Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, against my better judgement (had a temp, chills, and felt weak and shaky from flu-like illness), I went out shopping Younkers winter clearance sale on Wednesday morning. Spent two hours engaging in armed combat at the clearance racks. It was also Senior Discount Day as well as a sales event for "regular" customers (the "Seniors" get an extra 20% off if they use their Younkers card). But, shoulder to shoulder, my dad and I managed to break through enemy lines in the Men's department.

My Lord! It was AWFUL in the Women's clothing department. I ended up not getting to get a very close look at the things I would have been interested in, because the ladies (and I use that word loosely... ;)) were feasting on the sales racks like vultures on a carcass. That's okay. I have more than enough clothes for winter. Though there was a really sweet black velvet blazer in my size for 60% off, but I didn't buy it because I could envision spending hours and hours using masking tape and lint brushes to get cat hair off of it. Oh shoot! Who am I kidding? I will probably drag my dad back to the mall this weekend to see if the blazer is still there. Though I don't know what I'd wear it with for slacks, as dress slacks make me look like the Goodyear Blimp. Well, yes, I DO know what I'd wear it with - my Levis or my Claiborne jeans! But don't tell my mom! Ha ha!

It would be a nice little blazer for wearing on a date (not that any eligible bachelors have been asking lately...). Yeah. I need to buy that blazer as part of my Date Preparedness Plan. Hee Hee! And if worse comes to worse, I could just buy several pints of Edy's premium ice cream in a variety of addicting flavors, put on my new flannel pajama bottoms, a white blouse, and the black velvet blazer and watch re-runs of I Love Lucy with my cats.

Ah well. Hope springs eternal.

So, I did find two pair of Extra Really Nice plaid flannel lounge pants. In the Men's Department. And I tried them on in one of the Men's Department dressing rooms. Hee hee! No one complained. Men don't circle the clearance racks quite like vulture women do :) and the ladies' dressing rooms were all full. Men "hunt" when they shop. Women linger and generally take a lot longer, and generally don't get the heck out of the way when a newcomer at the rack wants to look for goods in the same general vicinity.

My dad and I both bought the same two patterns of lounge pants in two really pretty tartan plaids. If you are familiar with tartan, we both got Black Watch and I think the other one was Dress Macpherson. I will have to stitch a red "X" on the inside label/waistband as mine so as not to get our pajamas mixed up in the wash.

These are MUCH nicer than the pajamas I got on my October Pajama Spree, and I paid even less for them. 'Taint bad to get $60 worth of quality flannel PJs for $17 including tax. So I am feeling smug and happy.


Well, that's enough consumerism for one day. I feel tired, achey, and cranky tonight. And, I need to get busy about disciplining myself to enter financial transactions in Quicken, and studying my Medical Transcriptionist text books, and just plain stop having so much fun at my computer. I really need one computer for business and education, and a separate computer in a separate room for email, fun, and games. I am having a hard time disciplining myself. Well, actually, I do have another computer in another room, but it is going to a friend's house next week so that she can research cures for her health problem on the 'net.

Really what I need is to grow in the grace of disciplining myself. Computers and the 'net can be a drug; I need to get more serious about some other things.


Okay. Sorry I'm not more amusing and/or inspiring tonight. PMS is setting in and I just feel cranky and not fun.

Happy Thursday.

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I Love Winter Clearance Sales, and Time to "Force" Daffodil Bulbs

Wednesday, January 17, 2007.

I was sicker than the proverbial dog yesterday and am rather fey again this morning. But... I've got Cabin Fever PLUS Younkers is having a big clearance sale today. Younkers winter clearance sale = more flannel pajamas = I must get out and go shopping, come hell or high germ counts!

Also, I found a great link on how to force flower bulbs. It is at


In CFS news, I am back onto taking magnesium, calcium, and zinc - just in smaller doses. Hopefully, over the next six weeks I will get somewhat better.


In migraine news: I got the idea to try the herb Feverfew again (with my internist's approval, no less!) and it is working for me! Feverfew has staved off at least three migraines in the past 11-12 days. YES!!!!!!!!


