Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I am celebrating!

Yesterday, it snowed enough to stick to the ground for several hours! Wheee! Snow before my birthday week always bodes well!

Also, it turned COLD. Right now, it's 14 degrees Farenheit with a minus one windchill! YIPPEE! Die, die, die, die, DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all you nasty little pollen allergens - die every single last one of you! Yeehaw! Only going to be a teensy little bit warmer for a high temp today. I LOVE WISCONSIN!!!!

Maggie the Kitty is a domestic shorthair, a breed known for liking cold weather better than warm. She is EXTREMELY "Bouncy Tigger" this morning. Praise God! Love to see my little fur child feeling playful and happy and very alive!

I've got my L.L. Bean fleece socks on this morning instead of my Bean Merino Ragg Wools. I'm headed upstairs to the loft (probably even colder up there than outside right now), to bring down my heavy comforter for my bed. That means that I will have to rearrange all of the plush flamingos, kitties, bunnies, jackalope, etc. which are in my "Intensive Prayer Care Unit" on my bed. (Each critter represents one of my friends whom I secretly pray for much every day, especially when I am bedbound with migraines).

I'm between migraines right now but celebrating anyhow! I say, "Pooh!" to the Migraine Fairy. I say, "So what, Planet Migraine!" :P ::Chris sticks out tongue::

My dad is doing early bird Senior discount grocery shopping pretty soon this morning. He is so nice! He buys all of the baking supplies for me to bake goodies to give to my mom and others. Daddy is going to shop for all the sugary, buttery, flavory, wonderful things for me, as I have a cold and also seeing as how the grocery store has some of the most AWFUL fluorescent lights on earth which always trigger off epic migraine marathons in me. So, God bless my dad for doing the shopping for me. I don't envy him! Those little old ladies shopping the baking aisle in November on a Senior discount day are something to contend with - OYVEY!!!! :)

Now, off with me to venture to the North Pole which is the upstairs bedroom and loft and to retrieve my comforter. After that, it's time to go through my sock drawers (plural) and sock boxes (again, plural) to see what needs a tiny bit of mending, and to match pairs of winter woolies! I don't have a handbag fetish, I don't have a shoe fetish, but I do have a socks fetish (and a slippers fetish as well). And I intend to get to Younkers this week to buy MORE socks!

Off with me! And yes, for the File of Obscure Information: my Christmas tree is up (still) and LIGHTED. 

Time for me to fly! Happy Tuesday!

PS: I'm still praying for everyone! 

Much love in Jesus,

- Chris

Lemon Spritz from my kitchen

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick update on life at Chez Miss Chris. Depressing stuff first, funner stuff after

Depressing stuff:

*One cold.

* One case of influenza.

* One stomach virus.

* Migraines.

* More migraines.

Funner stuff:

* God healed me of the cold, the influenza, the stomach virus! Hooray, Jesus! Don't EVER take it for granted when God heals you of these things. The human body and all of its systems is an amazing thing.  Wow, our God is some kind of wonderful!

* Getting a cold, influenza, and stomach virus this early in the game makes it more likely that I will *ENJOY* baking Christmas cookies starting around my birthday instead of dreading it. (Actually, it's not baking, but rather *CLEANUP* that I "dis-enjoy").

* By God's grace and my parents' prayers, I have been able to wean down my Lyrica (fibromyalgia pain med) by a third. The withdrawal was hell on earth, but I was able to do it by the grace of God. I really still "need" that extra third, but the nightmares it was giving me simply could not be tolerated any longer. So, thank You, Lord, for the grace to wean down.

* Fringe benefit of weaning down the Lyrica by a third: I lost 8 pounds without any effort. I must've spent two weeks peeing. I know - TMI - but there are other people with fibromyalgia who read this blog and they take Lyrica, and they need to know "the facts".

* Fringe benefit of being excited at losing 8 pounds effortlessly and having my clothes and pajamas fit me a bit better, I got back on board with after several years. I mostly track my calories, track my exercise, and read a lot of things which motivate me. It's all the easier to do since SparkPeople has a Kindle Fire app (free) which is really cool once one learns how to use it. I never took the tracking of foods and exercise seriously before, but I find that the days I bother to track, are the days I behave better, so that is incitement to keep on tracking.

* Now, my Evil Cookie Baking Twin ;) has been looking up Christmas cookie recipes and having fun doing that. I'm ready to break into the realm of creating various new flavor combinations of biscotti this year. Also, I have up my sleeve a couple of new (secret to family members until they receive them) flavors of Spritz. No Gum Drop Cake this year. It didn't ship well. I will, however, share the recipe here closer to actual baking season. That was Nani's recipe. We don't do fudge here, but my Grammy had the recipe for the quintessential fudge. I will share that, too, eventually.

* I just downloaded a new book of crocheted snowflake patterns from Amazon the other night. After I finish up this entry (IF ever I do!), I will crochet a snowflake or two. I'm a very mindful person in my middle age. I can't multitask anymore like I did when I was younger, so no longer able to crochet while watching TV or carrying on a conversation. BUT... I am able to interceded for others while I crochet and knit.

* I found some plastic canvas in my craft stash, and want to  make a couple of coasters.

* I found an "old" snowflake design fleece jacket on which I have not the patience to replace the zipper. Spying it when carrying Maggie the Kitty around the basement for my walk after the Air-Dyne, I thought: "Self, who says that Maggie wants a knitted or crocheted cat sweater this winter? Self, doesn't Maggie love fleece? Self, wouldn't it be smart of me if I cut down the pretty fleece jacket, and make a nice warm coat for Princess Maggie?" Myself can be so daggone smart (ha!) sometimes! ::grin::

* Someone gifted me with a couple of much desired Audible books for my Sansa MP3 player. One is the Charles Dickens classic Pickwick Papers, as narrated by Simon Prebble - all 38 or so hours of it (don't worry, I actually ENJOY that!), and the other is an almost equally as lengthy George Weigel book on Pope John Paul II. I am in audiobook listening clover!

* I am enjoying my new computer monitor. I've finally gone widescreen. Now, for finding a good desktop CPU before Microsoft cuts off support for Windows XP in April pf 2014... that will take me into High Definition computing.

And now, my crocheting muse has tapped me on the shoulder and I simply MUST go and crochet for awhile!

Tuesday is "Catching up on Email Day". Oy. My inbox runneth over.

Much love to all of you in Jesus! Still praying for all yall.

- Chris

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prayer Intention October 24, 2013: Healing of Families and Marriages

Today, I invite you to join me and the others who read this blog, in praying for the healing of families and marriages. Broken marriages and families are so devastating and painful. These things break our hearts, and they also make us more vulnerable to sin, which in turn is dangerous in our failing to obey God's commandments and thus go to hell. Yes, there is a hell, and it IS possible for any of us to go there - not just the murderers and rapists.

