Sunday, June 09, 2013

Rambling Randomly, June 9, 2013.

Well hello there! It's time for some randomized rambles! :) Let the randomness begin!

* Here in central Wisconsin, the weather is quite the opposite of this time last year (and the year before, as well). We've had very few days in the 70's... lately we've been mostly in the 50's and 60's - with rain enough to start seriously considering building an ark. Lovely cloudy, cool, *relaxed*, less allergic days. But, it's not good for the farmers, *and* it's also not good for my flowers. However, it seems to be doing last year's lilac bush *wonders*. My premium double impatiens - meh, I took them out of their pots and congregated them into an intensive care container to feed more plant food and such. I hit some deals at Shopko Garden Center on Thursday, and so the empty pots are now filled to overflowing with lovely bright pink (single) impatiens.

* Also at Shopko Garden Center, I bought six robust looking "Spirit" pumpkin plants. *Something* has got to go into the vegetable garden that is vigorous, rapid growing, and will crowd out weeds. Besides... I love pumpkins! These babies are supposed to grow to be 12 pounds each by the end of the summer if I keep them fed and watered properly. Hmmm... on the north edge of the veggie bed, methinks it would be nice to stagger plantings of Mammoth Russian Sunflowers (by seeds). 

* In the meantime, I have amassed a small fortune of other flower seeds - too many to mention tonight. My Sweet Pea seeds appear to be slow in germinating, so I think I will put in a mix of Morning Glories by seed on Monday after letting the seeds soak overnight tonight. At the other trellis near the front porch, the Moonflowers have only just germinated, and the Morning Glories are reaching up, too.

* We have um, *interesting* back yard neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. P are what I would call "Yardies". They live for their lawn and garden. I so much appreciate the beauty they provide for the world to see. Unfortunately, next to them is a couple who do not mow their lawn more than *twice* in a growing season - and that only if we call our alderman to have the city do something. Right now, the dandelions have gone to seed in their yard, having grown to a prodigious height. Well, that's basically their business except that their weeds have caused our behind the garage flower bed to grow into a devilish bed of vicious man eating dandelions. So, Dad went out and bought a fancier weed eater (Black and Decker rocks!) and slayed the dandelion dragons on Friday. However, it will take some serious treatment with Roundup to get those little beasts really, really, *really* dead. So, no pretty flowers in the back flowerbed again this year. That's really sad. I would have liked to give Mr. and Mrs. P something prettier to look at than a bare and weedy flowerbed. We're going to have to plant a hedge of Scotch pines back there this year, which is fine with me, to block out the view of Weed World. We have a darned nice yard and we need to somehow protect it - not only for the sake of our own sense of aesthetics, but also as an investment in making our home more sellable in the future when the time comes that we can no longer take care of it.

* End Rant! I am looking forward to some moderately warmer temps and drier weather so (1) the crops will grow for the farmers, and (2) so my flowers will thrive. Today after church, I will go out in my hideous capri pants which make me look like a pregnant hippopotamus, and feed all of my flowers with Bloom Buster. They deserve a little cocktail of something nutritious after all the rain they've been through the past two weeks or more.

* Am reading Elaine Aron's book The Highly Sensitive Person. It's about how about 15 to 18% of the population have nervous systems that make us very highly sensitive to stimuli, and it also involves our personalities. My illness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves more than my immune system; it greatly involves my nervous system. I don't blog much about the specifics, but I intend to do so in the future. While I'm not much on Psychology books (some people read 'em like people who eat potato chips...), this one is a keeper. It is difficult but liberating at the same time. For the File of Obscure Information, most of the people I come across on CFS and Fibromyalgia forums are... ta-dah: Highly Sensitive Persons. Both my dad and I fit the criteria (I moreso than he) of HSP, which is probably why we are such good friends despite both being ill at the same time, which is breeding grounds for most people to *not* getting along.

* Speaking of the CFS and Fibromyalgia forums, I think it's time to sign off this little missive of a blog entry, and see what's going on in the world of CFS and FMS.

* One last thing: I do intend to come up with a more easily readable custom graphics theme for this blog. I am still hoping that Xanga will stay afloat, but I am thinking it's time to start building my blogs here, too.

* Thank you for reading!! I do pray for everyone who stops by all my blogs (Xanga and Blogger) every day, numerous times a day. May Jesus bless and fill you with joy!

Much love in Jesus,

- Miss Chris

PS: The first day we hit 85 degrees F. I will put out the genuine made in Canada pink flamingos in the hopes that I will be able to work myself back into a frenzy of Birthday Banditizing my email friends. I'm just not going to use FB to do it. ;)