Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kitty Olympics!!! (Or, How We Played Ring Around the Furnace After 1 A.M.)

Remember how I was sobbing and weeping over my sick kittens last week? And then how they recovered their health wonderfully?

Well... just to show ya how very abundantly God answers prayer, tonight, at 1:12 in the a.m. these two little bandits organized themselves and gave me some exercise.

I went down to the basement to do some last minute chores before planning to curl up in bed to read some Charles Dickens Christmas stories.

Two little tiger/tabby people came downstairs with me.

Then they hid themselves amongst the Christmas decoration boxes and empty moving boxes.

I was going to bring the recycling bins upstairs and just leave the light on and door open for the kitties for awhile until they decided to come upstairs of their own volition.

But then... I remembered there was a big stash of Christmas cookies that they could easily destroy and/or get sick on, should they choose to dabble in more mischief.

Not just any Christmas cookies, but ICED Christmas cookies. Frosted Gingersnaps. Iced Nutmeg Logs.

Not only could little sandpaper tongues ruin a lot of hard work (I realize I've been complaining this year, but I really am NOT enjoying baking because I started late and am running behind and am stressed trying to get the goodies ready to go to Florida)...

... I digress. Not only could two little sandpaper tongues ruin the cookies, they could also make my diabetic cat Kiki Thomas McFierceson very, very sick.

So I energetically went about attempting to shoo two stubborn, mischievous, spoiled, much too doted on kitties up the stairs.

Ha! They laughed at me! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA!!!

They had their strategy ready and I had fallen into their trap!

First, I chased Kiki Thomas, as he is a bit slower than Maglet (but he's still faster than greased lightning when he wants to be). Kiki is usually more willing to go upstairs when I want him to than Maggie the Mischief. Ha! He fooled me tonight! He led me around in circles, racing through the basement past the washer and dryer, through a door, past the Air-Dyne, through a pile of half-empty Christmas decoration boxes (precariously stacked... KABOOM!), around the furnace, and past the washer and dryer once again. Finally I used my Mean Cat Mom tone of voice and called him a cuss word. He hissed at me, tucked his tail down, and went scuttling up the stairs at breakneck speed.

Meanwhile, picture Maglet with an expression on her normally sweet and innocent looking face which is the equivalent of Cat Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud. The only thing I can think to compare with it is when Snoopy of Peanuts fame is laughing. I could have sworn I heard Maggie laugh out loud!

Once Kiki was up stairs and I was half worn out from chasing him, the REAL FUN began.

In other words, Maggie and I played Ring Around the Furnace.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Maggie is faster than the speed of light. I was so busy dodging empty moving boxes on one side of the furnace that I couldn't keep count of how many trips we made around the furnace, but finally I gave up and decided to head up the stairs and let Maggie the Marauder stay downstairs for the night with all the lights on and the door open. I had a headache and I was going to vegetate and relax before bed, come "H" or high water.

Maggie finally came upstairs (looking very innocent, of course), pranced into my bedroom, and parked her naughty little self on the foot of my bed where she is now snoring peacefully and sonorously. Kiki Thomas is cuddled up on the sofa looking like nothing happened. He looks simply angelic, paws over nose, also snoring peacefully and sonorously.


You see, last week when the kitties were so very, very ill, I prayed and asked Jesus to touch them, heal them, AND TO MAKE THEM EVEN BETTER/HEALTHIER THAN THEY HAD EVER BEEN BEFORE.

The two little dickens will probably wake me up at 5 a.m. for breakfast!

Look out what you ask Jesus for. You might just get it... abundantly, to boot!