Thursday, February 02, 2012


Well, here 'tis: 2012. May this new year be one of abundant blessings for all of you from our Lord Jesus Christ!

Some of my online friends are really very brave people and are very transparent and specific in their blog posts. I'm afraid I'm not that brave myself. I admire their honesty and courage, but taking that tack myself wouldn't be right. It's okay for them, but not for me. I might let the wacky world of the web know when I've been on Planet Migraine for an extended duration, or if I'm struggling with CFS/CFIDS/Fibromyalgia problems, but I draw the line mostly there. I'm a pretty extreme introvert, and I'm an especially private introvert. Only my parents and a couple of close friends have any clue what I'm going through. My struggle with depression and anxiety is largely a private one. Lately, it's been a terrible struggle. And that's all I'm gonna say, except: GOD IS FAITHFUL to have carried me through this many years of this struggle. One day at a time, sometimes five minutes at a time, pointing toward Jesus - that's how I get through. God always rescues me, and if you're struggling yourself, please be assured that He will rescue you, too, if you just even point your heart toward Him. He knows we are made of dust and has pity on us. Someday, the sunshine of joy and gladness will shine upon me and you again.

Yesterday was the feast of St. Brigid of Ireland. Today and for the next 45 or so days through St. Patrick's Day, I will be medicating with Irish/Celtic/Gaelic music, and music by Bob Halligan Jr. and his wonderful band of Heavenly Partyness - Ceili Rain. I hope to have the wherewithal to share Irish blessings and Irish wit and wisdom and Irish cookery recipes with some of my online friends via email during these next 45 days. Perhaps if I get a chance, I will post a few Irish songs to my Posterous blog and post the link to the MP3 files here, so stay tuned. I maintain that jigorous-type music is more fun than the finest Irish whiskey, plus there's no hellish hangover and, um, barfing afterward. :)

Well, 'tis time to play a little Scrabble with Jen, try to tidy up house a bit as far as my very tired and weak body will allow, and then settle down for some Chieftains music while drawing and/or photo editing. If my mind is too tired to draw anything original, I will merely whip out my coloring books and have a Crayola party. Which reminds me, Kim Komando posted on one of her email newsletters in the past couple of months about a site with a huge number of free coloring book page downloads (all family friendly). The home page is  Free Coloring Book Pages at Twisty Noodle . If ya'll get there really fast, you might just be able to snag the coloring book page(s) for Groundhog Day 2012!

Happy Thursday night/Friday, everyone! God bless you, everyone! I pray for everyone who drops by - my privilege and pleasure!

Much love in Jesus,

- Miss Chris