Our adversary's servants fast and pray to him for divorces and broken relationships. They hold black masses, place curses, hexes, and spells on the world. They want everyone to suffer and go to hell. 

We should not fear, but we should plea the Most Holy and Precious Blood of Jesus upon us, repent of our sins, fast, and pray for the protection of marriages and families.

Fasting is powerful. It doesn't have to be an entire day on bread and water. We can fast from some of our favorite things - such as worldly music, television, Internet, etc. It's very powerful.

The future of many souls is at stake - including yours, your children, your grandchildren. Please! Join me today in praying for the healing and restoration of marriages and families. Pray especially for the children, who are the innocent victims.

God bless you all! Thank you for praying and fasting! God WILL hear and answer us. He is greater than all, yet somehow He deigns to "need" us to cooperate with Him in bringing about His Kingdom.


My special word for the past couple of years is REDEMPTION. Jesus is my Redeemer, and He is yours, too! 

I like to prayerfully ponder redemption often. It's a terrific antidote to Satan's blatant, evil, ugly lies about what I should think and feel about my past (and present) sins and life mistakes. Thinking about redemption helps me get the Lord God's point of view on things.

When I go through summer depression (it's a fact; there IS a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder which afflicts people like me in the summertime). 

I digress. 

When I go through summer depression, those lies of the adversary are close to overwhelming. However, the Holy Spirit always, always, ALWAYS comes to my rescue if I will be quiet and make myself open to His still, small voice which pours - which LAVISHES - truth, deliverance, healing, comfort upon comfort, strength upon strength, grace upon grace into my broken and bleeding (my, I sound melodramatic today, do I not?! *snort*) heart.

The big, big temptation to believe the enemy's lies is that God is punishing me vindictively for sins and life mistakes, and that since I made my bed, I must lie/lay (I can't think straight today!) in it.

But... the TRUTH is: God loves me (and you, too!) so much that He has a plan to bring great, wonderful, powerful, amazing, life-generating, joy-filling, immense GOOD out of even our mistakes and sins! And get this: He makes up for the years which the locusts have eaten. And, get this: Just because it seems like His answers to our prayers for good to come seem to delay or not be coming, He WILL and DOES bring good to us. He even has the desire and will and power to heal people like us (I know a lot of you are chronically ill like me) who have been sick in bed and homebound for many years. 

Our God is some kind of wonderful!! Can I get a witness?! *big smile*

He is in business and habit of working miracles, and of redeeming not only our souls for the sake of getting us to Heaven for eternity, but also of redeeming our earthly lives. So if you have something/someone you are tempted to despair about, please don't give up hope! God's miracles are seldom early and they are NEVER LATE. He is our good Daddy-Father. He wants good things for us and our loved ones even more than we do!

May God bless each of you this week and weekend and coming week, until you can't contain any more blessings! May His joy in you be contagious!

Please know that I remember you at Mass and in my Rosaries and other prayers. I don't know most of you, but God has given me a heart to pray for each one of you. We will know each other when we get to Heaven. Thank you very much for praying for me as well!

- Christine

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today, I want to thank God for His goodness, and to praise Him because He is so loving and totally holy and so completely worthy of my love, trust, obedience, and gratitude.

Lord, I am grateful today for...

* my crosses, my illnesses, my emotional wounds, for disappointments. Yes, I am grateful for even these painful things because even though You are a completely compassionate, merciful, and loving Father, You permit these things in my life to bring great good out of my suffering. I thank You for these crosses because without them, I would not have the sense to respond to Your generous invitation to an intimate relationship with You. Without these crosses, I would be on the "slippery slope", the highway to hell. While I lament at times and throw pity parties for myself when things are rougher than usual, in my heart of hearts I recognize that You are watching over me and drawing me closer to Yourself in love, which is certainly a much, much, much greater blessing than an easy earthly life. Indeed, suffering is a mystery, but I trust in You more and more that You are working mightily, tenderly, and victoriously to bring good out of it all, including to bring good out of the messes I have made in my life and the lives of others.

* Thank You for preparing me to bear the weight of eternal glory! Thank You that You DO bring good out of apparent evil, not only in Heaven, but upon earth. 

* Thank You, Jesus, that You have won the ultimate victory, and that You choose to offer this victory to me and to all people of good will if we will turn to you in our hearts. Thank You, Merciful Heart of Jesus, that You accept and delight in even the feeblest flicker of good will toward You.

* Thank You, Holy Spirit, for the seasons of prayer and quiet, for the times when You are working deep spiritual "open heart surgery" on me and cleaning me up from my past and present sins, and also healing me of the effects of being harmed by others. While I find it painful to repent, I thank You for healing tears of contrition and repentance, and for allowing me to live long enough to be sorry for the ways in which I have harmed others... and harmed myself. Please continue to help me to go deeper into repentance that I may be more pleasing to You. When You call me Home, I want to have made peace, reconciliation, and restitution with those in my life - past and present, according to Your grace.

* Thank You for seasons of consolation, and thank You for seasons of noiseless tears and dry darkness. You worketh skillfully through both. Help me to be grateful for both seasons.

* Thank You for the gift, the charism, of interceding for others, so many, many, many others, all across the world. Some of them I know by name, some don't even know I exist, but we shall all be intimate family in Your Heavenly Kingdom.

* Thank You for the gift of emotions, messy as they can be a lot of them time!

* Thank You for so much more, Lord! I thank You for everything - the pleasant and the unpleasant, the sweet and gentle mercy, and also the severe mercy. Thank You that You love me enough to treat me as a daughter by chastising and disciplining me. And thank You most of all that You are pleased by a humble and contrite heart.

I love You, Most Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Pour out Your blessings upon all who read this blog. Draw each of them closer and closer to You, and catch them up in the sublime love You have for them. 

I am praying for each of you who visit this blog, and who were readers of the old Xanga blog. The Father knows your name, and He knows what you are weeping about inside. He also takes great joy in giving you joy. May You feel His warm, strong, tender, Fatherly embrace today, and all the rest of the days of your life. Don't give up hope! If God is for you, who can be against you?! He's got victory in store for you, your marriages, your children, and your other dear ones.

- Christine

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Touching Base Briefly


I have had the yen to blog this week, but it's "Fall Housecleaning Week" here at Casa Chris so I have been "busy" (in as much as a chronically tired/exhausted person can be without melting down completely), and I've been bushed from all my cleaning. There is so very much more to do, and I don't know if I'm up to it. As it is, my dear dad did the vacuuming today, bless his heart.  Also,  I'm loopy from a tenacious head cold, so my communication skills have taken a beating. Do not be surprised at typos galore!

Allergy season isn't over yet! We've flirted with frost, but no hard freezes yet. It's been an abnormally warm fall (and the last month of summer was quiiiiiiiiiiite warm) for our part of the state of Wisconsin this time of year. HOWEVER, I hereby dictate to the meteorologists of this part of the country that such nonsense simply MUST cease and desist by this weekend, because...

