Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, against my better judgement (had a temp, chills, and felt weak and shaky from flu-like illness), I went out shopping Younkers winter clearance sale on Wednesday morning. Spent two hours engaging in armed combat at the clearance racks. It was also Senior Discount Day as well as a sales event for "regular" customers (the "Seniors" get an extra 20% off if they use their Younkers card). But, shoulder to shoulder, my dad and I managed to break through enemy lines in the Men's department.

My Lord! It was AWFUL in the Women's clothing department. I ended up not getting to get a very close look at the things I would have been interested in, because the ladies (and I use that word loosely... ;)) were feasting on the sales racks like vultures on a carcass. That's okay. I have more than enough clothes for winter. Though there was a really sweet black velvet blazer in my size for 60% off, but I didn't buy it because I could envision spending hours and hours using masking tape and lint brushes to get cat hair off of it. Oh shoot! Who am I kidding? I will probably drag my dad back to the mall this weekend to see if the blazer is still there. Though I don't know what I'd wear it with for slacks, as dress slacks make me look like the Goodyear Blimp. Well, yes, I DO know what I'd wear it with - my Levis or my Claiborne jeans! But don't tell my mom! Ha ha!

It would be a nice little blazer for wearing on a date (not that any eligible bachelors have been asking lately...). Yeah. I need to buy that blazer as part of my Date Preparedness Plan. Hee Hee! And if worse comes to worse, I could just buy several pints of Edy's premium ice cream in a variety of addicting flavors, put on my new flannel pajama bottoms, a white blouse, and the black velvet blazer and watch re-runs of I Love Lucy with my cats.

Ah well. Hope springs eternal.

So, I did find two pair of Extra Really Nice plaid flannel lounge pants. In the Men's Department. And I tried them on in one of the Men's Department dressing rooms. Hee hee! No one complained. Men don't circle the clearance racks quite like vulture women do :) and the ladies' dressing rooms were all full. Men "hunt" when they shop. Women linger and generally take a lot longer, and generally don't get the heck out of the way when a newcomer at the rack wants to look for goods in the same general vicinity.

My dad and I both bought the same two patterns of lounge pants in two really pretty tartan plaids. If you are familiar with tartan, we both got Black Watch and I think the other one was Dress Macpherson. I will have to stitch a red "X" on the inside label/waistband as mine so as not to get our pajamas mixed up in the wash.

These are MUCH nicer than the pajamas I got on my October Pajama Spree, and I paid even less for them. 'Taint bad to get $60 worth of quality flannel PJs for $17 including tax. So I am feeling smug and happy.


Well, that's enough consumerism for one day. I feel tired, achey, and cranky tonight. And, I need to get busy about disciplining myself to enter financial transactions in Quicken, and studying my Medical Transcriptionist text books, and just plain stop having so much fun at my computer. I really need one computer for business and education, and a separate computer in a separate room for email, fun, and games. I am having a hard time disciplining myself. Well, actually, I do have another computer in another room, but it is going to a friend's house next week so that she can research cures for her health problem on the 'net.

Really what I need is to grow in the grace of disciplining myself. Computers and the 'net can be a drug; I need to get more serious about some other things.


Okay. Sorry I'm not more amusing and/or inspiring tonight. PMS is setting in and I just feel cranky and not fun.

Happy Thursday.

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I Love Winter Clearance Sales, and Time to "Force" Daffodil Bulbs

Wednesday, January 17, 2007.

I was sicker than the proverbial dog yesterday and am rather fey again this morning. But... I've got Cabin Fever PLUS Younkers is having a big clearance sale today. Younkers winter clearance sale = more flannel pajamas = I must get out and go shopping, come hell or high germ counts!

Also, I found a great link on how to force flower bulbs. It is at


In CFS news, I am back onto taking magnesium, calcium, and zinc - just in smaller doses. Hopefully, over the next six weeks I will get somewhat better.


In migraine news: I got the idea to try the herb Feverfew again (with my internist's approval, no less!) and it is working for me! Feverfew has staved off at least three migraines in the past 11-12 days. YES!!!!!!!!


My dad is up now. I've been up since 11:30 p.m., studying, crocheting, organizing my desks (yes, I have two desks in my room; one is a computer desk, and the other is my Nani's cherry wood writing desk, complete with cubbyholes, etc.). I think I will wash lettuce and get tonight's salad ready before he gets out to the kitchen for breakfast. After Daddy eats breakfast, I think I will make Oatmeal Bread in the bread machine again.


Speaking of bread machines: As some of you might remember, last year my Oster bread machine had a tussle with a the dough for 100% whole wheat bread. It literally flew off the kitchen countertop (Holy Flying Bread Machines, Batman!!) and broke into 3 major sections on the kitchen floor. It still works mostly good, but the top doesn't close 100% tightly. It is still baking great bread, but the OCD perfectionist in me is obsessing that my bread machine doesn't look perfect anymore. It's kind of like when my dad bought a brand new car and then someone "dinged" it with a shopping cart in the mall parking lot a number of years ago.

Anyway, my dad will soon ask me what I want for Valentine's Day, and I don't know whether to ask for a new bread machine or not. I'll just have to pray about this. My gut reaction is to love my old Oster.

In crochet and knitting news: I have decided that I will participate in our church's Shawl Ministry. Do any of you knit or crochet shawls for your church's shawl ministry?

Happy Wednesday!