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March 20, 2007: Random Blog Thoughts

Random Blog Thoughts

Here are a few - okay - more than a few! - random thoughts.

*I am convinced that the devil invented coffee. What I mean to say is, my tummy currently finds the Magic Bean very revolting. Blek. I guess I will just have to live with being brain dead from lack of caffeine until I feel better. It might be pretty scary. My mind does not function without coffee. In the words of Mark Robertson of This Train infamy, "I hate it when there's too much blood in my coffee system." I am living on Sprite and ice water. The nice thing about Sprite is that it makes me burp. It feels good to burp. Why don't we all pop the top on a Sprite and engage in a collective group burp? It might be fun. (Seeee... I told you I was low on cerebral power without caffeine. I have regressed emotionally from a basically decent 42 year old woman to a giggling preadolescent ALL BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS LACKING CAFFEINE!!!).

*There is actually such a thing as Too Much Irish Music. I know because I overindulged in listening to it on St. Patrick's Day and still can't get all the Ceili Rain and Chieftains and Gaelic Storm and Altan and other Celtic bands' music out of my poor weary little mind no matter how I try. I am seeking refuge in the spoken word, listening to audio books and my audio Bible, and also some soothing Classical music. Eeks. I just want my mind to be silent for awhile! If I were feeling "Chris Normal" I would enjoy this chronic "jigorousness" but I am TIRED. I need rest. A girl can't sleep when her toes are tapping to mental memories of jigs and reels.

* Not to belabor the point, but I really have been quite sick with the stomach flu. I am sleeping a lot, but when I have moments of reprieve I simply feel I MUST DO SOMETHING CREATIVE. Over the weekend, I crocheted about a dozen white snowflakes in bedspread weight crochet cotton, using patterns I had snagged off the Internet for free last October. Note: I have two American School of Needlework craft leaflets with snowflake patterns which I've been using for the creation of snowflakes for over 20 years. I got tired of those patterns (!!! wouldn't you?!!!!) and I am enjoying the ones I got off the 'net. Still have more patterns to try.

I find snowflake crocheting extremely, very addicting. However, I am sobered by the notion of all the time I will have to spend stiffening and pinning these little buzzards out to dry in correct shaping before I can use them for anything.

I'll take some pictures/scan some unfinished snowflakes (unfinished meaning unstiffened) and share some links to the free patterns when I feel better. Remind me if I forget or get lazy or distracted!

You'll note that I mentioned it took me the whole weekend to crochet a dozen snowflakes. Doesn't this make us all marvel at the creative powers of God, Who never creates two snowflakes alike and Who can shower down inches upon inches, feet upon feet of individually unique snowflakes in a much briefer period of time? Truly, He is to be praised!

* It's time for a haircut when I start feeling better. I look pretty shaggy right now and have been creative with barrettes. I always procrastinate when it comes to haircuts. This is due to the Early Childhood Pixie Haircut Trauma which my Momsie caused me to endure. There is a picture of me in said shorn state somewhere on my photoblog. I'll try to find it just to prove to you all how abused I was, having my pretty strawberry blonde locks all wacked off short when I was a tiny little girl!

* Heck, I am tired of soothing classical music! I'm listening to some Eric Clapton Unplugged right now. I would love to meet the piano player from that CD. Speaking of piano players, what is Billy Joel up to these days? While I don't like some of his stuff, still no one can tickle the ivories like him.

* Today will be the First Day of Spring. Even though it was a mere 10 degrees F. above Zero this morning, I got out of bed and got dressed to go upstairs to the COLD bedroom to haul down three or four boxes of my spring and summer clothes. It will be at least a month before the weather will be decent enough to wear them out of the house, but it's time to take stock of what needs to be mended, what needs to go to St. Vinnie's, and to get things washed, dried, and ironed before warm weather strikes. Less than two months and we'll be sweating like pigs in a sauna and rushing to put the window air conditioners in the windows.

* Still haven't gotten my extra computer over to Barbara's place for her to use for email and 'net surfing. I've been working on this computer since November. Every time I get ready to take it over to her, I get sick or she gets busy working on her taxes or I need to spend a gazillion hours waiting for the dial up connection on that computer to download Windows updates and antivirus updates. I am determined to get this thing over to her by Easter Sunday at the latest.

* If you haven't seen the movie Radio yet (look at the link on my Xangazon box at the top of this post) I highly recommend it. Why in tarnation does Hollywood not make more movies of this truly uplifting calibre? Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding, Jr. are both excellent. Feeling down and like there isn't anyone in the world who is good? Watch this movie! It will warm your heart and inspire you.

My dad is doing the dishes and after he finishes putting them away, I plan on making dinner. Shake 'n Bake boneless skinless chicken breasts, bow tie pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil and garnished with oregano, and steamed zucchini slices with a touch of butter and dill. I've got to try to eat, and my dad deserves a decent meal after this past week!

Which reminds me, the Kraft Food and Family magazine came in the snail mail today and stomach flu or no stomach flu, the cheesecake on the cover looks delectable. Unfortunately, cheesecake is EVIL! My childhood friends Amy and Elin gave my dad and me a 2 pound gourmet Harry & David cheescake for Christmas and it caused me to gain not two but TEN pounds! It was worth it though. It was sinfully delicious. I have passionate dreams about Harry & David cheesecakes sometimes. In Heaven, there will not only be tons of gourmet cheesecake, but it WILL NOT BE FATTENING. Hee hee hee.

Happy Tuesday!

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