My dad is up now. I've been up since 11:30 p.m., studying, crocheting, organizing my desks (yes, I have two desks in my room; one is a computer desk, and the other is my Nani's cherry wood writing desk, complete with cubbyholes, etc.). I think I will wash lettuce and get tonight's salad ready before he gets out to the kitchen for breakfast. After Daddy eats breakfast, I think I will make Oatmeal Bread in the bread machine again.


Speaking of bread machines: As some of you might remember, last year my Oster bread machine had a tussle with a the dough for 100% whole wheat bread. It literally flew off the kitchen countertop (Holy Flying Bread Machines, Batman!!) and broke into 3 major sections on the kitchen floor. It still works mostly good, but the top doesn't close 100% tightly. It is still baking great bread, but the OCD perfectionist in me is obsessing that my bread machine doesn't look perfect anymore. It's kind of like when my dad bought a brand new car and then someone "dinged" it with a shopping cart in the mall parking lot a number of years ago.

Anyway, my dad will soon ask me what I want for Valentine's Day, and I don't know whether to ask for a new bread machine or not. I'll just have to pray about this. My gut reaction is to love my old Oster.

In crochet and knitting news: I have decided that I will participate in our church's Shawl Ministry. Do any of you knit or crochet shawls for your church's shawl ministry?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 15, 2007

To Do This Week When I Feel Better (Lord Willing!)

Here are some things which have been on my half-conscious mind while half-asleep earlier tonight, which I want to do when I feel a bit better this week:

(1) Read on the Internet (P. Allen Smith's website would be a good place to start) how to "force" Daffodil bulbs for blooming in the house. My internal Gardener's Calendar tells me it must be close to time to plant bulbs in the house. *Note: last year my dad went to the florist's shoppe and brought home miniature daffodils for me which had been flown in from Ireland. It made my entire winter. I even like the stinky smell of daffodil pollen.

(2) Begin dreaming and planning about which flowers and veggies to plant in our lovely new yard and veggie garden this year.

(3) Convince my dad to have Nate dig up half the back yard behind the garage so I can have a Big Pumpkin Patch. Rotsof Ruck. ;)

(4) Pray about whether I want to get a bunny. Just ONE bunny! Hopefully not a pregnant bunny! See if someone on Freecycle has cages, etc. they want to give away. *Note: Make visit to psychiatrist for examination of head (mine, not the doc's! :::P::) for new holes.

(5) Research houseplants on the 'net, look for varieties which are not toxic to kitties. *Note: Have funeral for dead Hedera Ivy and deathly ill Philodendron first; observe proper mourning period before bringing new plants into house.

(6) Ah! Bring 14 year old cactus up from basement and put in sunny place. Poor thing is actually happy down there (I think it must get migraines, as it does some to thrive in cool, dark, quiet places...) but the days are getting longer and I want it upstairs.

(7) Enter finances in Quicken. Eww. Can I forget about that one? That's depressing...

(8) Swiffer under my bed and behind my bedroom furniture. What good is it to have beautiful hard wood flooring for the sake of fighting off allergies, if I don't Swiffer, Sweep, and Vacuum more often? *Note: Try to vacuum when the kitties most need to be taught Who's Boss around here. Hee hee hee!

(9) Do all sorts of boring but highly necessary things like change sheets and towels, do laundry, sort, fold, and put away clean clothes. Reward myself with Peppermint Mocha Coffee and half hour Crochet Attacks (I am addicted to crocheting socks).

(10) Engage in watching more comedy. It really does relieve pain.


In reality, I have been bitten by the Gardening Bug early this year. I am dreaming of buying at least one rose tree. I am trying to convince myself that an early spring might not be a bad thing; it would mean I could start planting spinach before Easter....

Time to get online and request seed and gardening catalogs, as well as peruse the ones which have already arrived.

