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March 13, 2007: Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

My Heavenly Father has chosen to give me an earthly father who - though far from wealthy in the eyes of the world - likes to show love with gifts.

So if God has chosen this particular human man - my earthly Daddy - to help me learn to love Him - my heavenly, divine Daddy, then one of the things God is trying to teach me is that...

... He is a giver of good and timely gifts. He gives me gifts because He loves me, not because I have scored high on the Holy-meter or because I've somehow "earned" it, and it certainly is not because I am worthy of it. He gives me gifts because I am His child. He gives me gifts when I'm not expecting them. He gives me "big" gifts and "little" gifts, and gifts in many sizes in between the two. He loves to surprise me with things I'd never before thought I'd enjoy... and He also loves to surprise me with things that I've had my heart set on for a long time but didn't have the money to buy for myself and didn't want to seem greedy in asking for.

He wants me to love Him for Himself - yes, and I'm not perfect on that score yet. I am still very much a greedy little toddler with a prodigious sweet tooth who likes to meet her Abba Daddy at the door in prayer to see if he's brought some candy. But, by the grace of God, I am getting better.


On Saturday, my dad drove to Stevens Point to the nearest Catholic gift and bookstore. We both wanted a really nice crucifix as a focal point in our new living room, and we hadn't been able to find anything we really liked in any of the snail mail or online catalogs. Daddy went to the store in Point and there was one quite lovely and large Fontanini (sp) left over from the previous store owner. It was just exactly what my dad wanted, and while it was worth a lot more than he payed for it, he got it at a bargain price because the store just couldn't sell it. I think Jesus was saving that crucifix just for my dad and me for these past 4 and a half years while it was sitting in a stock room! (Pictures coming soon).

While my dad was perusing the store as the store owner was waiting on other customers, he spied a Revised Standard Version audio Bible (New Testament) on CD (we Catholics call it the Ignatius Bible, but truly this is a translation which most denominations recognize as being good). I had originally wanted it for Christmas last year, but had to choose between it and something else that I needed worse.

So, my dad, out of the goodness of his heart knew that I retain Scripture better if I hear it than if I read it, bought me the 14 CD set of the RSV New Testament, bless his dear, generous heart. And I am loving every single minute that I've listened to it since!


Friends, our Daddy God is good and kind. May He shower you with gifts - gifts of grace, gifts of healing, gifts of material/financial provision, gifts of every sort during this holy season of Lent. You are His child, and it pleases Him to give you the Kingdom, and it also pleases Him to give you His Holy Spirit.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you; I bless each of you in the Name of the One Who is the One True, Faithful Lover of our souls - Jesus!

~Miss Chris

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