... we are taking the window air conditioner units out of the windows and storing them on the garage on Friday morning. 

Yes, despite the fact that my dear little cat Maggie hasn't grown her extra, super, fuzzy fall-getting-ready-for-winter fur coat yet (she is uncanny at predicting cold weather by such means - the FMSA - Feline Meteorological Society of America is in awe of her weather forecasting prowess). 

I digress. 

Despite the fact that my cat hasn't yet grown her super fuzzy fall fur coat in anticipation of winter, we are going ahead and taking the air conditioners out to store in the garage. My dad's back and my back are not equal to carrying that weight ourselves, so a friend from church is being reallllllllllllly super nice and coming first thing Friday morning (his day off, no less, God bless him!) to do it for us. All we need to do is move furniture and clean windows.

I know, I know: Murphy's Wacky Weather Law Number 587 dictates that if we take our window unit ACs out now, there will be a heatwave hotter than Hades itself in the next couple of weeks. Heaven forbid! But I haven't forgotten that sometime in the past ten or so years, it was 80 degrees the week before Thanksgiving. (and then, mercifully, it turned very, very, VERY cold and snowy for the remainder of the winter.).

Speaking of hotness, we still didn't buy a countertop ice maker, but I think we're going to do so in the next week or so after reading more reviews. It would have to go in the basement. But good heavens! Even the smallest ice machine such as folks put in the RVs can make 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours! Oy vey! I really only need three pounds of ice a day for chronic sore throat/fever/hot flashes relief. A small Igloo brand ice machine is about the size of a bread machine, but is noisier. Sooo, it would have to go in the basement.

Considering that I spend over $20 per month on store bought ice, I could pay off an ice maker in five or six months and then not have to shell out $20 a month for ice ever again! Wheee! Not to mention the gas money my dear dad would save from his three to four sometimes extra trips to the store each week (even though it's only five minutes away but the shortest trips are the ones that burn up a lot of gas). I think I have myself convinced! We just have to calculate how much electricity a 160W ice machine would use, and then figure out the sum to our electric bill.

Speaking of interesting purchases, I was unimpressed with Dell's offerings for desktop computers this late summer/early fall, so I am holding off on shopping for the CPU. For the type of model I need, the reviews on weren't very good.  However, I have found a nice Acer 23" widescreen LED monitor at Target that I want for Christmas, so that's what my dad is getting me this year. I do not need an expensive Dell monitor. 

So, I'm looking forward to a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat bigggggggggggggggg new monitor soon as the local Target store has them back in stock. Maybe this means I will spend more time at my computer doing photo editing and playing with graphics... maybe even doing a couple of crazy little things like email and blogging more often. *wink* Oh! I forgot to mention that the new computer monitor is supposed to make it easier on me migraine-wise. It seems that my current monitor sets off a lot of migraines in me. We shall see! Hope springs eternal.

Well, I need to get the freshly baked whole wheat bread out of the bread machine in a few minutes and then watch something interesting on Netflix or Acorn online. It's my night off from listening to music, because I need some good Vitamin L(aughter) to boost my immune system over this cold. And yes! I've been taking my zinc and drinking my orange juice like a good girl! *grin*

Please know that all of you are in my prayers. Really, I think you're better off with my prayers than with my silly little blog posts, but I like to check in and write occasionally anyway.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon each and every single one of you - those who once read the old Xanga blog, and the newcomers, too. Jesus knows who each one of you are, and He knows what you need, and what your heart is crying out for. May He pour grace upon grace and healing upon healing into each of your bodies, minds, and spirits. Remember, He is close to the brokenhearted. He IS near to you. Dare to hope and dream for good outcomes in each circumstance of your life that your heart cries out to Him about, because He is the One True, Infinitely Good, and Infinitely Faithful God. Just don't forget to ask Him for help in forgiving your enemies, 'k? And please pray for me to be able to do the same.

Much love in Jesus,

- Chris

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well, That Phase Didn't Last Very Long!

So much for my brief foray into the realm of Country music! I suffered a bad case of total culture shock, and am back to listening to Classical music, Christian Contemporary, Classical Crossover, Jazz, Folk, and last but soitenly not least: POLKAS! I'm not saying that Country music is bad. It's just not what I grew up listening to much of. I'm sure there are plenty of you all who think my passion for polkas is totally shlocky. C'est la vie! So sue me! Ha ha ha! *grin*

Also, I saved up my pennies and bought a Roku HD streaming media player for my bedroom TV a couple of weeks ago, and while I don't usually watch all that much TV (often less than an hour per day, if even that much - I'd rather listen to music or read a book), I do love my Roku. So far, I have installed 30 channels out of 600+ plus available from the Roku channel store (most of which are free of charge).

So far, my favorite channels are:

*CatholicTV (Boston Catholic TV, America's Catholic TV network)
*EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network - the Global Catholic network founded by Mother Angelica)
*Netflix (the reason why we need to get another Roku for the living room television, so my dad and I can watch Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, and other such classics)
*Acorn TV - the Best of British TV - things like Poirot, which just began in Season 10
*TuneIn - another reason why we should get another Roku (for the living room TV) - radio stations from all over the world. I especially adore the German music stations, of which I have about 20 favorites. You would not believe how the nation of Germany, while approximately the size of Wisconsin, USA, contains so very much musical talent in so many different "flavors" of music.
*Amazon Instant Video, for when I can only find Jeeves & Wooster on Amazon and not Netflix
*Amazon Cloud Player, for when I feel like listening to all the music in my Amazon Cloud account (things I've uploaded from CDs I own)
*Other family friendly stations (you beloved Southern Baptists can look for a channel or two for your faith as well!), as well as including Old Time Radio programs, and Cowboy movies, PBS (just don't trust PBS when it comes to history too much - they "try to rewrite the books when nobody looks" as Bob Halligan Jr. of Ceili Rain fame put in his song "Right on the Money", but they are very cool with cooking and crafts programs), the Smithsonian Channel, and more. 

Sure beats the $80 plus a month we were paying for a basic tier of cable through Charter Communications eight years ago before we cut the cord on them. Sure, I pay for Netflix (under $9 per month) and Acorn (under $3 per month), but it's such a good deal - and NOT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL and I can watch what *I want, WHEN I want! So there! :P It only cost me $60 plus tax for the Roku HD player itself, at "Tarzhay" (as my dear Momsie calls Target). You might be able to get it for less from Amazon - no tax, and free shipping.

So, Lord willing, I am set for if/when colds and flus happen to me this year - which could indeed happen anytime soon. Last year around this time I was on my third head cold of the summer and on my way to the flu.

Anyway, we have a secondary cold front moving through overnight and on Friday morning we'll be down to the lower 40's Farenheit again. I will be out on the patio in my flannel jammies sipping Eight o' Clock Arabica coffee, filling up the bird and suet feeders, and reveling in bird symphonies (LORD WILLING!!!). We were foolish and left the bird feeders outside last night/this early morning, and it's about time for the bear to return. I really like my main bird feeder, and would hate to see it demolished by another 350 to 400 pound black bear!

