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March 6, 2007.

Christmas Decorations!

Well, I am ashamed to admit that my Christmas tree is STILL UP and STILL FULLY DECORATED. However, I think this week will possibly be its undoing if I can shake this nasty viral infection and escape ME/CFS post-viral syndrome. Right now I am simply too weak, shaky, and feverish. Been in bed most of the past 24 hours.

In the meantime, in moments of energy, I have been gradually removing Christmas decorations from around the house. My extended family knows me well, and this means they know I am a Christmas Nut, hence they buy me Christmas/Winter decorations. I have actually been removing Christmas decorations from display around the house for about a week now. It's still going to take awhile. It's hard to believe that twenty years ago, I didn't have so many Christmas decorations.

I think I'm going to write a children's book about a nice old (!!!) lady who lives in The Magic Christmas Cottage, which is disguised as really a very ordinary looking, simple Cape Cod in the heart of a small city in the Upper Midwest. An angel from God sends sad, lonely, sick, and troubled people to The Magic Christmas Cottage (maybe I should forget the word "magic"?) so that the true spirit/meaning of Christmas can be born in their hearts. Each room in the Christmas Cottage holds certain happy lessons for the visitors to learn, and the cottage holds more rooms than anyone thinks. People invited by God's angel to visit Christmas Cottage never really want to go visit there... but once they decide to accept the angel's invitation, they never want to leave... until they learn the Most Important Happy Lesson and then they are ready to go back out to the world to share what they've learned with other people... so that in the long run, EVERYONE goes to the BIG Christmas Cottage. Forever. (Copyright on this idea! LifeIsAPolka ©).

Perhaps a little ambitious, and perhaps leaning a bit much on George MacDonald, but if I smooth out the rough edges, I think it will work. Dare me to try? It won't be preachy or smarmy if I can help it!

Anyway, I will have you know that I have just discovered that snowmen decorations must be male and female (yes, I DO have the Hallmark™ Christmas 2005 Caroling Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, for the record) because they multiply like rabbits! Losh! Where did I come up with so many snowpeople?????!!!!!! I think it is time to send a message to my extended family perhaps they should try Folk Art Santas!!!!!

The Snow People are beginning to rival the Pink Flamingo decorations in this house in number! Eeks! Talk about clashing seasons! I don't know whether to wear a ski sweater, LL Bean flannel lined jeans, and ragg wool socks, or to don a short sleeved polo shirt (so shoot me, I either dress preppy or ragamuffin - take your pick!), shorts, and flip flops (okay, I admit it - I don't even like flip flops in the summer - I am Mountain Folk and go barefoot as much as possible!).

Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me this week and weekend, undecorating. I better get rested up! And... I'm really going to write that book. I need to take a nap and semi-dream about that. Elisa knows what I mean about the creative juices flowing in that state between waking and sleeping. It's like Paul Bunyan's popcorn eating.

PS: Would you believe these Christmas decorations have been up since Halloween?????!!!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!

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