Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Coming Back to Blog at Blogspot

This morning I opened my email to find a plea for money from, a social network/blogging community to which I have belonged since early 2005 and which has succumbed to the times. Well, long story short, I'm downloading my Xanga blog archives (multiple blogs) and hoping to somehow transfer them to blogspot. I'm really hoping that I won't have to go to wordpress, but we shall see. 

It's all really just as well that I pack up my bag of blogs from Xanga and relocate, as I have been so disturbed at what kind of blogs there are at Xanga. I know that the 'net is a weird, sick place sometimes but Xanga is really starting to take the cake. I stayed primarily because I have been able to reach a group of people for Jesus and the Gospel whom I wouldn't have been able to reach elsewhere on the 'net during the past eight years. Not only that, but I paid money for three domains and three premium blogs at Xanga over the years on a regular basis to gain a higher rank in the search engines so people would more easily find a little bit of Jesus. Xanga is running out of money, and IF their kickstarter fundraising effort succeeds, I wish them well, but I will not be able to shell out more money for blogs. So... look out the world of blogspot (and possibly Wordpress) - here I come - Hurricane Miss Chris!

I'm looking forward to blogging here again and reaching new people for Jesus. And hopefully I can make some smiles and Uncle Jackalope stories to make some people laugh. I'm hoping to update my layout and theme to make things easier on readers' eyes. In case you'd like to sample some of the past eight years, please visit Life Is A Polka!

May the blessing of the Lord be upon each of you! 

- Miss Chris


Karen said...

hey there! i agree with the content at xanga. i'm sure that some of that is here too. i think more of it may be at wordpress. that is the impression i have gotten. looking forward to your posts--karen

Karen said...

hey there. i agree! looking forward to your posts here--karen

Christine said...

Good Morning, Karen! I'm rusty at Blogger, so please bear with me if I make any goof ups. While I know for certain that there is very sick "adult content" and bad politics at Blogger, I am just fed up with Xanga's sign in pages - the top stories. I mean, subject material that I wouldn't even be able to mention in front of my parents! *GASP* and they are not prudes. But, I stayed at Xanga for eight years in the hopes of reaching that audience with a little bit of Jesus - and I did. And I know that you have as well. Kudos, to you! While all of my early close blog friends have left Xanga high and dry in the past year or so, I still feel sad that Xanga is most likely over with. Oh well. Like I said, this is an opportunity to meet new people to reach (and be reached by, in return) at Blogger. Another thing about WordPress is that while they may be enjoying their heyday now, they too shall meet their demise. While Blogger/Google isn't a paragon of virtue, at least we won't have to pick up and leave again for awhile! :)

Blessings on you this day. And thank you for your kindness to me. Please know that I pray for you and Jeff and Family every single day - my privilege and pleasure and joy to do so.

Love in Jesus,