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO REAL AUTUMN WEATHER AND TO A GOOD ROUND OF HARD FREEZES! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  *Chris does Happy Dance and Myposian Dance of Joy (for you fans of the 1990's television comedy Perfect Strangers :))

Time for me to head to morning devotions before the neighborhood comes awake for the day. Yesterday was a sleepy, tired, exhausting allergy day, and I hardly had my wits about me awake enough to pray. Drives me bonkers and unfocused when that happens. I don't know about you folks, but I really need Jesus. He is my Everything. If I lose touch with Him, I get lost... very, very, VERY lost. :(

God bless you all, and please know that I continue to pray for everyone who ever visits here or who ever at any time in the past visited the old blogs. I still kind of miss Xanga. I miss the Xanga pulses. Maybe there is some kind of Blogger app I can put in my side bar for chit chat like pulses. I'll try to look into that later today, Lord willing. I also have work to do on the blog and the Catholic Christian Prayers blog. I have been hording up quotations and prayers - an embarrassment of riches!

So much more to chit chat about in the near future. Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting with me for awhile.

Love in Jesus,

- Chris

PS: This is Maggie McGee! She just celebrated her 12th birthday a week ago today. She is such a precious little friend and fur child. Would that everyone in the world had as nice a kitty as she is. Maglet is such a delightful little "purrson". *grin*

Monday, September 09, 2013



It's been a long, hard summer since around Independence Day. Understatement! I am looking forward to feeling something like alive again when the cold weather will set in and the geese will be flying. Until then, I am doing the best I can to find things to enjoy and help me to hang in there until some relief comes our way with the end of the pollen season and with the end of the summer heat. (It's going to be 90 degrees F. today, and not much hope of "Moctober" until Friday).

Last week, we hit 43 degrees early one morning. That was some kind of wonderful! I could feel my heart start beating again and the adrenaline and endorphins started coursing through my veins. Bring on the autumn!

Anyway, I am going through PHASES - especially musically speaking.

I have "discovered" Country and Americana genres of music! Finally, and at long last! :)

It all started out when the news hit me that Mac Powell (lead singer of Third Day) had put out a solo Country album. Wow! I liked that! It was better than the C&W music I listened to in my teens (though I never stopped liking Eddie Rabbitt's "Driving My Life Away"and that kind of thing . But Mac Powell - he is simply fantabulous! Of course, I'll always like him best in Third Day, but it was interesting to give the solo effort a good listen. It makes me feel something like alive while I go through this hellacious weaning down of my Lyrica medication.

Now I feel like perusing the FM dial and the Internet radio stations for Country music that might just tickle my fancy. That'll give me something fun and frivolous to do for awhile! 

No more Classical (for awhile!). No more Polkas (for awhile!). No more Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban and Michael Buble' (for awhile!). I am going strictly "Southern Fried" for the next few weeks at least.

I also think I will window shop the Coldwater Creek website for women's clothes. Something different than wearing Boston Store labels and LL Bean. Maybe if my little whim lasts for awhile, I'll ask my mom for something from CC instead of LL Bean for Christmas. We shall see. For a woman who basically lives in her pajamas, it's pretty stupid of me to start salivating over Coldwater Creek clothes.

I wish I could go retro clothes-wise to about 1980 and wear corduroy blazers with plaid shirts and Levis. I wish I could grow my hair long again without looking like an old (and overweight!) hippie. Sigh. I guess I am mourning my youth in some ways. Apryl sent me some Mork & Mindy, Season One DVDs, and I used to have pretty hair like Pam Dawber! Gah! I hate being closer to 50 than to 15!!!!

But these are all transitory and mostly inconsequential things and I continue to pray and to offer up my suffering in union with that of Jesus on the Cross. THAT'S the kind of thing that makes a difference. Just sometimes I would like to kick up my heels and feel... YOUNG again.

Well, I can barely type. The PMS Fairy is messing with me neurologically again, so I'd best cease and desist from my inane little ramblings. I will for certain be back to blogging more and more as fall comes along.

Everyone is in my prayers and thoughts. Thanks for dropping by for a spell!

Much love in Jesus,

- Chris, still tempted to try to ask Santa Claus for a violin for Christmas. Guess I best just buy new strings for my acoustic guitar for the first time in eons and try to remember how to string it. It's been awhile. A guitar is hardier than a violin. I always broke the bridge of my old violin. Of course, if anyone reading is of a praying persuasion, you could pray that I could find a good used violin for next to nothing! :) Wind instruments are NOT for me! I tried this year. Yikes. Talk about the Squeak Monster!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Present Is a Gift: Depression Busters

It's been a wicked bad month since last I blogged. My gratitude muscles are sagging and weak. I have spent too much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future and not enough time celebrating that the present moment is a gift.

As someone from the prayer group last year said: "Sometimes we live more like practicing atheists than like practicing Christians." Mea culpa, mea culpa! Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. God forgive me! God forgive all of us. It seems to have been infectious. Failure to have faith and hope in the Lord almost always begins with lack of gratitude to Him for the ways in which He has blessed and provided for and rescued us in the past - and present.

So, without further ado, I post my thanksgivings for the present moment in the hopes that my sacrifice of thanksgiving will delight my Heavenly Father's heart, and that it will bring a spirit of contagious joy to my readers.

* Even though the deer (plural!) which roam my yard and who gobble flowers (to the tune of $150 worth so far), my dear little cat Maggie finds their late night culinary antics very, very entertaining. As Maglet suffers (and I DO mean suffers) intense pollen allergies May through September despite being given antihistamines, at least this summer she is getting some major kitty joy out of our yard visitors. She now cat naps on the sofa in her glorified bachelorette pad (the living room with the biiiiiiiiiiig picture window) between watching the late show and the late late show of the snacking adventures of the deer. She is exhausted from so much viewing fun that morning through early evening find her all zonked out at my feet on my bed. So much for bird watching!

* My dad and I, however, enjoy the birds. We feed them even in summer and are rewarded with early morning cardinal concerts and stand up comedy from the chickadees. Good "musical" tonic for any depressed and ill person. The robins don't sing in central Wisconsin this time of year, but the cardinals get up about four'ish a.m. and have at it to sing the neighborhood happily awake.

* The chickadees are some of nature's comedians. Have you listened to them closely recently? They always sound like they are enjoying telling and listening to each others' jokes! It's really quite amusing. Chickadees don't sing only in the spring and summer; they sing in the winter as well. They look so cute and chubby at the main bird feeder outside the living room window. I'm glad to provide them with bird feed (have you all noticed how very much the price of even just wild bird feed has gone up this year?! Eek!).

