warning you all: there are such things as intercessory "travails", and our tears may multiply and our sufferings worsen for a time in the travail.

Pope John Paul II said that "prayer is the first and GREATEST charity we can give to others". Meaning, if "all" you can do is pray - even those feeble prayers we all pray when we're tired and ill - you are doing the most important thing on earth: praying. It's your prayers that help doctors, teachers, parents, pastors, et al, do their jobs. We are all interdependent in the economy of things.

WELL, I guess this is enough out of me for tonight! I had logged in anticipating the the thought of extolling the wonders of Raspberry Sherbet and other great and wonderful things. Some other time. I have just imbibed some very strong chocolate milk (my version of Prozac! lol!), and am headed for some Andy Griffith Show, Season Four.

May the dear Lord bless and keep, heal, comfort, and strengthen each dear and precious one of you. I assure you that I continue to pray for each and every person who has ever read my blogs, and who are now reading the blogs.

Much love in Jesus, our glory and the lifter of our heads,

- Chris
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