Sunday, April 08, 2007

March 10, 2007. Picture uploaded soon.

Flamingo du Jour, and Tasteful Interior Design :)

As I mentioned in the comment box of one of EliRiello's blog entries yesterday, I am the Queen of the Packrats and the Empress of Clutter. This happy yet challenging trait was handed down to me by my Italian Nani, and it skipped my mom before hitting me in a double dose. My mom calls me "Nani, Jr."

I like things to be warm, cozy, inviting, active - like someone (namely me!) actually LIVES in our house (as opposed to someone who is inordinately fond of cleaning house and throwing things out) and the magazines aren't all displayed in a perfect "fan" on the coffee table. I am a creative person with a multitude of interests, so besides knick knacks and decorations, there are musical instruments, craft supplies, art projects, books (!!!) baskets (!!!) and a host of cooking magazines to be found all over the place (but fairly neatly).

The busyness of my home environment is kind of a way of coping after living in a "perfect" house when I was growing up. I'm a Big Girl now, and I can do as I please! :P

My mom is the Anti-Packrat. We cannot live in the same house! Thank Heavens my dad cuts me some slack! My mom loves me dearly (and I her) but she is an interior designer, and my feng shui is just way too out of whack for her to deal with!

Anyway, today's Flamingo is found in an interesting place. This is the Baby Flamingo that the Tatterdemalion email list gave me on my 39th birthday.

Okay, now I am headed for my Lazy Boy and a movie. On tap tonight is The Hiding Place.

*Bonus points for whoever spots Rich Mullins.

Man, I am TIRED.

Edit: Yes, Eli! I can just hear you groan all the way from California how abysmally dreadful that valance is! The bedroom window treatments came with the house, and I am just getting ready to order new blinds (in a darker color) before I attempt "creating" (I don't know if I'm ready to tackle actual sewing) some new valances out of some kind of interesting fabric.

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