Sunday, April 08, 2007

March 11, 2007: Last Weekend's Snow (pictures coming later)

Last Weekend's Snow

Okay, I realize that some of you think that at this point of the year, "snow" is a dirty word. But I had to wait extra long for some real, old fashioned snow this year and I'm not tiring of it yet. Unfortunately, it is going to be 50 degrees again today like it was yesterday, and this of course means that it is melting! melting! melting! I am tickled an bright shade of Wild Shamrock Green because the Old Farmer's Almanac prophesies that we will have more heavy snow here in my area in early to mid April, and then we will have a nicer than usual remainder of April. The OFA has been right on for us thus far. I'm sure Fr. Stoetzel is gloating about it.

Anyway, this is the snow last weekend when it was fresh and pretty, and when the skies were blue. The pictures I took since then were on an overcast day and I failed to tweak the exposure compensation settings on my Kodak EasyShare DX6340. (That's another project for me: to start using the creative control that my camera gives me; mine isn't just a "point and shoot").

These shots were all taken from my front porch last Sunday. I went out in my flannel lounge clothes and comfy Isotoner slippers. It was way cold, so my camera battery froze up fast. The pix are what I can see from my living room window. I just love looking out my living room winter in the wintertime!


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