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February 23, 2007.

You Just So Never Know!

God is fulla surprises! Good ones! Great ones! Unexpected ones! Ha Ha! Big ones, little ones, medium ones, and all shapes, sizes, and colors of ones! Hallelujah!

I was having a really rough evening with health issues, including a very achy leg which acts up when snow is on the way. Nothing helped! I was really getting distraught, because I was in one of those fussy/fidgety moods which equal tossing and turning in bed if I would have sought shelter under my microplush blanket while listening to podcasts.

Then all of a sudden, the pain left! So did the fusses and fidgets! I was able to settle down to knit and to pray, and just plain felt relaxed.

I had been resigned to a night of pain and unpleasantness, and God said, "Enough! Relief and peace and comfort and joy are on the way!"

You just so never know!

The same applies to more serious situations and concerns in our lives. We might have taken some actions at one time - in the past, or very recently - which were well intended and were not morally wrong. However, our good intentions and hope were not YET rewarded with the desired results. And then we feel badly about our actions, about ourselves and who we are, and we second-guess (one word or two?!) ourselves and then God.

But this is basing things on seeing things with the eyes of the flesh, and not with the eyes of FAITH.

Okay, so we haven't seen the much hoped for "results" - but weren't those actions and efforts and attentions "seeds planted"??? Certainly they were! But, we might have thought that the seeds we planted were zucchini seeds, which germinate quickly and produce food quickly (not to mention prolifically!). But maybe what we really planted were tomato seeds, which aren't as easy to grow as zucchini, and need much more TLC - and PATIENCE.

The Lord God is the Master Gardener, and He knows what He's doing with our seeds and our watering (watering is our prayers, our hopes, our trusting in His utter goodness).

Just when we think our seeds have rotted in the ground and all of our efforts have been a waste... a green shoot appears! Maybe several! Then leaves! And then fruit!

You just so never know!

Don't let your dreams die! Surrender them to the Lord, and remember that even when we mistakenly plant weeds, God can bring great, wild, unimaginably fabulous GOOD and MIRACLES out of it. And remember that sometimes when we plant seeds that we eventually think are weeds, God can and does "write straight with crooked lines" as Corrie ten Boom was so fond of saying.

In the meantime, as we pray and hope and trust and wait - God enlarges our hearts to receive the maximum hugeness of the blessings He wants to lavish on us. (I am drawing on St. Augustine of Hippo for this).

You just so never know. That's the Ceili Rain song playing in the background. Crank it up!

Happy Friday!

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