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March 13, 2007: Knitting: Pictures coming later

Knitting, Crocheting, While-Away the Daying

Am having to keep pretty quiet due to asthma (I did manage to get the Christmas tree undecorated, taken down, and put away in the loft), so I've been knitting and crocheting a few small projects for my own use/enjoyment while waiting for the parish shawl ministry chairlady to get the new yarn I asked for to me. (The next two prayer shawls I make will be (1) Homespun yarn in "Baroque" (a marled purple) to knit, and (2) Wool-Ease Chunky yarn in "Nantucket" (a storm blue-green) I haven't decided whether to knit or to crochet the second one).

So far, I've knit three red wool headbands. Two are simple single cable headbands, and one is "just plain" garter stitch. The pictures on this blog entry are of one of the cable headbands, unfinished.

Today is Red Mitten Day! Why I pick the first really warm day of the season to crochet wool mittens is beyond me. I think it is the same psychological quirk in me that insists on starting Christmas projects on a hot and humid Independence Day weekend! I have half a mitten and one thumb left to go, and then sewing seams. Thumbs are the bane of my existence when it comes to crocheting this pattern. I am trying to figure out if I am simply mentally dense, or if the pattern instructions simply are not clearly written, or both?

Pictures of the mittens will come later.

Am getting crocheter's wrist, so it's time to put the mittens aside and cross-stitch a bookmark.

Okay, not feeling very communicative today. Stomach flu - blek! I'm just fortunate I'm doing as well as I am!

Ta Ta For Now!

~Miss Chris

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