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February 26, 2007. Pictures will be added soon

Preparing for Visitors: Reminiscing About Jack A. Lope's Last Visit

Well friends, it is 4 a.m. and snowing and blowing to beat the band. Those of you who've known me over the years realize that nighttime snowstorms invariably mean that I will be awake and very silly for the entire night.

I tried to fight it tonight - honest I did! I was going to drudge in my computer folders by labeling and organizing photos and such in a neat and logical way (NEAT AND LOGICAL IN MY DREAMS! LOL!), but then madness and merry mayhem broke out in my poor little illogical, un-neat mind when I came across some memorable snapshots of Jack A. Lope's last visit.

So, please join me as I take a stroll down Mirthfully Merry Memory Lane, under the leadership of General Insanity. Together, we will learn about jackalopes and their quirks and fancies.

*Note: I realize that a number of you are going through hard times right now. I have truly been praying for you often. I am just fresh out of comforting words right now, just so burned out this week. You are really better off with my prayers than my silly, stoopid, not-sensitive and not-sensible enough words. In the meantime, if the Jackalope Reminiscences can bring even a tiny smile or giggle to you, it would make me happy. If not, well, at least I tried.


Jack A. Lope came to visit us in our new home last winter. He was sooo tired from his travels that he needed some time to chill in bed listening to some Appalachian Christmas Quartet music.

Jackalopes need their Beauty Sleep (and lots of it!), lest they become excessively mean, ornery, nasty, and bare their extremely sharp and pointy teeth. ::gasp:: Have you ever met a sleep-deprived Jackalope before? I think not! If you had, you wouldn't be alive anymore. Eek!

While he was here last winter for a visit (we expect him to arrive in again any moment now), Jack A. Lope spent some time at the computer sending prank emails to his friends. Jackalopes are known not only for their musical talent with the Appalachian Christmas Quartet, but also for their zany, brilliant, albeit wild sense of humor. Are there any Jackalopes in your life? If so, be on your guard. They are terrible practical jokers.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Jackalope is from a family that is anti-Microsoft. When he was here for a visit last winter, he was frustrated with attempting to send email using Outlook Express (which I can't live without... so shoot me, I did not really like Mozilla Thunderbird. Guess I'm not enough of a geek). Here is Jack A. Lope reading some tips on Outlook Express, at the old computer. (We have a new one now, and when Jack blows into town again this weekend with the blizzard, I am afraid he is going to go crazy playing computer games on the new 'puter. Sigh. He only comes here for the hot chocolate, the food, and the technological perks. Ingrate! :))

After emailing his friends in Kansas that he made it here safely, Jack wanted to PLAY with Maggie McGee and Kiki Thomas McFierceson Kitties.

Did you know that Jackalopes are professionals at playing Hide and Seek? And did you know that they like to hide on the Christmas Tree???? Well, now you know! :P
Here is a bit of a zoom on the shot of Jack A. Lope hiding in the Christmas Tree during our game of Hide and Seek. Maggie and Kiki found him though. They are used to his tricks!

(Extra points to whoever finds the gold filigree FLAMINGO...)


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