Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a notelet...

Thank you for reading my blog here at Blogger. I apologize for what is my less than perfect formatting. Please allow me to explain: I have just recently begun using Windows Live Writer as an offline blog editor, and have been copying/pasting blog entries into the editor. Let's just say that I'm not too patient with the editor's ideas of good formatting! Harumph! Until I become more motivated to mirror my Xanga vanity blog here at Blogger, please come to see me at Life Is a Polka at Xanga.
A word or two about offline blog editors: Windows Live Writer has some neat features, if one has a lot of time on their hands to explore it all. I am also experimenting with Blog Desk offline blog editor, which is a great one to use with WordPress blogs. While I think Blogger is pretty cool in some ways, I do prefer Xanga and WordPress, especially Xanga. Then again, I am paying for premium services at Xanga, and the other blogs (why does that insist on coming out "blobs"???) are freebies. Ya so get what you pay for. And with premium Xanga, I can even email my blog entries in and not have to fuss with the online editor, though I actually do prefer the online editor.
A word to those who might like to try Xanga: If you sign up for a free account, Xanga will give you 21 days of free premium, starting sometime shortly after you sign up for a new account.  There are ways of earning credits to pay for a premium Xanga account if you don't just want to shell out $25 per year. You can earn 2,000 credits for taking a survey or two, and they offer surveys every couple of days. 4,000 credits will pay for a month of Xanga Premium.

No, I don't work for Xanga, and I in no way am being reimbursed by them for the "plug". I just love my Xanga! I will keep my Blogger account open and post here from time to time, but I will mostly be at Xanga.
God bless you all.
Miss Chris

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