Okay, time to go back to bed while the kitties are sleeping. :)

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Monday Meanderings

This is going to be very "stream of consciousness" (Seeeeeeee. I can throw literary terms around once in awhile, and yes, I did once try reading Virginia Woolf books, but like they were HARD TO READ because they were one long, interminable mass of misery, not divided into chapters, and "in my book" [ha ha!] they were devoid of all true meaning, save that life is... miserable.. and I don't want to go there, and therefore I do not read Virginia Woolf any more. I do not even read Hemingway anymore (though I can hear my learned readers cluck their tongues and wish to the literary muses that I, like Hemingway, would learn to economize in my writing - meaning, use fewer words and shorter sentences. Perhaps better yet - JUST PLAIN DON'T WRITE! Ha Ha! You wags you! I know who you are! You're the ones in the Kurt Vonnegut school of writing who DON'T BELIEVE IN USING SEMI-COLONS! But I say, why shouldn't I use SEMI-COLONS; everyone else uses an excess of PERIODS. :P)

I digress. Or maybe it wasn't me, maybe it was myself in a parallel universe - you know, the alternate universe where people are more inclined to join the Apostrophe Protection Society (see Lynne Truss's first book) than they are in this universe. MEOW! Now I am getting catty..........

Anyway, this is Day Eight of the Sleeping Virus. Verily, I say unto thee, not even in 26 years of having CFS have I ever slept more than 16 hours in a day on a bad day, and this past week, I have been putting in 18-19-20 hour days with Mr. Sandman. It's like the flu sans the lung, nose, throat, and ear problems. My dad is on Day Ten or Eleven.

Our schedule is now completely and complexly "topsy turvy" (where/how did that phrase originate? Ever notice how when you get the flu, your mind wants to focus in on things like that when you're half-asleep and cogitate and ruminate about the etymology of words?).

I (or my evil twin in a parallel universe) digress again.

Our schedule (I am pronouncing that word the British way "shhhhhhhhhedyule", not "sKedyal" :)) is completely and complexly topsy turvy. The kitties are confused and have been frustrated with the difficulties involved in getting at least one human up long enough to feed them and give them water and clean out debris from the litter boxes. Once they have succeeded in seriously disturbing the repose of at least 1.3 humans, they then go about the business of acting like dogs, inasmuch as basically dignified cats can actually do that.

This dog-like behavior consists of running around the house like Road Runner (one of the cats [Maggie] actually provides RR sound effects) - and then the Cat Equivalent of Tail Wagging (for the sake of saying it, this is called the "Elevator Butt" routine), and also following the 1.3 humans out to the kitchen to see If There Will Be Food! When they see that YES! There Will Be Food! - then they put on the "Oh! I'm so glad to see you! Did you know that you are my favorite person in the ENTIRE world, yes! You! You! YOU! - You with the Tuna Noodle Casserole on your plate! Oh! You dropped a piece! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOUOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


I pause here to alert the reading public that I am NOT under the influence of illegal (or legal) narcotics, nor have I been partaking of any "recreational" drugs, nor have I even taken so much as one Sudafed (which has, in the past, caused me to act Extra Weird, and thus I do not even keep it in the house).

Heckfire, Uncle Jed. I haven't even had a cup of the Magic Bean since Sunday morning. And I haven't made any of Nani's Rum Balls since a month ago, 'neither! I haven't had any Jolt, or Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper hasn't exactly been making any housecalls this weekend.

This, my friends, is How I Act When I Get Too Much Sleep and Watch Too Many Comedies. It can happen to you, too, so don't be so smarmy and smug and don't think that you are immune!!! ::Snort::

Which reminds me (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk), I found a new way of keeping the kitties in line: Making Curly noises at them (NYUK! NYUK! NYUK!!!). Gets 'em both down from and/or out from behind the Christmas Tree (still up, ready to be decorated anew for Groundhog Day...) in short order.

Okay, all this Chris Weirdness (which, in reality [what a concept!] is more akin to "Chris Normal") aside, I THINK - I HOPE - I PRAY - I am starting to get better. If I can just drink one cup of coffee without getting a deathly headache, I'll know if I'm getting a little better.

In the meantime, I think it's time to stop listening to Yo-Yo Ma. He is putting me back to sleep. Dvorak does that to me. Time to put my headphones on and listen to some Third Day.

Oh, did I mention that it is FINALLY SNOWING???? It's all Jen G's fault. :) I was going to be content with the 2 inches which the NWS was predicting for us tonight. But I went and asked Jen to pray for more, and now we are supposed to get at least 5 to 8 inches. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Happy Monday.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007.