* Speaking of droll little creatures, we have been adopted by a raccoon. He adopted me/us on the night of Mother's Day. He too entertains Miss Maggie. Alas. We cut off their through the window romance as soon as I read on one of my email prayer group's prayer request list that a certain family's cat was attacked and badly injured by a raccoon. Our little Maggie NEVER goes outside - not even with a harness and leash - unless it is in her pet carrier to go to the ever dreaded v*t's office for sh*ts.

I digress. We named the raccoon "Elmer" after Ellie May Clampett's pet raccoon on the first few seasons of The Beverly Hillbillies. May my mom NEVER find this out. Her father's name was Elmer, too. The resemblance ends there (except that like my grandfather, Elmer the raccoon is addicted to bread). Elmer the Raccoon is fat, sleek, and very, very sassy.

* Okay, so $150 worth of pink impatiens and $20 worth of pumpkin plants were devoured by the deer. But, at least I had them to enjoy for awhile. And at least we didn't lose nearly as many flowers and plants as Mr. and Mrs. P across the back yard did. I would be very cross if the deer had eaten my prize hostas. I was wondering wtf I did wrong to have the deer sate themselves on my beautiful pink posies, when Phyllis, my hair stylist told me that last year the deer snarfed up all of her impatiens as well - despite the old folklore trick of putting human hair around the plants (ewww!). So, at least I'm not alone. And at least I know better than to plant impatiens next year!

* At least my eight planters full of bright pink and dark purple Wave petunias are still in good form! And mercifully, when I've been too ill to water them, the Lord has sent rain at just the right times. Great job, Lord Jesus! Thank You!

* I have gone from stomach flu, to migraines from Hades, to fierce fibromyalgia flareups, to a return to my seizure-like episodes with bad CFS, to catching a nasty viral infection in the past month. Right now, I'm dealing with the nasty viral infection. I think from now on, I'll avoid the Dollar Tree. Too many little kids with coughs. The place is a germ trap. Don't get me wrong: I think children are precious and beautiful and gifts from God. But their germs - ugh. I have a compromised immune system. From now on, I'll either order from Amazon or send my dad to do my retail therapy. The kids' parents have a right to take them shopping with them.

I DIGRESS YET AGAIN! But despite my illnesses these past weeks, it's still cause to be grateful, ala Psalm 103 "He heals all of your diseases". Thank You, Heavenly Father, for healing me of the stomach flu, for relieving my migraines and the fibro flare, for giving me peace about the seizure-like episodes, and right now, a great, big, gigantuous "Thank You!" for the gift of extra strength Tylenol which relieves the fever, and even more wonderfully, by relieving the fever, helps me to realize that I am going to be better eventually.

* I am also thankful once again for audio books. The past couple of weeks or so, I have been listening to Frederick Davidson (a gifted narrator of both Wodehouse and Dickens) perform the Charles Dickens novel Dombey and Son. It's about a 37 hour book (unabridged is my preference; I'm always feeling cheated by abridged audio books). It would be a very good listen for parents of "trophy children".

* Speaking of audio books, I got a new Sansa Clip+ 8 GB mp3 player for a song (pun intended!) from Amazon, and yes, it works perfectly well. I've had it a week and I love it. Sansa is one of the few models which the State digital library will allow patrons to use to transfer audio books to from the OverDrive software of our computers.

Well, I've got more to be grateful for - things of greater worth than the tidbits here, but I fear this entry is way, way too long already. A note to my Facebook friends: I don't check the email inbox for my Facebook email notifications and messages. One of these days, I'll go through the inbox, but not now. It's all I can do to meet the basic daily responsibilities. I'm sorry. Maybe we'll email someday?

Blessings on each of you from above this day and this entire week. I still pray for everyone who ever read the old blogs, and for those who visit the new! If you can find it in your heart, please pray a two second prayer for me, too. It's been tough since early July. Thank you soooo much!

Much love in Jesus! Hugs in the Lord to each of you!

- Chris

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Thursday: Things and Stuff

Happy Thursday to one and all! How is your week going? Are you surviving this blazing, humid heat here in the States? And what about the allergies? This hasn't been my own personal worst allergy year, but I know others locally who are having a whale of a time with their allergies. I pray each of you be cool and comfy, and allergy-free - SOON!

I am so grateful for air conditioning. We never had it in our home when I was growing up until I became ill with CFS/CFIDS/ME in 1980. CFS wigs out the body's thermostat, and heat is bad for me - very, very, very bad. Bad for me and other CFSers in more ways than one. 

If you are one of my fellow CFS patients and fibromyalgia patients from the northern hemisphere who visit the blog: please be extra good to yourself this summer. Cool down, rest, and do something that re-energizes you, such as reading an easy to read fiction book or pretty magazine, and especially partaking of what you all know what I mean by "Vitamin L" (laughter). And don't forget to listen to encouraging music. My MP3 player is loaded with everything Third Day, Rich Mullins, and Mitch McVicker have recorded. Which musicians/recording artists bring you the most joy and encouragement? 

Classical music is not something I'm enjoying this summer. Perhaps I OD'd on it over the winter and spring, though every once in awhile I break out the Strauss waltzes CDs and the Mozart operas. 

I have been especially depressed the past couple of weeks. It's par for the course for me each summer. It's just my body being exhausted from summer stressors (heat, allergies, and extra migraines due to the heat and allergies). I know better than to wish away life. Even the hardest days are precious gifts from God. It's in the desert that our faith strengthens (even though we do not FEEL that to be the case) and we grow in holiness by the grace of God and His tender care. 

It's also in the midst of being in the furnace of affliction that God hears our prayers for others in an even more powerful and abundant way. Don't waste your pain! Intercede for others, for the protection of the unborn and also of older people in danger of euthanasia, for marriages and families to thrive and be protected, for people to give their hearts to Jesus, for people to repent and to BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL of JESUS. Pray for your country. If you are ill with something, pray for doctors. Especially, if you are ill with CFS/CFIDS/ME, pray for the doctors to grow in understanding despite some of them being extremely hard hearted.

Corrie ten Boom was the quintessential intercessor. One thing she noticed over time was that when she was interceding for others, her afflictions would become more bearable. While we should want to pray for others out of a selfless and generous love for them, it is okay that we feel better when we pray for them. Though I'm warning you all: there are such things as intercessory "travails", and our tears may multiply and our sufferings worsen for a time in the travail.

Pope John Paul II said that "prayer is the first and GREATEST charity we can give to others". Meaning, if "all" you can do is pray - even those feeble prayers we all pray when we're tired and ill - you are doing the most important thing on earth: praying. It's your prayers that help doctors, teachers, parents, pastors, et al, do their jobs. We are all interdependent in the economy of things.

WELL, I guess this is enough out of me for tonight! I had logged in anticipating the the thought of extolling the wonders of Raspberry Sherbet and other great and wonderful things. Some other time. I have just imbibed some very strong chocolate milk (my version of Prozac! lol!), and am headed for some Andy Griffith Show, Season Four.

