Monday, November 27, 2006

Of Excellent (Clean) British Comedy, IOW: P.G. Wodehouse Rocks!

While having to rest up after after the excitement of Thanksgiving Day, I engaged in MCT (Major Comedy Therapy). This consisted of watching episode after episode of Wodehouse Playhouse, Season One, starring Pauline Collins and John (va va voom!) Alderton. I'd seen Season One once or twice before, but this weekend I was literally howling with riotous laughter at my favorite episodes. I think anyone who enjoys words and who enjoys English lit would likely get a roaring good laugh session out of anything by P.G. Wodehouse, whether it be book or video. *Note you might want to check your local Public TV affiliate to see if they're airing Wodehouse's Jeeves & Wooster series.

For those of us who've outgrown Monty Python's Flying Circus and who prefer something ... cleaner yet even funnier... I highly recommend that we check some Wodehouse books and videos out from our local libraries. *Note: Columbia House DVD Club does carry some of the DVDs of Wodehouse Playhouse. I am hoping that Santa will bring me Season Two for Christmas, as the local library doesn't have it. Then again, seeing as how I am avoiding going inside the library this flu season, I will probably be Netflixing again come New Year's Day... so, I guess I will just Netflix the series.

2006 has been the year of my going deeper, deeper, and deeper into my lifelong love of almost all things British. It has truly been a year of major Anglophilia Fever for me. I enjoy British books, movies, television, and other things so much that I fear that I would be sorely disappointed in the real thing, if you know what I mean is. I always heard when I was growing up how polite the British were. Now I hear they are incredibly rude! I don't know who to believe! I surmise that the Britain I love lives only in my imagination. Oh well. At least it lives there. And who knows but what I might be a pessimist and a cynic, and someday might be delightfully surprised that Britain is even better than I'd thought.

In any event, the Britain I love will be there in Heaven. That's one of the things I enjoy thinking about. Even when things we enjoy on this earth disappoint us while we are in our “earth suits”, the true, good, lovely, beautiful, joyful, marvelous, wonderful things that are the true essence of what we love will be fully present in Heaven. The good that we enjoy and love is only a dim reflection of God's wonder, and in Heaven it shall be fully revealed for us to enjoy for all of Eternity, with our Daddy Father.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 was a totally different kind of animal. This was the second Thanksgiving since Grammy died. Last year we were so wrapped up in packing, cleaning, and moving in November that we didn't really have the chance to notice that it was a different kind of holiday situation for the first time in our lives.

This year, I felt Grammy's absence more than ever before. I was filled with remembrances of all the many things she did to make Thanksgiving such a special family time: sumptuous feasts, family traditions, and my favorite donuts for breakfast every morning of the weekend. Most of all – her dear smile, which she beamed on each of us no matter how weary she was nor how sore her aching feet. God rest the soul of Grammy. I still miss her.

This year, the “crud” hit me a month earlier than usual, and with a vengeance. I was not exactly possessed of an exceedingly thankful spirit this past week, being so sick and tired and achy. I made little acts of my will to thank God for His blessings on my life – and even for permitting some of the trials (I am not enough of a saint to thank Him for permitting all of the trials!), and I rest in the assurance that my sacrifice of thanksgiving might be more precious to Him than if I were all full of warm fuzzy feelings.

Let's keep this in mind, my dear friends in Christ, that when times are difficult, our feeble little prayers to our Abba – our Heavenly Daddy – are the most precious to Him and increase in worth. He sees and knows and understands our trials and struggles and pains and fears and sorrows ever so much better than we ourselves do, and like a good parent of a toddler, He cheers us on as we take each step, with indulgent affection and Fatherly pride. When we are crippled, limping, or lame, He cheers us on and rejoices in our little baby love offerings all the more, and He scoops us up in His great, strong arms and carries us.

As someone I know used to say, “He knows.”

Thank You, dear Abba, that You know.