If I were young again (I feel like such an aged and decrepit old relic at 42 yo ), I would study theater and film making.

I am so enjoying watching movies lately. They relieve the physical pain of fibromyalgia and CFS to a degree where I can manage better. Movies are a feast or famine proposition with me.

Tonight's double feature was Robin Williams in Patch Adams, and Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon. I am currently deeply enamored of both actors.

I am struggling with a cold/mild migraine/nausea and severe chills since yesterday evening. The movies helped me get through the night without getting hysterical.

Now it's time to write snail mail letters, if the familial tremor in my writing hand will calm down. Maybe after that I'll play some computer games. I'm hoping my dad and I will play some Gin Rummy this weekend. We shall see.

Happy Saturday, everyone. Please drink your orange juice, take your vitamins, and get plenty of rest. There's lotsa nasty stuff going around.

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Praises - January 12, 2007.

Dear Fellowship of Bloggers,

I am "doing a Mrs. Chris K." and re-commencing the daily praises. I humbly and cordially invite all y'all to join in to share even just one thing you are thankful for today.

I am thankful for my crazy 13 year old cat who thinks that my toy kitty Mitzi (a plush white Persian with blue eyes and a pink bow which my dad bought me at the Hallmark store) is his "baby". I am thankful that the Lord healed Kiki so thoroughly of being deathly ill in December, and that Kiki is like a kitten again.

I am thankful for my warm, cozy bed, comfy pillows, central heating, and a quiet place to sleep. This alone is richness, especially for a person with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am thankful for Rene's 10 year old Natey who believes so thoroughly in God's faithfulness that he prayed for snow during an El Nino winter and prayed for two weeks for this, and thanked Jesus for the snow every time he asked for it before he even saw it. I am thankful that God sent snow to Natey, and that Rene' posted to her blog about this. Nate is my hero! I want to grow young to be just like him. :) To such as him belongs the Kingdom.

I am thankful that even though my energy is low and my health is difficult, I at least have enough strength to enjoy my parents. Because just because their parents lived to ripe old ages is no guarantee that my parents will do the same. I am thankful for each day with them - whether in person or on the phone or email.

I am thankful that God can and does write straight with the crooked lines in life - just like Corrie ten Boom said. In particular, I choose to be thankful that God allowed my parents to divorce when I was young, because He has shown me that He is big enough to bring good out of tragedies as big as that.

I am thankful for my computer and Internet, which allows me to communicate and bond with people all around the world - from California to the Ukraine. All from the comfort of my own cozy little room.

And last of all for tonight, I am thankful to God for the gift of life.

Much love to each of you. You are each in my prayers tonight.

Love and Hugs,
Miss Chris

PS: I am also extremely grateful for the gift of Robin Williams, who though I think he would drive me nutso in person, has brought me so much laughter and joy over the years.

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Technologically Talented Am I!!

Or, A Story of How Estelle's Prayers Rock!)

Am I now Technologically Talented, or has Estelle, my dear friend whose birthday I missed last week (please visit to wish her a Belated Happy Birthday)...

I digress. Estelle musta really been praying for me - and let me tell you - when 'stelle prays, God listens! - because on Wednesday I easily, handily fixed my HP all-in-one scanning problem. It was like God's angels were taking care of it for me. And then Wednesday night, I tried two very simple things to try to fix my wayward Outlook Express - and... now I have a rightly functioning Outlook Express again! YEEHAW!!!!!! I was trying so hard to like Mozilla Thunderbird, but after 9 years with Outlook Express, I was lonesome for OE and all its endearing little charms (not to mention bells and whistles, like being able to do lots of things with graphics and so forth).

So join me in chugging down a couple of frosty mugs of Red Baron Root Beer (the recipe is found in the Peanuts Cook Book, circa 1969), and let's celebrate!

Red Baron Root Beer

(1) Fill ice cube trays with root beer. Add maraschino cherry to each cube. Freeze.

(2) Chill the root beer of your choice (I grew up with A&W and prefer that).

(3) Put root beer/cherry cubes in frosty mug. Pour root beer in.

(4) Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!

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Tell Me I Don't Want Another Pet!

