Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 19, 2007.

It's A Woman's Prerogative...

... to change her mind. :)

I began crocheting the prayer shawl on Sunday night, and I realized after ten minutes that I do not like to crochet with Homespun yarn. I prefer to KNIT with Homespun yarn. My size K crochet hook kept on snagging in the yarn and it was tres frustrating to me! So I ripped out the stitches and whipped out my size 10 and 1/2 aluminum knitting needles and have been happily knitting away at this pattern Easy Knitted Prayer Shawl instead of the one posted below.

Here is how much progress I've made in just over 24 hours:

I LOVE knitting this one, but I'm very much dreading doing the fringe... I am not a good "fringer".

I've got 4 skeins plus part of the fifth skein left to go. For the File of Obscure Information, the color is "Williamsburg" from Lion Brand Yarn's Homespun collection. I would love to make the Martha Stewart "Coming Home" poncho in this color for myself someday. There simply isn't enough time (or money for yarn!) for all the projects that I would love to do! But what's exciting to me is that I just KNOW there's got to be a corner of Heaven for crocheters and knitters, needlepointers, and cross-stitchers where we can all have a coffee klatsch and stitch away to our hearts' content during Eternity. Whoo! I get psyched just thinking about that! We aren't just going to be floating around in our snowy white robes and singing really ho-hum songs to golden harp music, girls! Hallelujah!

More prayer shawl info from the shawl ministry flyer coming in the coming days. Thanks for joining me!

Now I am going to indulge in some cross-stitching, if my eyes will let me. I am 42 and a quarter years old, and just in the past month my eyes changed to needing bifocals. It is really, really WEIRD! I am naturally nearsighted, and then one day I was looking at the ear buds for my MP3 player to see which bud went in the left ear "L" and which ear went in the right ear "R" and I held the buds up to my eyes super close and just about wiped out from my eyes not working right. I am hoping it was just a fluke, but methinks I am just blessed to have made it to this age without needing to wear glasses all the time.

I do hope I can get some cross-stitching done.

Oh! I'll do that later. I Netflixed a classic comedy movie called It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and I need some laughs tonight. The weather today was absolutely very painful for fibromyalgia, so this is my script for pain relief!

Ta Ta!

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