Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008.

Well, hooray! I got my cast taken off of my left wrist on Wednesday! I now have an uber comfy velcro-closure splint which I don't really need to wear much around the house. I even discovered that my hand/wrist is more than strong enough to crochet for hours and hours and HOURS without the splint (I crocheted a sock and a half on Thursday sans the splint).

I am scheduled for physical therapy on St. Patty's and also the Wednesday after St. Patty's, and probably for the next few weeks. I am highly motivated to not only achieve going back to "normal" range of motion with my wrist (which is at about a 15 degree angle deviated from normal), but also to aim for better range of motion than I had even before my accident. I had fallen on the ice on my left wrist numerous times as a child and it had left me with limited motion even before I broke it this winter. But I am convinced that God is good enough and able enough and desirous enough to use my accident to bring about a greater good than if I had never broken my wrist in the first place. As Corrie ten Boom was given to say often: "God writes straight with crooked lines." The Miss Chris version of that is "God plays piano and guitar and types blogs and books and holds cameras more steadily, better with formerly injured wrists which He heals supernaturally and through physical therapy."

I have been suffering from an acute case of MPA since about New Year's. MPA is Mashed Potatoes Addiction. Oy. I am discovering that mashed potatoes are detrimental to my waistline... and hips, etc. I used to be able to leave mashed potatoes alone, or consume them in small, non-threatening quantities. Mashed potatoes are inherently and infinitely more calorically evil than pasta is. So, I am going back to pasta with red sauce. I am enjoying Newman's Own Sweet Onion pasta sauce, which contains a nice hint of Cabernet wine. I like wine in my pasta sauces. Now if I can just convince my dad that we need to be eating WHOLE WHEAT pasta (more expensive by far) instead of highly processed pasta...

I digress. I had sworn off mashed potatoes since the last time Grammy was well enough to cook a big family dinner for our clan. No one - absolutely NO ONE - can make mashed potatoes and gravy like Grammy could. There was her famous Pineapple Ham Gravy. And there was her even more famous Sweet Vermouth Chicken Gravy. Yum. I think I gained 20 pounds and 5 inches around my waist just even THINKING about Grammy's cooking. I am especially fantasizing about baked ham and all the fixings, as only Grammy could serve them up, on Easter. My own versions of her delectable goodies simply pale in comparison.

Thursday was a "Jonah" day, my second this week. What the hay - it's Lent. It's also March in Wisconsin, which translated means exactly what Garrison Keillor once said about March in Minnesota, namely that "March is God's way of letting people who don't drink know what a bad hangover feels like." It's the truth. I add to this that March (and April) in Wisconsin is also enough to drive even the most dedicated teetotaler to drink. Were there Coca-Cola in the house tonight, I would mix a very weak Rum and Coke for myself. But, I chose to omit Coca-Cola from Thursday's shopping list on purpose, so that I wouldn't indulge in a Rum and Coke. I can do that when Lent is over. Or, I can do that on St. Patty's. No whiskey for me. Whiskey and my stomach don't get along, even in minute amounts.

I digress again. It was a Jonah day all day on Thursday. I woke up early with a migraine, I went back to bed for a few hours, only to have the phone and doorbell interrupt sleep more times than I can keep track of. I also suffered The Torments of the Damned™ with a stubborn piece or two of fiberglass stuck in my left eye since having my cast sawed off on Wednesday morning. Half a bottle of eye wash and a long nap later, I finally got rid of the blasted fiberglass junk. If you ever have to have a cast taken off, please ask for goggles!!! I suffered intensely (aren't I melodramatic?! ;)) and went through a huge quantity of eye wash. It was all I could do to not cuss and swear and pitch a downright NASTY hissy fit. But, Va Bene! It's all good! My eye is free from pain, it's not infected, and I can see again. Va Bene! I am grateful that I didn't have to go to the eye doctor. A trip to the eye doctor would have entailed also discussing something which I am in denial about, namely that I have finally reached Bifocals Age. Actually, some days are hold great bifocal potential, and other days I am pretty good at seeing the tiny "L" and the tiny "R" on my MP3 player earbuds to let me know which one goes in my left ear, and which goes in my right. I am not good about wearing glasses. It's a sensory issue with me. I have simply never owned a pair of prescription eye glasses that I could bear to wear for more than 20 minutes at a time. Strangely, I have almost never met a pair of inexpensive, non-Rx SUNGLASSES that made me suffer like my prescription glasses. I have this one pair of cheap sunglasses that I simply LOVE. They're not at the height of fashion, but they are great!

Strange how I can spend hours (and fall comfortably asleep all night) with earbuds in my ears. That is, I can do that if they are Sansa earbuds. The more expensive earbuds by Phillips simply make me wild with pain and sensory issues. Not to mention, the Phillips ones have Very Frustratingly Messy Wires. Eek. Next time, I will see if I can order Sansa earbuds online from SanDisk. No more of this Phillips junk for me!

And this reminds me that my dad bought a new MP3 player for me for Valentine's Day! This one has a rechargeable lithium battery, so no more single handedly/earedly ;) supporting Ray-o-Vac battery company! All I have to do to recharge my new MP3 is plug its little USB "rump" into a USB port on the front of  my computer for two hours, and voila! I have 15 hours of listening enjoyment and 1 gigabyte worth of podcasts, audio books, and music. And actually, my "old" MP3 player with half a gig of storage space on it was actually plenty ample for the likes of me most of the time. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone needs an 8 gig iPod...

Well, 'tis time to tidy up Chez Miss Chris a bit. Miss Chris, now that she is no longer crippled in her left hand, has returned to her Adrian Monk-like, OCD self. Meaning, I have 8 weeks worth of cleaning and organizing to do in my bedroom. I will sleep better when the hot spots are cleaned up, or at least shoved in the corner nearest my closet.

Methinks it's time for a cup of hot chocolate. I wish I had Eli's recipe for that special Spanish Hot Chocolate, but the T Site at MyFamily is closed until gets done migrating everything from our version 1.0 site to the version 2.0 site - the latter being the free site. Sigh. I need to stop typing and get busy moving around.

Happy Friday, Kiddies!

Miss Chris

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