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February 25, 2007.

[In just under seven months, it will be the tenth anniversary of Rich Mullins going Home to be with Jesus. While there has been a lull in the amount of time I spend listening to his music, there are still times when only Rich's music will speak God's peace to my tattered, aching heart. It is the same for many of us. I will try to get back to posting the Rich QOTD more consistently, Lord willing.]

Bernie Sheahan About Rich Mullins, Part One

Rich couldn't put all of his consistently contradictory life into his songs, nor did he try. Though so many of us can say, "He seemed to know what I feel," a closer look at his lyrics doesn't reveal the kind of navel-gazing personal angst one might find elsewhere. Blood, yes. Sweat, yes. Tears, of course. Mostly, the piercingly poetic love of God, squeezed through heart and soul and some unearthly vision he had in his head, and, as my pal Carolyn Arends wrote, "they rhymed."
God is what he wanted you to get, not him. And that's what we got. How many of us - raise your hands - put on a Rich Mullins CD when nothing else will do, when we need comfort in our grief (even, yes, over him right now), strength in our troubles, and joy in our dark days? How many of us know that Rich Mullins seems to disappear from the picture when we hear these songs, and God Himself appears, bright, clear, present in our need, whatever it is?

Rich Mullins - As Best As I Can Remember Him, Vol. 1
Bernie Sheahan
CCM Magazine
November 1997

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