Friday, July 12, 2013

So Long Xanga, and Hello Blogspot!

The other day, I closed all of my Xanga accounts. It felt so very good! I like fresh beginnings. There was stuff I blogged about there in the past eight years that no one needs to read, and that I don't want to be reminded of, such as the Summer of my Midlife Crisis (2007), though to my credit, I did not get my hair dyed blonde or take off on a snowmobile with a tall, Italian man ("tall" and "Italian" are not necessarily mutually exclusive terms... most often they are, but not always! :P).

I digress. With Back-to-School sales beginning/soon to start, I feel like a happy school child getting ready for a new year in this adventure we call "LIFE". (And I look forward to shopping for some school supply-type goodies for myself in the next few weeks!)

Not been spending much time outside lately, as have been out of commission with a fibromyalgia flare. Have been in too much pain to do much of anything except being , which is, contrary to American beliefs, an essential life skill. God created us as human beings, not as human doings. It doesn't come easily to me to sit back and "be" and not "do" during certain seasons. Some kind of weird thing with me trying to justify my existence, I suppose. 

Joined a new Incredimail stationery group at Yahoo! groups and soon found out that a lot of us ladies with fibromyalgia do Paint Shop Pro and create Incredimail stats and such. Made some acquaintances. I am only a novice at PSP and at IM stats. I don't have much incentive to create much because none of my real life friends use Incredimail any more. It's just as well that I back off from that, as my next new computer is drawing nearer and I'm going to go with Windows 7, which likely won't cooperate with Incredimail. Sigh. I should just get my cameras out and take pictures of the real world, and then do some creative graphics editing. Maybe the fall colors will be splashy and exceptionally bright this autumn! Yessssss! has another wonderful free audio book download for July, a Wendell Berry book called Jayber Crow. I am working on finishing up Berry's Hannah Coulter . I warmly encourage folks to visit and check out the free downloads every month. These are premium audio books, professionally narrated, and they are good!

Here at Chez Miss Chris, we are having Christmas in July once again! The tree is up and lit - sometimes even during thunderstorms! Have been making sure that all of my Christmas music is uploaded to my Amazon Cloud Player. Have not been crocheting any snowflakes, etc. just yet. The Fibromyalgia Fairy has seen to it that I've not been up to that yet. Boo hiss. Maybe I should start with crocheting angels? That would be something different!

Ooh! Ooh! OOH! Thinking of digging out my crafting patterns makes me want to go thrifting at St. Vinny's book department and look for craft books, mags, and patterns! Oh! Oh! Oh! I simply MUST go there this week before it gets hot and muggy again next week!

Speaking of magazines: Last year and the year before were, for me, the Years of the Calendar, during which I purchased and was gifted by others with really, really nice wall calendars. Well! This year has turned out to be the Year of the Magazine. My mom started it with giving me a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Then I got signed up for and earned so many rewards points that I choose various (clean!) magazine subscriptions for my rewards. Then, with my Kindle Fire, I on occasion get Tea Time, Victoria, Taste of Home, Reminisce, Birds and Blooms,and Cottage Journal. When life gives us pain and the subsequent pain meds or just pain-related mental denseness, we do well to "read" things with pretty pictures and not too many words.

Anyway, I am tired and had a kinda rough day, need to pamper my feet and paint my toenails a pretty shade of pink, make my bed, fluff my pile of pillows, and watch some (clean!) British comedy (Masterpiece Theatre's season three of Jeeves & Wooster for some serious laughter. 

I don't like summer anymore. The week after Independence Day marks when the allergens kick my butt the hardest, to the point of exhausting me and making me really very depressed. I have a desk calendar which I'm turning into a "time eater" to count how many days until our usual first frost. I like fall and winter ever so much better than this stuff! Those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter: how you feel in the winter is how *I feel in the summer. Yuck.

So much for the bright and cheery post I was going to write! lol Tomorrow I will post a picture of my cat Maggie playing with the new cat toy my dad surprised her with yesterday. She played so very hard and is now all zonked out on a red blankie on the sofa in her summertime bachelorette pad (the living room), where she gets up at intervals to watch the raccoons and goodness knows what other night critters out there... and to be awake bright and early to watch the squirrels cavorting around the yard.

Have a Happy Friday! As always, everyone who has ever stopped by the old blog, and who visits this blog are remembered in my daily prayers. For all my jabbering about pain and magazines and such, I am faithful to prayer to the best of my ability. It's truly a blessed joy to be able to intercede for people from all over the world. Please say a little prayer for me, too! Thanks so very much!

Ta Ta For Now, 

- Miss Chris

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Lifeonthewink said...

hey chris! your post is making me feel motivated! summer is not usually my favorite season, but this year i am trying to keep the memory of the sub zero temps in my thoughts and just enjoy it!--karen btw i really don't know what the circles thing is but i was prompted to do it so i did. i guess i'll figure out all this stuff eventually, although after 8 years i still wasn't that proficient at xanga!