...PLEASE tell me to not get another pet! But I am so tempted!

One of the ladies on the local Freecycle list has to find a home for her Polish Rabbit.

Have you ever seen a photo of a Polish Rabbit? They are GORGEOUS! And SWEET!

But alas, there are three major strikes against me adopting Stanislaus (that's the name I would give him if he was mine): (1) Bunnies are high maintenance, (2) Kiki T. McFierceson, ferocious and wild Celtic kitty would probably maul Stan, and (3) Miss Maggie McGee, fierce, sharp-toothed, and obnoxiously boisterous and playful 5 year old kitten would probably bite Stan on the jugular vein and then commit dinner with him.

Sigh. And bunnies are nice, quiet pets, too... I just looooooooooooooove wabbits.

Oh well. There has got too be a better home for Stanislaus than my house.

Sigh again.

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua, please pray for J to find the right home for Stan.

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O Christmas Tree, and So On

Well, the Christmas Season on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar has been officially over since Monday, which was the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

However, my Christmas tree is still up, decorated, and lit. It won't be coming down anytime soon.

However, we did take down our outdoor lights yesterday and put them back in the basement. It's turning Wisconsin Winter Normal now, so before we go Polar, we thought we'd bring the lights in. I hate to take the wreath off the front door though. I wish there was some kind of festive January/February Wreath to put up. Something with glittery snowflakes and red and pink hearts. Oh well. Not this year. I spent too much money on craft supplies this month already, so... so much for that.

I'll post a picture or two of our Christmas tree a little later. My "My Pictures" folder is a mess.


I watched the final movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy last night (The Return of the King). Needless to say, after all the Orcs, Trolls, Oliphaunts, et al, I didn't want to try to go to sleep. But even if it weren't for the battle scenes, this movie was fraught with emotion for me. I must have gone through a third of a big box of Kleenex watching this 'un. Oy vey. Was so busy weeping at tender and melodramatic scenes that I almost completely forgot to drool over Aragorn. (Eli, I can hear you gasp at that!! ). I cried for an hour AFTER the movie, I was so... moved. And Rene' thinks she's silly for crying at Maxwell House and Hallmark commercials. ;) Nay, you ain't got nothing on me and my weepies!


Came down with another weird and wacky viral infection. I went pale and faint for most of Tuesday, and spent 18 or more hours sleeping, with only one interruption. Scares the bejeebers out of my dad when I get like that. My temp is up and my sinuses are wonking out. Oh well. The humidifier is my friend.

The kitties are my friends, too. They always know when I'm extra sick and then they "people-sit" me. I am amazed at how good they were yesterday. They spent hours and hours and HOURS together with me in bed, and they didn't fuss or fight once. Then again, I was so wiped out, I wouldn't have noticed it if they did.


I have been quite the hermit lately. I need to start getting busy getting sociable again. Nah. I feel like being a hermit. No one needs to listen to me weep and whine on the phone for an hour.

After a hard but good Christmas and New Year's, I have some things that need venting, but I really feel like this is one of those seasons when God wants me to pour my heart out to HIM before I go running to my friends and sisters in the Lord "with skin on". It is a season of travailing. God is bringing something to birth in my life, and it's like I'm in the critical care prayer unit.


Well, I can't get to sleep until my room is somewhat cleaned up. Never did get my HP 4-in-1 situation rectified yesterday. I can do that later for "fun". But I need a cat nap first.


Before I forget: Winter is FINALLY here. I am glad. That 50 degree stuff in January was simply too weird. I ought to start feeling more chipper the more snow and more cold weather we get.


I think I will read a chapter of Pooh before taking a snooze. Happy Wednesday.

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Carrot Bread (Bread Machine)

This bread is bright orange in color. It has all the nutrients and flavor of fresh carrots. Prepare the carrot puree by steaming or boiling them. Then liquefy them in your blender or food processor.

1 1/2-Pound Recipe

1 teaspoon active dry yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
3 cups bread flour
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup carrot puree
1 egg
1 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon butter
3 tablespoons warm milk
1 1/2 tablespoons warm water

1. For Panasonic/National machines, use 2 teaspoons of yeast for the 1 1/2-pound loaf.
2. Be sure not to add the carrot puree while it is still hot from steaming. Let it cool so that you don't kill the yeast.

