Wednesday, March 12, 2008


[I have just discovered Windows Live Writer, and am going to attempt to use it to mirror my Xanga blog here at Blogspot. This post is a test. Please bear with blogging weirdness! Eye-rolling]

I am teetering on the brink of a migraine and trying to avoid taking migraine medication. Maybe blogging a bit will stave off the migraine demon. Wish me luck!

On Monday, I felt the need to do some retail therapy/thrift shopping at St. Vinnie's. I was pretending that I was primarily in search of summer shorts (a clever ruse to get my dad to take me out for a ride in the car when he had other things on his busy schedule!), but in the back of my silly little mind was a critical need to shop for BASKETS. Well, I did come home with ONE pair of summer shorts - a pair of Liz Claiborne denim shorts which I simply adore, and also a pale PURPLE summer tunic (hi Apryl!) At my weight, I am beginning to discover tunics... but I hope I won't quite make them my regular fashion as I am back to losing weight.

Um, I came home with a bunch of baskets again. They will be "upstairs baskets" for my sewing table and shelves in the upstairs loft and bedroom. I plan on filling them with thread and bobbins, crochet hooks and needles, buttons and sewing notions galore.

Now 'tis up to me to figure out how to get my dad to take me back to St. Vinnie's before someone else snatches up these four super gorgeous glazed smoked green/blue earthenware votive candle holders, plus one gorgeous large cream-with-gold votive holder, plus a couple of tin-with-punched holes votive candle holders. I am convinced I need these, as my house is strewn with a large variety of votive candles without anything to be lighted and burned in.

Have any of you ever punched holes in tin vegetable cans to use for votive candles, whether for indoor use or as luminaries on your front porch of a summer night? I read about how to make these, at the Budget Decorator website, but I have lost the link to that. Well, Google is my friend....

It is 27 degrees above Zero (Farenheit) at nearly 2 a.m. I feel the need to soak my feet in cold water and wear shorts and a t-shirt. This sudden shift to warm weather is annoying. Add to this that either my dad or I must have bumped into the thermostat in the hallway and inadvertently cranked up the heat to 85 degrees. My dad is the Keeper of the Thermostat. It's his job to keep it set properly. So, I soak my feet and wear summer shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt.

I go to the orthopedist in just over seven hours to have my cast taken off and my wrist x-rayed to see if my wrist is now completely healed, or whether I need another cast for another few weeks. May God's will be done. All I know is that it would be grand to be able to get in the shower for an hour without a Ziploc bag rubberbanded around my arm, and without having to avoid water with it. I have fantasies about soaking in a hot bubble bath for the first time in eight weeks, and about being able to paint my fingernails and toenails bright pink. Ah... but Holy Week is coming up and bright flamingo pink nails don't seem appropriate. Maybe I'll paint 'em that color on Easter Sunday night...

St. Patrick's Day is nearly upon us! Are any of you dancing jigs and reels to some fantastic Irish music - whether on your own two feet, or on your keister in your computer chair - these days?! I have been feasting on Irish music for well over a month, begorrah.

I really hope this cast comes off to stay off for good... my arm and hand are roasting tonight. Yuck. I can't imagine what it would be like to be in a cast during the summer months! Tom said his son Anthony had a broken thumb last summer and was in a full arm cast and was simply miserable, even though Anthony is a tough kid! I hate to imagine how a cast would SMELL in the summer! The smell of mine is bad enough in frigid winter weather! Eek! TMI, I know!
Hmm... maybe my new baskets won't be "upstairs baskets"; mayhaps I will switch them with some of my downstairs baskets for a change of look down here. I see one basket that is simply BEGGING to hold Crayola crayons on my writing desk... But first they are going to do their duty as Easter Baskets!
Speaking of Easter: My Christmas tree is still up and fully decorated for.... CHRISTMAS. It's my first project post-cast removal to undecorate the tree and to dust all the ornaments before putting them away upstairs in the loft. But maybe - just maybe - seeing as how the snowbanks are covering the shrubbery in which I would normally hang colored plastic Easter eggs outdoor - maybe just maybe I will keep the Christmas tree up and decorate it with those colored plastic Easter Eggs...
Speaking of Easter Eggs: If my cast really does come off in time for Easter, I plan on dyeing Easter Eggs. A FYI to those of you who get frustrated with Easter Eggs being a pain to peel: don't use extra fresh eggs for hard cooking. It's a good idea to buy your eggs now and then hard cook them on Good Friday or Holy Saturday. Say, if you had chickens and used freshly laid eggs, you wouldn't have a chance at your hard cooked eggs peeling properly. But if you bought eggs at the store or co-op now, and used them in another week and a half or so, something would happen with a little air pocket inside the egg shell which would make it easier to peel the eggs. Another clue is to use the right size eggs (usually medium eggs are what the cookbook recipes call for) and to not cook too many of them in one pan at one time. If you choose to use large or extra large eggs, plan on increasing the cooking time.
There's going to be a whole lot of Egg Salad Sandwich making and eating going on in a couple of weeks...

I am still eagerly awaiting receiving some more yarn to create more new prayer/comfort/healing shawls with, from the lady in charge of our parish prayer shawl ministry. She didn't have yarn for me on Sunday morning, but I'll have my dad check the sacristy this morning. I am looking forward to seeing what kind and color yarns I get the privilege of crocheting and knitting with for the next few weeks! In the meantime, I am crocheting some pale pink socks to give to St. Vinnie's, using a pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. The pattern is called "Joan's Socks". It's a free pattern, and it's easy. I especially recommend using worsted weight Wool-Ease yarn for these socks, even though there is really only a month or so of wool sock weather remaining for this season.

Did I mention that I am suffering intense cravings for PEEPS the past few days? I don't care how indigestible they've been proven to be: I LOVES TO EAT PEEPS!!! And this year, I'm going to feast on the little sugary wonders extra because I have discovered that Walgreen's always has a ton of 'em left over after Easter and they put them on sale at clearance prices - CHEEP (get it? "Cheep" and "PEEPS") sigh. I think I'd better take an anti-silliness pill or read something depressing on Yahoo News - whatever.


And PLEASE!!! Don't nuke your Peeps in the microwave. Peeps have feelings, too. ;))

Eleven days until I can stuff my face with Peeps, jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, and chocolate bunny ears!!!
Well, in the meantime, 'tis time to take my nightly round of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements. Then maybe I will read a book or watch a movie. Tuesday was a pretty rough CFS day and I spent most of it in bed, thus my schedule is all goofy again.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Chickadee-dee-dees!

~Miss Chris

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