May the dear Lord bless and keep, heal, comfort, and strengthen each dear and precious one of you. I assure you that I continue to pray for each and every person who has ever read my blogs, and who are now reading the blogs.

Much love in Jesus, our glory and the lifter of our heads,

- Chris
Counting It All Joy!

This is the Keeper of the Catgrass, which I grow for my kitty, Maggie

Friday, July 12, 2013

So Long Xanga, and Hello Blogspot!

The other day, I closed all of my Xanga accounts. It felt so very good! I like fresh beginnings. There was stuff I blogged about there in the past eight years that no one needs to read, and that I don't want to be reminded of, such as the Summer of my Midlife Crisis (2007), though to my credit, I did not get my hair dyed blonde or take off on a snowmobile with a tall, Italian man ("tall" and "Italian" are not necessarily mutually exclusive terms... most often they are, but not always! :P).

I digress. With Back-to-School sales beginning/soon to start, I feel like a happy school child getting ready for a new year in this adventure we call "LIFE". (And I look forward to shopping for some school supply-type goodies for myself in the next few weeks!)

Not been spending much time outside lately, as have been out of commission with a fibromyalgia flare. Have been in too much pain to do much of anything except being , which is, contrary to American beliefs, an essential life skill. God created us as human beings, not as human doings. It doesn't come easily to me to sit back and "be" and not "do" during certain seasons. Some kind of weird thing with me trying to justify my existence, I suppose. 

Joined a new Incredimail stationery group at Yahoo! groups and soon found out that a lot of us ladies with fibromyalgia do Paint Shop Pro and create Incredimail stats and such. Made some acquaintances. I am only a novice at PSP and at IM stats. I don't have much incentive to create much because none of my real life friends use Incredimail any more. It's just as well that I back off from that, as my next new computer is drawing nearer and I'm going to go with Windows 7, which likely won't cooperate with Incredimail. Sigh. I should just get my cameras out and take pictures of the real world, and then do some creative graphics editing. Maybe the fall colors will be splashy and exceptionally bright this autumn! Yessssss! has another wonderful free audio book download for July, a Wendell Berry book called Jayber Crow. I am working on finishing up Berry's Hannah Coulter . I warmly encourage folks to visit and check out the free downloads every month. These are premium audio books, professionally narrated, and they are good!

Here at Chez Miss Chris, we are having Christmas in July once again! The tree is up and lit - sometimes even during thunderstorms! Have been making sure that all of my Christmas music is uploaded to my Amazon Cloud Player. Have not been crocheting any snowflakes, etc. just yet. The Fibromyalgia Fairy has seen to it that I've not been up to that yet. Boo hiss. Maybe I should start with crocheting angels? That would be something different!

Ooh! Ooh! OOH! Thinking of digging out my crafting patterns makes me want to go thrifting at St. Vinny's book department and look for craft books, mags, and patterns! Oh! Oh! Oh! I simply MUST go there this week before it gets hot and muggy again next week!

Speaking of magazines: Last year and the year before were, for me, the Years of the Calendar, during which I purchased and was gifted by others with really, really nice wall calendars. Well! This year has turned out to be the Year of the Magazine. My mom started it with giving me a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Then I got signed up for and earned so many rewards points that I choose various (clean!) magazine subscriptions for my rewards. Then, with my Kindle Fire, I on occasion get Tea Time, Victoria, Taste of Home, Reminisce, Birds and Blooms,and Cottage Journal. When life gives us pain and the subsequent pain meds or just pain-related mental denseness, we do well to "read" things with pretty pictures and not too many words.

Anyway, I am tired and had a kinda rough day, need to pamper my feet and paint my toenails a pretty shade of pink, make my bed, fluff my pile of pillows, and watch some (clean!) British comedy (Masterpiece Theatre's season three of Jeeves & Wooster for some serious laughter. 

I don't like summer anymore. The week after Independence Day marks when the allergens kick my butt the hardest, to the point of exhausting me and making me really very depressed. I have a desk calendar which I'm turning into a "time eater" to count how many days until our usual first frost. I like fall and winter ever so much better than this stuff! Those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter: how you feel in the winter is how *I feel in the summer. Yuck.

So much for the bright and cheery post I was going to write! lol Tomorrow I will post a picture of my cat Maggie playing with the new cat toy my dad surprised her with yesterday. She played so very hard and is now all zonked out on a red blankie on the sofa in her summertime bachelorette pad (the living room), where she gets up at intervals to watch the raccoons and goodness knows what other night critters out there... and to be awake bright and early to watch the squirrels cavorting around the yard.

Have a Happy Friday! As always, everyone who has ever stopped by the old blog, and who visits this blog are remembered in my daily prayers. For all my jabbering about pain and magazines and such, I am faithful to prayer to the best of my ability. It's truly a blessed joy to be able to intercede for people from all over the world. Please say a little prayer for me, too! Thanks so very much!

Ta Ta For Now, 

- Miss Chris

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Pleasant Change of Pace

A warm "hello" to whomever is stopping by to my new/old blog, whether you are a long time reader from my old Xanga blog, or whether you are new! I'm so happy you dropped by! 

Speaking of the old Xanga blog, even if Xanga survives beyond July 15th, I will be deleting my accounts there. I have, however, downloaded my Xanga archives and, Lord willing, will put them up here at Blogspot, but at a different URL than the blog you are currently reading.

Okay! Blog "business" is done with! It's time to thank whoever prayed for me to be relieved of an absolutely hellacious and depressing migraine marathon which lasted the past 2 plus weeks. Wave upon wave of three day migraines. This is par for the course for me at this time of the year. Late June/July/August - but especially July - are a serious test of my mettle and of my faith and trust in God. But always, always, *always* He rescues me just in time and gives me the relief, healing, and respite I need. I mean ALWAYS, Jesus rescues me. Please, whomever is reading and is suffering, please! Never, ever, ever give up hope! Jesus will rescue you. Hang on tight and when you can't even do that, just point your poor, suffering, agonized heart toward Him - even just a glance in His direction. He accepts that graciously and gratefully as a prayer of great, immense, wonderful wealth from you. 

Jesus will rescue you! JESUS will rescue you! Jesus WILL rescue you! Jesus will RESCUE you! Jesus will rescue YOU!!! I'm here to tell you that in 33 years of a disabling, debilitating, badly misunderstood illness during which I have experienced numerous temptations to despair, God has always tenderly, graciously, generously, lovingly, abundantly, lavishly rescued me, and He will do the same for you, too. Just point your heart toward Jesus. Offer your tears to Him. Offer the struggle and the temptations to Jesus.