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Cat Quotation of the Day - January 10, 2007.

Dogs have owners; cats have staff.

- Anonymous

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So my Outlook Express went all doozyfinkel and krudflop this weekend. After spending quality (and quantity) time with two very nice tech support guys from Verizon, I have been apprised of the true fact that it is a Microsoft problem and not a Verizon Online problem. One option was to surf the nightmare that is Microsoft's online tech support (not being a trillion gazillionaire, I can't afford the muchos dollaros to call Microsoft on the phone for support...), I was told that it might POSSIBLY work out in the long run if I wiped out everything on my main hard drive and did a reformat - but then again, it might possibly NOT work out if I did that.

Seeing as how I would almost rather have both root canal and major surgery than do a reformat/reinstallation of gobs of necessary software at this time, I opted to go searching for a new email client. Read: This is very traumatic for me. I have been using Outlook Express for nine years. Using webmail and/or using a new email client is tantamount in trauma value to my first day of kindergarten in 1970.

But, brave and stalwart emailing soul that I am, I decided to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird, and I have to say I like it. I don't like it as well as OE, but I like it. And if the happy new friendship which TBird and I hath forged doesn't last, at least there is comfort in the fact that Eudora is going opensource (in other words, FREE) sometime soon.

*Pauses here to unwrap yet another peppermint candy cane *


In other technology news, my new Hewlett-Packard 4-in-1 machine decided that it has issues with scanning. It's like hiring a maid at high salary, only to find out that she/he doesn't do windows. I can make copies. I can print. I can fax. But I cannot scan. So *insert heavy, weary, frustrated sigh here* I have no choice but to unplug the whole dagnabbed thing, uninstall all the pertinent software, and then reinstall everything plus get down on my hands and knees behind the @@#$% computer and plug everything in again.

I think this can wait until I have been migraine-free for a couple of days. Or, I could just decide that the world is not going to be shocked if I stay up until 4 a.m. swearing at all this technological crap that I lived happily without for nearly four decades. After all, I no longer live a hop, skip, and a jump from the county mental hospital! I live four whole miles away now. They have enough poor souls on that end of town to keep them busy before they get bored enough to come and take me away to the Home for the Perpetually Technologically Retarded.


Add to this that the Kodak printer dock prints landscape oriented pictures in a portrait oriented fashion, and vice versa this week.

*Insert Beatles' "Helter Skelter" music here*


I think I really ought to go out and get some Really Big Rocks, and then when the computer is in hibernation, stone the damned thing and all its miserable peripherals!!!!! But knowing my computer and peripherals, they would probably belch and snort and fart like a giant hyena and then throw the Really Big Rocks back at me!

*Pauses here to bite off a big chunk of peppermint candy cane. Nervous crunching to be heard*


My mom got Comcast digital phone service a couple of months ago. It's taken her two months to ascertain that she can no longer fax. So today, a kind soul came over and taught her how to scan the invoices and order forms for her interior design business so she can email them instead of fax them.


I am pretty much over the "every cell, muscle, tissue, joint, and blood vessel in my body is throbbing like I was hit by the Polar Express influenza from Hades"*. Then to celebrate this weekend, I thought, "what the heck?! I haven't had a migraine in a couple of weeks; why don't I have a really super bad one for an extra long time... gee... wouldn't a 50 plus hour migraine be fun? *heavy, heavy sarcasm*

I'm now back on Feverfew. It helps. It beats being dizzy and groggy.


During the course of this blog entry, I have ingested three peppermint candy canes, and my poor kitten Maggie McGee is sitting on the arm of my computer chair, stoned out of her gourd on a peppermint high. Poor kitty. She will have a hangover in the morning.

Okay, 'nuff grousing out of me. I am feeling a need for a good long vacation from this miserable, infernal thing which I have such a love/hate relationship with - my computer. I think I will try to take some time off and crochet some more mittens, scarves, and socks.

*Exits muttering to self: "Where is my beloved Siberian Spoon Warmer crochet pattern?*

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