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March 4, 2007.

Old Time Radio: Take A Trip To Yesteryear!

Gerttie commented on one of my earlier posts that she too enjoys listening to old time radio programs, and asked which ones are my favorites. Gerttie, you and Rene' and I must be kindred spirits!

I love so many of these priceless programs, so bear with me if the list gets really long. I am blurting out names in no particular order.

The Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee & Molly, Burns & Allen, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day, The Great Gildersleeve, Ozzie & Harriet, Dragnet, Gangbusters, Philip Marlowe (a detective series), The Shadow, The Adventures of Maisie, OUR MISS BROOKS (this is prolly my current favorite), The Abbott and Costello Show, Sherlock Holmes, Gunsmoke, The Aldrich Family, My Favorite Husband (what Lucy did before I Love Lucy), Martin & Lewis (meaning, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis), The Life of Riley, and The Danny Kaye Show.

I am making the acquaintance of more shows all the time. I think I might even test the waters of very old Science Fiction. :) I prefer comedies and suspense.

Like Gerttie said she does, I like to listen to old radio shows in bed, in the dark, and let my imagination picture the cast of characters and the scenery. This is what my dad said he and his brothers did when they were growing up. As much of a fan as I am of great cinematography, I am truly more of an aural person (things hit me more strongly through my ears than my eyes), and I like the opportunity that radio programs give me to exercise my imagination.

Even listening to the old commercials from the original sponsors of these shows are a "trip". They didn't use S-E-X to sell everything back in the days of World War II. It is refreshing.

If you are stuck in the house with a bad cold or flu, or are snowbound, or are just lacking the "oomph" to get out of the house this winter, I warmly encourage all y'all to look on the 'net for streaming radio stations of old time radio shows. It's truly like Time Travel to a completely different era. I can't begin to express the joy it gives me. And, as I've mentioned in the past on this blog, old radio shows help me feel connected to my four grandparents (now with Jesus) in the prime of their lives. It also helps me connect with my parents and their siblings, for these are programs they listened to in their youth - even after they had television sets at home (my dad is 67 and my mom is 64). It's so cool!

I don't want to offend anyone, but if we think we have tough times now, it isn't ANYTHING like what most Americans went through during World War II. Sugar, Eggs, Butter, and MEAT were rationed, as were a multitude of other things. Our ancestors had meatless meals at least two days a week so that the meat could be sent overseas for the men who were fighting. And that's just the beginning of how they sacrificed. My Papa (maternal grandfather) had to leave for Europe in the Army shortly after my mom was born, and he was gone for at least three years. Three years that my Nani (maternal grandmother) worked in a munitions plant. Three years that my mom was in government daycare at the munitions plant, and she and Nani lived in a tin hut. Three years that my mom didn't know her Daddy. Three years of very hard times. Hard times which have left a permanent mark. And this was the story for A LOT OF PEOPLE. Our ancestors did a whale of a lot for their country. I am ashamed of myself for the whining I do.

*off soapbox*

You can find some of these free stations within your iTunes player, or you can subscribe to podcasts (which is what I do, and I listen to them on my Sansa MP3 player). Some of you are fortunate enough to have "regular" radio stations in your locale which broadcast Old Time Radio. Or, some of you have Satellite Radio. Surely Sirius must have some Old Time Radio! I s'pose Real Player has some radio stations for this as well.

Anyway, I am starting to shiver again so it's time to get into some clean flannel jammies, grab my orange juice and herbal tea, and then crawl back into bed to listen to The Danny Kaye Show. Oh! There is also The Alan Young Show, which is what Alan did before he went on to star as Wilbur in Mister Ed.

Happy Sunday, Everyone! Don't forget to spend extra time with Jesus today! It's His Day!

Edit: Your local public library is also a great place to find Old Time Radio shows on CD or on audio cassettes!

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