Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday Wonders!

Wednesday was a great day!

I began getting over the 'flu!

I had a fantastico physical therapy appointment!

I lost a pound!

I kept on track on reducing the fat intake in my diet!

I resisted the temptation to bake and eat brownies!!!!

I had fun doing laundry, inhaling that wondrous brand new major appliance smell! How delightful! I'll do more laundry on Thursday - putting the washer to the test by washing pillows, blankets, and comforters!
I finally used my new Taste of Home cookbook which I've had for two and half months! I was going to make the Oatmeal/Whole Wheat/Brown Sugar Muffins exactly as the recipe was stated in the book, but I ended up getting the yen for some cinnamon and raisins. Thus, as per usual, I improvised. I don't know why I bother buying cookbooks! I'm always modifying recipes right away. Do any of you do that, too?

The Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Whole Wheat Muffins were marvelosa! Even my dad, who is not a muffin man, thought they were stupendous! I'll try to remember to post my improvised recipe over at my blog sometime this week.
I also baked French bread in the bread machine. Granted, it doesn't come out LOOKING like genuine certified French bread as one is accustomed to buy it at bakeries, but it still has a crispy crust and a chewy, substantial texture with great flavor. A 1 and 1/2 pound loaf contains only two teaspoons of fat. While some people are "foodies", I am a specialist. I am a "breadie". I gave up homemade bread for Lent, and now that the Easter Triduum is nearly upon us, I baked a test loaf for my dad on Wednesday night. Silly goomer ate half a loaf before he went to bed! That says it was good! All this to say: I realize that most of us "breadies" find bread machine bread inferior to "real" homemade bread. But, even I, breadie of breadies, like bread machine bread if it is properly prepared... and so long as it doesn't use rapid rise yeast or the express bake cycle! I think even my Italian Nani, who taught me how to bake bread the "real" way when I was a child, would approve of more than a few of today's bread machines and recipes.

I spent a long time knitting purple slippers on Wednesday evening. Knitting with the recently broken left wrist is not as easy or pleasant as crocheting. There is a fair amount of pain involved. However, I am truly determined to not only recover to the range of motion and strength I had in my left wrist and hand prior to my fall, I am determined that my range of motion and strength of wrist/hand/fingers will be even better than it's ever been before. Folks, it is a miracle that I am doing as well as I am and that I will not need the surgery (that with the nasty plate and hardware store full of screws!!!). Thank you to each of you who so much as murmured even a two second prayer for me since January 18th. I am blessed! Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and forevermore!

So, I spent Wednesday evening knitting one slipper out of what will be a pair of somewhat hideous purple slippers. My yarn stash hath almost runneth out! I am still waiting for our parish prayer shawl ministry lady to send along a box of yarn for me to crochet and/or knit prayer/comfort/healing shawls with. I guess it can wait until after Easter. The yen to knit was simply irresistible, hence the hideous purple knitted slippers! I just rediscovered my stash of Rosary making twine, for making knotted cord rosaries using the instructions from I also found a description of sacrifice beads (via the wonders of Google) at If you would like to make your own sacrifice/good deed beads, the instructions are at . For now, I want to work on perfecting my cord knot making skills. I don't like the gray cord I have; I think I will work with the black cord. That ought to be good for about 150 rosaries!

Do you ladies remember the hey day of macrame from the 1970's, extending even a bit into the early 1980's? I loooooooooved making macrame plant hangers and such.

The weather is getting warmer and I will soon be able to spend time in my hideaway in the upstairs bedroom/office and loft without needing to turn the heat on up there. I look forward to making it cozy and functional. I'm going to set up Nani's sewing machine on a desk in the loft, and if I can evade the Patience Posse™ for any length of time, I will attempt to learn how to sew flannel lounge pants. Note: Both of my grandmothers were avid and talented seamstresses. However, they were both known to say that you haven't really learned how to swear until you've used a sewing machine. Thread bobbins have been the bane of my very brief forays into the realm of sewing. They leave me tempted to swear like the proverbial trooper.

I did physical therapy exercises for a long time, two different times on Wednesday. Some of it felt good. Some of it didn't. I don't mind working with the Theraband (I'm at the wimpy yellow level, for those of you who are acquainted with physical therapy.) In fact, I quite enjoy working with the Theraband. I don't mind doing the exercises holding a hammer; in fact, that one feels downright GREAT! But I simply do NOT like squeezing the green putty as hard as I can! Ouchies! That hurts! But I am going to do it as often as my wrist and hand can bear it. I want victory! :: theme from Rocky I plays in the background::

My dad bought lovely bright yellow daffodils for me nearly a week ago. They were simply incredibly bright yellow, like something straight out of a brand new box of Crayolas (hi Christy!). I always need bright yellow sometime around St. Patrick's Day. My mom (an interior designer) knew this about me years ago already. The bedspreads and drapes in my bedroom where bright yellow daffodils with some orange flower (tulips?) and apple green leaves. It was a very 70's color and design scheme. My mom even had the drapes custom made for me. I had a lovely room, and I was given to sleeping with my windows open as early as late March/early April. Harumph! I was a good deal heartier and healthier then!

My vase full of daffodils is now ready to be tossed wistfully into the trash. Now I crave the color RED. I wore my $2.98 St. Vinnie's red cashmere sweater and my Magic Red Slippers on Wednesday, with simple black slacks. I simply needed to see a sanguine color! I love, love, love RED right now! I set the dinner table with scarlet Fiestaware yesterday! The colors red and yellow simply feed my soul through my eyes. But, the funny thing is, I wear mostly blues, greens, whites, grays, and blacks for clothing. I would wear more pink if I could find it in just the right hue for my complexion.

I am enchanted with my red slippers. God bless Isotoner for making such gorgeous, comfortable, stylish red slippers. I feel like they are magic. If only I had a pair of Italian leather shoes in bright red.. a pair of flats. Sigh. Really, I'm not like most women. I truly do not have a shoes fetish. I did once upon a time have a BOOTS fetish. In the 70's when I was in the horseback riding club, I did have western boots (Fryes). There is a... quaint... ahem... vernacular phrase for cowboy boots, but we won't mention it here.

Then when I was a sophomore in high school, Grammy gifted me with a luscious pair of brown suede calf length Italian boots. I adored those boots so much. Would you believe I even had a dream about them this week, that I found them in the attic - still gorgeous, and that they still fit? They were terribly expensive back then. They were real suede. And they were so comfortable, too. It's not too often that a beautiful pair of boots will also be comfortable.

Well, I can barely keep my eyes open and I've chattered and jabbered here enough! Time for some Rachmaninoff. The Vespers CD by the Robert Shaw singers. Absolutely looooooooovely!
Happy Thursday, Pooh Fans!

Miss Chris

PS: Thank You, God, for the gift of colors! And eyes to see them with! And souls to appreciate them with! Thank You for Kodachrome blue skies, and thank You that soon the dirty snow will be gone and the pale green grass of spring will soon emerge.

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