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March 11, 2007: Salad Bar for Kitties (Pictures coming later)

A Salad Bar for Kitties

(Please bear with my excessive blogging today; my asthma kicked up this weekend like it hasn't done in several years and I'm not supposed to be exerting myself physically today in the hopes that I won't need to go to the ER for an albuterol script. Today is somewhat better breathing, and is such relief after the murder that breathing was yesterday so I am semi-euphoric with a mental energy which expresses itself in TMB (Too Much Blogging). Maybe I will simply type this in as a private post and set it to public later this week when I don't feel like blogging anew...)

The kitties are beginning their spring shedding, and spring shedding always heralds the beginning of spring hairball season. Neither of my babies is fond of veterinary hairball remedies, though they will in times of gastric distress consent to have a dab of plain old unscented Vaseline dabbed on their paws for them to lick off at their leisure. *Note: you should see Maglet when she gets a "gob of goo" dabbed on her paw! It's downright hilarious. She runs away as fast as she can... even though she is convinced that the dab of petroleum jelly has rendered that front paw irreparably LAME! She hides in a corner behind the sofa and glares at my balefully as though I have just done Something Unforgivable.

It's ten times worse if I use Laxatone from the vet, which is SUPPOSED to have a pleasing caramel flavor (don't ask me; I've never tried it! LOL) but which the kitties think is absolutely and totally gagworthy. My first cat hated it, too.

Happily, there is a solution, and it's one which the kitties find delightfully entertaining and an epicurean delight: Cat Grass, or Cat Salad.

For the past several years, I've been potting up a couple of small containers every month of Cat Grass herb seed in the house for the kittens to nibble and nosh on when they feel like it. They seem to have body wisdom and know when to eat it and when not to eat it. As delicately as I can put it, ingesting "salad" helps their digestive systems eliminate hairballs in the litterbox rather than as "not very pleasant middle of the night things for humans to step on when they're on the way to the bathroom".

The kitties get the extra enjoyment of feeling like they are doing something fun but forbidden by eating plants which grow in the house. They don't get hollered at for eating cat grass like they do when they feast on Boston Ferns, but they don't know that cat grass doesn't cost as much as a big fern!

Anyway, "we" planted cat grass together on Saturday. Here are some pictures. There are some captions if you click on the pictures and go to the photoblog.

Okay, time for me to put something in the bread machine. I rather fancy Egg Bread today. That's as close as I'll get to Parkerhouse Rolls this week.

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