Due to being relieved of my trip to the Migraine Zone, and due to the glorious weather (75 degrees F. and sunny, blue skies, low humidity), I was able to spend a number of hours outside in the yard enjoying my flowers and our lovely yard yesterday. So beautiful and - being redundant and repetitive - the weather was absolutely *glorious*. Soaking it all in as best I could, I felt like the famous St. Francis de Sales quotation about when one day, he saw a beautiful rose, and he told God, "Stop shouting at me!". Meaning, the beauty - the glory - of the rose spoke such loud, mega-decibel volumes of God's love for him, that he simply had to cover his ears and exclaim "Stop shouting at me!". I had that kind of day yesterday. All I could do was sit there and BE and to say to the Lord over and over and over again, "Thank You, Jesus!" It was like the beauty of the day was God's gift to me personally, as if I were the only person in the universe. In the Indiana-esque parlance of Rich Mullins: "do you know what I mean is?" 

My pumpkin and squash plants are really producing a huge number of flowers. I saw some bees on the patio, but none out in the garden pollinating the flowers. :( Sigh. I would be so massively tickled a bright and vivid color of pink if some of those pumpkin and squash flowers would actually produce pumpkins and squash. We've had such wet and cool weather most of the time. My Wave petunias are thriving fantastically, but the impatiens (of which there are many...) are in decline. I feed some of them "Bloom Buster" yesterday, and I know that will indeed help them.

Am trying to divvy up my flower gardening into three parts, for watering (which hasn't been necessary since planting, because we've been rained on a good deal), for feeding, and for grooming. My lower back has been giving me grief, and anyway, just should finally get the message into my sometimes Very Dense Miss Chris noggin that I am a disabled person with pain and low levels of energy, and that after 33 years of CFS/CFIDS/ME/Fibromyalgia, I should FINALLY learn to not do the unforgivable CFS "sin", which is called "PUSH and CRASH".

The last time I had a really good, kind of pain free/moderately higher level of energy was just over two and a half weeks ago. I spent the day outside, got too much sun, worked to hard, and there was CFS and Migraine Zone hell to pay until Monday this week. That was over two weeks of being mostly hunkered down in a dark and verrrrrrrrrrrry quiet room, and that was not fun. There are a number of my fellow migraineurs who read the "old" blog, and I know that they know what I mean. My prayers are with each of you.


I fell asleep after dinner yesterday evening, for about two hours, and woke up feeling kinda, well, snarky... but I got over it (thank you, Jesus!). So, I noticed that my knitting of a blue prayer shawl was sitting neglected right next to my bed (my bedroom looks like a federal disaster area after two weeks of being out of commission). I picked up my needles and commenced knitting again. It felt good to do that. There are a lot of times, if my hands will coordinate with what my poor, addled brain is telling them to do (not possible during severe migraines), that I get a major adrenaline rush or mild sense of a calm, peaceful, yet enlivening "high". I know that I inherited my love of needle work from my Italian Nani. She had arthritis in her hands (rheumatoid and osteo) but she kept on knitting and especially crocheting, right up to the very end of her life. That says to me that I should keep up with it even when my hands hurt from my own osteoarthritis (I joined the "club" the past few years, but I am doing well).


My dad had a busy day doing beginning of the month grocery shopping. After he went to bed last night, I sliced and bagged the most luscious, ripe, red watermelon, and cleaned, cut up, and sugared strawberries, started whole wheat bread in the bread machine, hard cooked eggs, and made some rice (just converted rice; I am having difficulty getting my dad to eat brown rice. He is a meat and potatoes or pasta guy).

Then I made my nightly two pots of tea: Earl Grey, which I can drink night as well as day, and Tension Tamer, which calms me down better than a Xanax sometimes during PMS.

I did NOT bake brownies overnight. I just know I'm going to regret that later today.


For once, for the first time in a whole, long time, I got my three baskets of laundry (my clothes - mostly pajamas, undies, socks, and nightgowns) folded right after they came out of the clothes dryer (I don't dry on the clothesline; it makes my allergies worse to dry clothes outside. I'd love to be "green" and also to save money on the "electricical" bill (any others of you out there who are fans of the old American TV situation comedy Green Acres and who speak jestingly in "Lisa Douglas-ese"???? I digress. I'd love to be green and to save on the electric bill, but that just doesn't work for me.

Little Maggie McGee, my sweet gray and white Siamese-Tiger princess kitty, was sooooo very glad to have me come back indoors today. She's accustomed to my being at home and in the house most of the time.

Speaking of Maggie: She is a great doctor! She instinctively knows when I'm in need of her to quietly keep me company when I am in the Migraine Zone. I call her "Dr. Babylove Kitty". Her brother, may he rest in kitty peace, was like that as well, and I called him "Dr. Fuzzylove". Anyway, I swear Maggie the kitty not only has great bedside manner and amazingly faithfulness, but she also "cat prays" for me, meaning, she "lays paws" on me and purrs. Ya'll remember from the old blog that I joke that if St. Augustine said that "he who sings prays twice", then there should also be a saying that goes, "she who purrs prays thrice".

I need to take some more pictures of Maglet soon.

Am being tremendously blessed by listening to all of my Andrea Bocelli albums on my MP3 player tonight. It's July. I don't know why, but July always finds my heart longing for Italy, for learning new Italian words, for reading books by Italians about Italians (am thinking tonight primarily of Adriana Trigiani), for reading books about Italy (by Frances Mayes in particular), for listening to Italian opera and Italian songs by Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban, and egads, PLEASE Heaven spare me: this time of year finds me even more susceptible to the charms of Italian men. But I'm older and wiser now. I don't frequent Catholic Match any longer. I am happy now being single but there is always, always, ALWAYS something so... intoxicating about Italian men. I'm 48 and a half. I'm getting "old" and I am very, very, very set in my ways. NO MORE CATHOLIC MATCH!!!!


Well, it's time to settle down with a book... an audio book. During the last trip to Planet Migraine, I could not even bear to listen to an audio book even very, very, very quietly. Right now, I'm up to it. Mebbe something by Frances Mayes.

Thank you for reading my "epistle". If you made it all the way through this blog entry, you'll see that I will pray my morning Rosary for my blog readers. God knows who you are even if I don't, and He loves you so very much. I commend each of you to His tender care each day. I consecrate this blog to the Blessed Mother of Jesus, asking that she will pray for purification of whatever I have written that is faulty and in error, and asking that she will ask Jesus to bless what little good I am able to say. Just please, please, PLEASE remember that Jesus is on your side. He WILL rescue you. As Brennan Manning, may he rest in peace, used to say, "God is insanely enamored of you!".

May the Lord bless you this week!

Much, much, much love to you in Jesus - whether my readers be one or more! 

- Miss Chris

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Late June and Early July Bookshelf

Hello, fellow Bibliomaniacs! You know who you are! Your worst public vice is hoarding books. Also, when you vacation in the summer, you make excuses to visit libraries every town/city you go through - just to inhale that marvelous "Library Books in Summer" fragrance. And for the reallllllllllly hard core bibliophiles, we have been known to hang around used book shops, as well as various St. Vincent de Paul thrift shops/Goodwill - just to peruse and fondle (*gasp!*) the books.

