Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 12, 2007.

Of Crabby and Cranky Crocheting, and Blessings

I am one crabby and cranky person tonight. My Grammy always used to say, "Kids are either sick or they're sassy."

So it follows that seeing as how I've been too sick for a good long while to be ornery, my current curmudgeonliness must portend some kind of improvement in my physical health.

I am as grumpy as Granny Clampett without her Rheumatiz Medicine!

I am as beastly as Archie Bunker when Meathead is sitting in Archie's chair and Archie is impatiently waiting for Edith to get him his beer!

I feel meaner than a rattlesnake with a sore tooth!

I also feel jumpier than a Jackalope who is going through caffeine withdrawal. ::SHUDDER::

So, what recourse had I to relief other than to break into my yarn stash and commence crocheting more winter socks to satisfy my February Sock Fetish.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do not need prescription drugs to calm me down and/or to pep me up. All I need is some nice yarn, a well-written crochet pattern, my crochet hooks, and a little peace and quiet.

Cranky though I be, I still achieved a Crocheter's "high" this evening. Once I began, I couldn't stop. I started around 10 p.m. and finally had to quit at 2:15 due to sore shoulders and Crocheter's Elbow. *Make note to research treatment for Crocheter's Elbow on Web MD's site. ;)

I am only here at the computer to seek a change of posture after my posterior was attached to the Lazy Boy all night. This is my transition into getting up and doing my physical therapy exercises.


In other news, I am getting started in our parish's Prayer Shawl Ministry. I'll be really blunt and say here that I think the original origins of prayer shawls are shamelessly rooted in way wacky and weird feminist spirituality (I AM NOT AGAINST THE RIGHT KIND OF *CHRISTIAN* FEMINISM; it's the flaky goddess and New Age and lesbian and militant abortion "rights" crud that I cannot and will not put up with).

However, there is no reason why Christians cannot take a "weird" idea and turn it into something not only UNweird, but into something GOOD, WHOLESOME, AND HELPFUL.

So, the lady in charge of the OLP prayer shawl ministry has graciously given me some information, and when I feel a little better on Monday, I'll search for the comfort shawl pattern I like the most, and get some yarn. Then I'll pray for the shawl's intended recipient while I crochet or knit, and then Fr. Don will bless the comfort shawl before it goes to the lady.

I realize that to some, it all sounds a tad flaky, but I am one of those people who gets Major Warm Fuzzies from handmade gifts given to me by someone who prayed for me while they crafted/stitched. Case in point is the GORGEOUS (pictures coming soon if we get a sunny day this week) Valentine's wreath with Rene' and her Wonder Kids put together for me this past month. It was intended for my front door, but there are such vibrations of God's love and Rene's friendship coming from it that I yanked my Prayer of St. Francis cross-stitch off the wall by my bed and put Rene's wreath up instead.

The church lady in charge of the shawl ministry has told us that some of the recipients of the comfort shawls were so blessed by them that they even asked to be BURIED in them. Not only that, but they asked that money in their memorials be set aside for the shawl ministry to purchase more yarn, etc.

I think the primary thing is that these shawls are blessed, by the crochter/knitter, and by a pastor (whatever denomination.

Folks, there is such POWER in BLESSING people. Just a simple "God Bless You" calls down a vast wealth of riches from God upon the people we bless. We are God's children; we are princes and princesses; sons and daughters of the Most High King, and He "owns the cattle on a thousand hills".

So often we think, "If only I could win the Powerball Jackpot" or "I wish I could win the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes so I could buy Mom this, and Dad that, and buy my friends this, and help my favorite charities, etc. And you know, for someone reading this blog, that could happen. And if God chooses it to happen, it would be a good thing for the person who He chose for it to happen to.

As for me, I'm with Proverbs. "Give me neither poverty nor riches". I am afraid of stopping depending on God if I were to win ten million dollars! I am afraid of forgetting the greater, true wealth which I already have by virtue of my baptism.

There is power in blessing people! The littlest child kneeling at her bedside, praying "God bless Grandma and Grandpa, and God bless Mommy and Daddy, and God bless my puppy dog" etc. is successfully calling down God's blessing upon those she loves.

WE ARE RICH IN THE LORD! We don't have to win the lottery. We can ask GOD to provide for our brothers and sister in Jesus, with blessings. He alone knows the best blessings to give them/us at the time. Perhaps for some, it will be the lottery. Perhaps for others, it will be extra grace to suffer patiently and joyfully while they await a healing from God.

Let's bless everyone we can today!

Ack! I am getting carried away. I'm going to go grab my notebook and pray "God Bless Jen! God Bless Apryl! God Bless Christy! God Bless Eli, Rene', and Estelle!!" until I am over the Crankies tonight!


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