Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I am celebrating!

Yesterday, it snowed enough to stick to the ground for several hours! Wheee! Snow before my birthday week always bodes well!

Also, it turned COLD. Right now, it's 14 degrees Farenheit with a minus one windchill! YIPPEE! Die, die, die, die, DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all you nasty little pollen allergens - die every single last one of you! Yeehaw! Only going to be a teensy little bit warmer for a high temp today. I LOVE WISCONSIN!!!!

Maggie the Kitty is a domestic shorthair, a breed known for liking cold weather better than warm. She is EXTREMELY "Bouncy Tigger" this morning. Praise God! Love to see my little fur child feeling playful and happy and very alive!

I've got my L.L. Bean fleece socks on this morning instead of my Bean Merino Ragg Wools. I'm headed upstairs to the loft (probably even colder up there than outside right now), to bring down my heavy comforter for my bed. That means that I will have to rearrange all of the plush flamingos, kitties, bunnies, jackalope, etc. which are in my "Intensive Prayer Care Unit" on my bed. (Each critter represents one of my friends whom I secretly pray for much every day, especially when I am bedbound with migraines).

I'm between migraines right now but celebrating anyhow! I say, "Pooh!" to the Migraine Fairy. I say, "So what, Planet Migraine!" :P ::Chris sticks out tongue::

My dad is doing early bird Senior discount grocery shopping pretty soon this morning. He is so nice! He buys all of the baking supplies for me to bake goodies to give to my mom and others. Daddy is going to shop for all the sugary, buttery, flavory, wonderful things for me, as I have a cold and also seeing as how the grocery store has some of the most AWFUL fluorescent lights on earth which always trigger off epic migraine marathons in me. So, God bless my dad for doing the shopping for me. I don't envy him! Those little old ladies shopping the baking aisle in November on a Senior discount day are something to contend with - OYVEY!!!! :)

Now, off with me to venture to the North Pole which is the upstairs bedroom and loft and to retrieve my comforter. After that, it's time to go through my sock drawers (plural) and sock boxes (again, plural) to see what needs a tiny bit of mending, and to match pairs of winter woolies! I don't have a handbag fetish, I don't have a shoe fetish, but I do have a socks fetish (and a slippers fetish as well). And I intend to get to Younkers this week to buy MORE socks!

Off with me! And yes, for the File of Obscure Information: my Christmas tree is up (still) and LIGHTED. 

Time for me to fly! Happy Tuesday!

PS: I'm still praying for everyone! 

Much love in Jesus,

- Chris

Lemon Spritz from my kitchen


Karen Smith said...

so happy for the snow! i know how you love it and it helps you out! we have only gotten a few snowflakes here and there so far, but nothing as cold as that! i live near the ocean so it moderates the temps a bit. i've been thinking this week i need to make a list of baking supplies. i think i'm going to have my girls all over here and we can all bake together and bubby can play with the babes! enjoy your spritz cookies--they look delish!

Karen Smith said...

hey there! hope you had a super holiday season!! miss seeing you post. hope all is well!--karen

Christine said...

Hi Karen, thanks for caring enough to stop in to check my blog. I've been quiet blog-wise because it's been a harder couple of months health-wise. My priorities have been my parents and a few really close "old" friends, and trying to spend time with Jesus. My energy and emotional reserves are running low and I don't feel like I have much to give to the world of blogs at this time. I'm too vulnerable right now to be really transparent on my blog! Isn't that a crying shame?! Anyway, please know you have been in my thoughts and prayers over the holidays. God bless you, dear lady. Love in Jesus, Christine