Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prayer Intention October 24, 2013: Healing of Families and Marriages

Today, I invite you to join me and the others who read this blog, in praying for the healing of families and marriages. Broken marriages and families are so devastating and painful. These things break our hearts, and they also make us more vulnerable to sin, which in turn is dangerous in our failing to obey God's commandments and thus go to hell. Yes, there is a hell, and it IS possible for any of us to go there - not just the murderers and rapists.

Our adversary's servants fast and pray to him for divorces and broken relationships. They hold black masses, place curses, hexes, and spells on the world. They want everyone to suffer and go to hell. 

We should not fear, but we should plea the Most Holy and Precious Blood of Jesus upon us, repent of our sins, fast, and pray for the protection of marriages and families.

Fasting is powerful. It doesn't have to be an entire day on bread and water. We can fast from some of our favorite things - such as worldly music, television, Internet, etc. It's very powerful.

The future of many souls is at stake - including yours, your children, your grandchildren. Please! Join me today in praying for the healing and restoration of marriages and families. Pray especially for the children, who are the innocent victims.

God bless you all! Thank you for praying and fasting! God WILL hear and answer us. He is greater than all, yet somehow He deigns to "need" us to cooperate with Him in bringing about His Kingdom.

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