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March 11, 2007: Prayer Shawl Update

Prayer Shawl Update

I finished knitting Prayer Shawl #2 earlier this morning. All that's left to do with the two shawls I made these past few weeks is to weave in loose yarn ends, and then wash and "block" the shawls before I send them back on to my parish prayer shawl chairlady. I'll snap some pictures of the finished shawls and post them here at a later date. As I mentioned recently, the next time I make prayer shawls, I'm going to make them longer, perhaps wider as well. While I am more of a crocheter (just call me the Happy Hooker! ) than a knitter, I do like the Knit 3, Purl 3 Seed Stitch pattern for the prayer shawl. It is warm. Gerttie mentioned on her blog that she didn't like the crocheted prayer shawl pattern she was using because it was too open and didn't seem like it would be very warm. She is quite right! I had started working my first shawl in that same or a similar pattern, and it simply was NOT kosher.


Today for fun I'm going to work on crocheting some red mittens in Lion Brand Wool-Ease "Chunky" yarn, and also knit some headbands with matching wool while I listen to some Lenten Reflections podcasts. I found a non-dorky pattern for a knit cable pattern hat for the chunky yarn, but I am not feeling ambitious enough to do multiple cables today. Chocolate is in season, if we all know what I mean is, and I just need to "veg out". I already have one pair of red crocheted mittens in this yarn, but they're not quite big enough for my comfort. I like enough wiggle room in my mittens. Last month I knitted a simple cable scarf in the matching red chunky yarn. I need to wash and "block" that, too before it's truly wearable.

These red accessories are all to go along with my navy with white and light blue snowflake pattern Polartec winter jacket that I found at St. Vinnie's last fall. It is getting too warm to wear my LL Bean navy wool toggle coat (as I've mentioned before, one of the many ways my mom shows me love is to buy me things from LL Bean at Christmas - I am not wealthy, but my mom is rather well off and gives me love gifts), so it's time to move on to Polartec. In our locale, Polartec is in season through late April, sometimes even early May. Methinks sometimes Mother's Day is even cold enough for Polartec (you would agree if you had to live through rainy, windy, sleety 40 degree weather in mid-May!).

I didn't get as many craft projects done this winter as I thought I would. I think I will take some pictures of the stuff though. I hereby submit to all y'all a Blog Challenge: Take a picture/pictures of a craft project (be it knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, needlepointing, plastic canvas, sewing, scrapbooking, painting, beading, quilting, photography, etc.) and post it to your blog! Let's all see what creative geniuses we all are! C'mon! Don't be bashful or modest! Show us your handiwork and you'll inspire all the rest of us to rise to new heights of creative glory! I mean it! I am going to remind you girls incessantly until I see some results.

Show us your handiwork even in unfinished states!

Hmm.. cross-stitching.. I am am wondering if I can find a free pattern for an Irish Blessing bookmark to stitch... Google, here I come!

Happy Sunday, one and all! Even in Lent, Sunday is a FEAST day!

May the blessing of the Lord be upon each and every one of you and all your dear ones; I bless you all in the Name of the Lord!


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