Sunday, April 08, 2007

March 3, 2007.

On the Bright Side...

On the bright side of things, having a bad day on Friday was relieved a bit by a post-midnight snack of Black Angus Beef and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Enchiladas, then listening to old time radio shows, followed by a great big chocolate bar and a cup of strong black coffee.

I have a semi-miserable upper respiratory infection and have fever and chills, so it's not much fun sitting at the computer. Thus, I am am crawling back in my cozy bed (another thing on the bright side), with my favorite blue microplush blanket and homemade quilts (hand-tied by Grammy many years ago), with my dear little gray and white tiger purrson (Miss Maggie McGee Kitten) snuggling at my feet, from where I will watch another DVD.

Remember life before remote control televisions? Today, let's thank God for remote controls! Hee hee

Currently Watching
Wodehouse Playhouse, Series 2
By Pauline Collins

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