Soooo... what's on *your* bookshelves this late June and early July? Here is a brief list of my fiction/reads like fiction picks for myself from the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium Digital Library. P'rhaps I'll check back later with some more books from my very own Kindle shelf.


To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis
English Tea Murder by Leslie Meier

The Story of Rose: A Man and His Dog by Jon Katz

The Island of Heavenly Daze by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt

4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie (a Miss Marple whodunnit)

At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie (another Miss Marple)

Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, narrated by Simon Vance

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, abridged, narrated by Jeremy Northam

and last but certainly not least:

Summer Lightning by P.G. Wodehouse, narrated by Martin Jarvis .

Anglophilia reigns here at the castle of Miss Chris in recent days. Once again, I have been indulging in serious laughter as I re-watch John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Connie Booth, and Andrew Sachs in the BBC comedy cult classic Fawlty Towers, circa 1975.

And that's all out of me until later. I have house to clean while I have a little energy. Have been on Planet Migraine a good deal lately. Va bene. God brings good out of my little excursions there if I will choose to cooperate gracefully.

Much love to one and all in Jesus. I am praying for all of the visitors past, present, and still to come - to my old blog and this newer/being refurbished one.

- Miss Chris

Friday, June 21, 2013

Back Online!

I am back online with a brand new DSL modem after a six day involuntary Internet fast due to my ten year old modem going es kaput last week. I have sooo much to catch up on and so much to blog about! Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!". Need to spend some time in prayer before I start typing away. See you later, alligators! I have been praying for all of my old and new readers. I am enjoying the transition from Xanga to Blogger.

Much love in Jesus,

- Miss Chris

PS: I'm getting ready to get the flamingos out. I think we're finally going to hit 85 degrees F. this weekend. It's been so long since I've put the flamingos out in the yard (in deference to Mrs. P, a neighbor who dislikes them (!!!)) and I suspect that some of the pink ones need to visit the "hospital" before reporting for active duty at Casa Miss Chris. This might involve duct tape. My poor pink babies!! Now I can REALLY have the neighbors think I'm eccentric: the "Pajama Lady" with her eight - count 'em - eight! pink flamingos in the yard. And this doesn't include the animated, lighted one my mom sent me from Florida a number of years ago. Alas, I'm afraid that one needs some repairs as well.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Rambling Randomly, June 9, 2013.

Well hello there! It's time for some randomized rambles! :) Let the randomness begin!

* Here in central Wisconsin, the weather is quite the opposite of this time last year (and the year before, as well). We've had very few days in the 70's... lately we've been mostly in the 50's and 60's - with rain enough to start seriously considering building an ark. Lovely cloudy, cool, *relaxed*, less allergic days. But, it's not good for the farmers, *and* it's also not good for my flowers. However, it seems to be doing last year's lilac bush *wonders*. My premium double impatiens - meh, I took them out of their pots and congregated them into an intensive care container to feed more plant food and such. I hit some deals at Shopko Garden Center on Thursday, and so the empty pots are now filled to overflowing with lovely bright pink (single) impatiens.

* Also at Shopko Garden Center, I bought six robust looking "Spirit" pumpkin plants. *Something* has got to go into the vegetable garden that is vigorous, rapid growing, and will crowd out weeds. Besides... I love pumpkins! These babies are supposed to grow to be 12 pounds each by the end of the summer if I keep them fed and watered properly. Hmmm... on the north edge of the veggie bed, methinks it would be nice to stagger plantings of Mammoth Russian Sunflowers (by seeds). 

* In the meantime, I have amassed a small fortune of other flower seeds - too many to mention tonight. My Sweet Pea seeds appear to be slow in germinating, so I think I will put in a mix of Morning Glories by seed on Monday after letting the seeds soak overnight tonight. At the other trellis near the front porch, the Moonflowers have only just germinated, and the Morning Glories are reaching up, too.

* We have um, *interesting* back yard neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. P are what I would call "Yardies". They live for their lawn and garden. I so much appreciate the beauty they provide for the world to see. Unfortunately, next to them is a couple who do not mow their lawn more than *twice* in a growing season - and that only if we call our alderman to have the city do something. Right now, the dandelions have gone to seed in their yard, having grown to a prodigious height. Well, that's basically their business except that their weeds have caused our behind the garage flower bed to grow into a devilish bed of vicious man eating dandelions. So, Dad went out and bought a fancier weed eater (Black and Decker rocks!) and slayed the dandelion dragons on Friday. However, it will take some serious treatment with Roundup to get those little beasts really, really, *really* dead. So, no pretty flowers in the back flowerbed again this year. That's really sad. I would have liked to give Mr. and Mrs. P something prettier to look at than a bare and weedy flowerbed. We're going to have to plant a hedge of Scotch pines back there this year, which is fine with me, to block out the view of Weed World. We have a darned nice yard and we need to somehow protect it - not only for the sake of our own sense of aesthetics, but also as an investment in making our home more sellable in the future when the time comes that we can no longer take care of it.

* End Rant! I am looking forward to some moderately warmer temps and drier weather so (1) the crops will grow for the farmers, and (2) so my flowers will thrive. Today after church, I will go out in my hideous capri pants which make me look like a pregnant hippopotamus, and feed all of my flowers with Bloom Buster. They deserve a little cocktail of something nutritious after all the rain they've been through the past two weeks or more.

* Am reading Elaine Aron's book The Highly Sensitive Person. It's about how about 15 to 18% of the population have nervous systems that make us very highly sensitive to stimuli, and it also involves our personalities. My illness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves more than my immune system; it greatly involves my nervous system. I don't blog much about the specifics, but I intend to do so in the future. While I'm not much on Psychology books (some people read 'em like people who eat potato chips...), this one is a keeper. It is difficult but liberating at the same time. For the File of Obscure Information, most of the people I come across on CFS and Fibromyalgia forums are... ta-dah: Highly Sensitive Persons. Both my dad and I fit the criteria (I moreso than he) of HSP, which is probably why we are such good friends despite both being ill at the same time, which is breeding grounds for most people to *not* getting along.

* Speaking of the CFS and Fibromyalgia forums, I think it's time to sign off this little missive of a blog entry, and see what's going on in the world of CFS and FMS.

* One last thing: I do intend to come up with a more easily readable custom graphics theme for this blog. I am still hoping that Xanga will stay afloat, but I am thinking it's time to start building my blogs here, too.

* Thank you for reading!! I do pray for everyone who stops by all my blogs (Xanga and Blogger) every day, numerous times a day. May Jesus bless and fill you with joy!

Much love in Jesus,

- Miss Chris

PS: The first day we hit 85 degrees F. I will put out the genuine made in Canada pink flamingos in the hopes that I will be able to work myself back into a frenzy of Birthday Banditizing my email friends. I'm just not going to use FB to do it. ;)